Cash for plastic trash initiative starts today


“Giving new life to your trash tagline will be a new incentive across the island where all PET code (1) soda and water bottles will be collected at pop up locations across the island for twenty (0.20) cents per bottle.



Starting July 7th 2021 in a phased approach three locations will be operational on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily. These include adjacent Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy Supermarket on Epicurean Drive, Ebenezer Plaza South Mall and Crab Hole Liquors Cobb’s Cross. Phase two will see the addition of four extra locations covering other high traffic areas on the island and Barbuda. All soda and water bottles returned will be processed at ABWREC and exported to a recycling plant in Mexico. They will then be processed by the food-grade recycling plant run by ALPLA, resulting in converting the old bottles back into raw material to be used for new bottles.



Giving new life to your trash and closing the loop of plastics on island. Plastic bottles made from PET are perfect for recycling and utilises less energy than new plastic aiding in sustainable energy efficiency.



It is important to note that for payment to be made on the return of soda and water bottle of code (1) origin bottles should be clean with no caps, transparent, not dirty or damaged nor containing any liquid.



Plastic pollution is having a colossal impact on our ecosystems, economies and in our ocean.



The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment on behalf of the government welcomes this initiative, which is clearly a demonstration of our commitment to make Antigua and Barbuda a plastic free environment. This is obviously a follow-up to our success in ridding our environment of single-use plastics and we recognise the cooperation of members in the business community, especially importers and we look forward to their continued collaboration and support. This time however, we will need the cooperation of the public at large for this to be a success” said Minister Joseph.

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  1. How about the unscrupulous Mole-win Joseph explaining the up and over the Port fence Rolls Royce incident.

  2. Bravo. Well done.
    These things ie a clean and healthy environment, needs to be taken seriously.

  3. I do not believe this program will work. The incentive is much too small. They have stopped these types of programs in Europe long time. What they do instead is a to collect the several garbage on different days from your homes. E.g. Plastic on Monday, batteries on Wednesday, Bulbs on Thursday and regular kitchen waste on Friday. It’s better to pay the truckers and thereby increase their business. Would be much more effective. And you can pay them according to the number of plastic bottles they collect. All you need to do is divide the country in zones and give each contractor trucker a zone.
    Another way is to place special bins in several neighborhoods across the country, making it more accessible for people to dump their bottles. And you can have bins for the diverse types of waste such as a bin for batteries, a bin for plastic, a bin for glass and a bin for household waste. That way people can always dump their waste and do not need to wait for a specific day for it to be collected.
    Solid Waste needs to establish a program for collecting bulk waste. Something more frequently, like a monthly drive through the villages. So that people are not tempted to have someone pick up their waste and dump it in some bushes. But all this will have to be supported by a good and long educational program. Some incentives may be given to the cleanest community.

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