Cashwiz Thief Fined $15,000


Fifty-five-year-old Marcel La Pierre Armande was fined $15,000 for stealing from Cashwiz, where he worked as a manager in 2014.


The man devised a scheme, in which he pretended masked gunmen robbed the pawn shop just as he was about to open the business.


However, when police conducted investigations in the matter, they discovered Armande made up the story as a cover for stealing jewelry and cash from the shop.


After he told police officers the alleged robbers took the store’s security footage, the investigators retrieved footage from the manager of Woods Mall, where the shop is located.


Marcel later admitted to the offence and was charged with Larceny by a Clerk or Servant.


He was ordered to pay $5000 of the fine by Friday and the balance by November 30.


In default, he will spend three years at Her Majesty’s Prison. He was also placed on bond for three years.



  1. What!!!?? You mean he doesn’t get to enjoy a vacation at the all-inclusive Hotel 1735 on Coronation Rd? A nice red gate welcome awaits him

  2. A ghetto youth stole a flat screen TV valued a $4000.00 and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

    It was the first time he was going before the court.

  3. I guess I cannot complain anymore about racial justice in Europe or North America when it is being practiced right here in my very own country by black judges. We re a doomed race.

  4. this is a slap on the wrist. 15K for stealing cash and jewelry worth $667,775.39.
    What is wrong with our justice system???? PLUS misleading the police and giving false statements, all that and he is charged 15K… nonsense.

  5. Didn’t they say in a previous report that he gave back/paid back all the cash he stole and most of the jewelry which is why they are taking it easy on him? Just asking?

  6. Keep in mind a young man got an entire year in prison for stealing a Power Wash just about a month ago. I knew they were not going to incarcerate him. I mean look where he live and look his friends are. Prison/Jail is only for dark skin people.

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