Carr Gets 5 Years For 2017 Killing


Ibell Carr of Table Hill Garden was sentenced to five years in prison for fatally stabbing 40-year-old Kelvin Matthew three years ago.

Carr pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the start of his murder trial last month.

The defendant retaliated and stabbed Matthew, who chased and attacked him with a broomstick in September of 2017.

Matthew was pronounced dead on Liberta Basketball Court.

The court heard Matthew provoked the then 28-year-old defendant in a series of incidents leading up to the day of stabbing.

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  1. Boss have the second life under his belt now. Bwoy you’re lucky. Play the lotto cause God is always in your side

  2. A life for a life! The Death Penalty should have been given. These killers are getting away with MURDER.

    • You’re an idiot. It clearly says the guy who died was provoking the DEFENDANT!! They even elaborated to say he was provoked in a series of events LEADING UP TO THE STABBING! On the day of the stabbing he was defending himself from the guy who was beating him with a broomstick!!

  3. Pilot just got 18 years for attempting to EXPORT 50kg of cocaine. This thug killed another human. Regardless of what the defence lawyers submitted, a life was lost viciously. This fact did not resonate in the courtroom.
    This sentence just confirms the puzzling inconsistencies of our court system.

  4. I do not believe in killing, but provocation is also an issue. If someone says STOP then stop, or if they do not like what you are doing then, for peace leave them alone. Now one is dead, and the other goes to jail for five years. Not much time for a life but I am sure it was taken into consideration why the crime was committed.

    I am neutral here, not taking side, but we have to be fair. How many people knew of the provocation? Did anyone speak to the deceased and say, “leave the man alone?” If that did not happen, why everyone is so bent out of shape? The Bible also talks about provocation. What happened to the Israelites when they provoked God by worshipping other gods. How many years were they in the Wilderness. The same amount of years the deceased was.

    Many may ‘bash’ me as the saying goes, but that is okay—I just came on this by accident, so bashing me will not change my views I will not even see your comments if there are any! Stay safe and be Blessed!

  5. Provocation is a good Defence for murder. Some of you must read and research before coming on this blog and write nonsense. ( The pilot got 18 because the laws gave the judge and jury the applied sentencing for this offense. (MISUSE OF DRUGS (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2018). comments have no value if one does not know anything about the topic.

  6. I’m convinced some of you people did not read the article but just just stright to the comnents. The guy was constanly provoked by the deceased. The even the social impact report presented to the court showed the man was provoked. This was clearly a case of self defence. And for those who are making excuses for that pilot he damn well konw that he was bringing all that damn drugs into the country. He deserve all 18 years.

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