Casino operator’s loaded firearm alleged to have disappeared during visit to downtown mechanic

8 The Police reportedly are investigating the disappearance of a firearm
belonging to a well-known businessman, said to be the operator of a casino.

The man reported that he had lost his Smith and Wesson .38 revolver, along
with five matching rounds of ammunition, on Sunday, May 19, between 1 p.m.
and 2:30 p.m.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) was informed of
the incident by a constable.   

Allegations are that the 79-year-old man went to his mechanic on St. John’s
Street to have an issue with his vehicle addressed.

While sitting in the driver’s
seat, the businessman allegedly removed the firearm from his waist and
placed it on the mat next to his feet.
However, after the mechanical work was completed and he arrived home, he
realized the firearm was missing.


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  1. Oh really now?

    This is why the great @Rasmood criticize the suggestion that more business people and residents should be armed to defend themselves.

    We don’t need more guns in Antigua, only just for criminals to come and steal them, then what?

    I revoke that notion as well. No more guns coming into the island, no more. What we need is harsh gun laws like NY state, so when you catch someone with and illegal gun and ammunition, it’s automatic jail sentence, and not the damn little fine these criminals in Antigua be getting. (And yes, carrying a illegal gun is a crime that makes you a criminal, simple)

    Not everyone is a criminal, but if you don’t take criminals off the streets, then what you would have is the crime rampage that you have now in Antigua with all these guns everywhere.

    Antigua should be a no gun island, period. Only law enforcement people should have guns, and not even all law enforcement, but only the special units.

    You ask what the (SIN’s) brings to the table? Well it’s peace and love we bring to the table, and that cannot be accomplished if we have any and anyone armed with a gun in such a small island.

  2. I guess you miss the most important part Smith and western doesn’t have a depot in antigua and based on the statistic It appears that more illegal guns are here than legal ones. How did they get here? so whether we make the country no gun zone or not, it was still comes in illegally. How is it that so many guns are in the street and none is being made here. How is it that crack cocaine in the street and none was grown here? It doesn’t matter what we do. Crime of this sort will never stop. Greed, envy, bad mind, poor leadership and poverty are instigating these criminals activity in any country or region.

  3. Sadly, our country is seeing a substantial rise in violent crime, with an emphasis on “violent”. Crime has always been a factor of our lives, but the “violence” component was not as prevalent to the best of my recall.

    Some of our young men, for reasons known only to themselves, see “violent” crime as an acceptable occupation. Criminals seem to have a ready access to guns and ammunition. While we as a society need to find a solution that addresses the problem holistically, the question we face however is what do we do in the interim.

    Violent criminals and specifically those that have no regard for the life of others, must be met with an equivalent but responsible counterforce. I support the responsible arming of our population, in an instance where a firearm is a privilege and not a right.

    With a focus on responsible, leaving a firearm unsecured in a vehicle endangers all of us and I believe that this person should loose their privilege.

  4. @Islanman26…hail, ah wah ah guarne? 🤣could you possibly, rewind⏮️; #pull_uppppp🚓! 📣 “great Ras_Smood…Hail, I n I know such HUEman; but, hey I can’t see my own aura, I simply vibe on what the Essence Of Nature’s Ether releases through my thoughts, words, deeds.

    King Arrow form Montserrat said, “bills, bills, everyday…bills, bills everywhere!”

    Lord Short Shirt said, “Star Black the Ranger in Town…with a double gun belt riding around the town…🔫bow_bow; when a man dead he’s done!”

    Ras Smood says, guns have always being in Antigua. Period. I had my first gun, a six shooter (starter pistol), in the 1960’s, as a 7 year old kid. Although, it was a starter pistol which fired rubber bullets, it could have been easily converted into a gun to shoot metal bullets, just like the popular thing is to convert flare guns!
    It’s not the guns on the island, that are the driver force[s], behind the increase in criminality on the island. It’s the present dynamics which are driving, powering and molding the [culture].
    Culture is like the larva, hot ash, molten rocks which pours out of an erupting volcano, and claims new territory’s which will never be, as they were before the eruption. Ply mouth and the river clogged by ash in Montserrat is an example.

    Just like there are warnings from a volcano before it erupts, before the explosion and implosion of cultures, into decadence due to criminality, there are #warning_signs which must be addressed systematically and methodically.

    @Jj – you have asked some pertinent questions which will never be answered, due to the fact, the gun toting thugs on the streets are enabled by the QWERTY_BOARD, boardroom thugs in the purported upper echelon #WHO’RE PROFITING from one of the biggest money making industry, the WEAPONS INDUSTRY. It’s the same BUSINESS PLAN template used, in the legal and illegal DRUG PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY.
    Unless, there are concerted to curb GREED, malfeasance, corruption etc, you are correct, fewer guns on the islands may seem like it will solve the problem, but there has to be more parts to the CRIME SOLVING EQUATION!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  5. @A1: So being 79 years is an issue. What his age has to do with his missing weapon? In my opinion,the story should have been.He put the gun on the mat.He got out of the car for the repairs to be done and left the gun on the mat.He got his repaired car back and when he got home the gun was missing mat.I am a concealed license to carry.The mistake he made was to separate himself from his weapon.

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