CARPHA says COVID variants affecting China, US and UK already in circulation in the Caribbean


The Executive Director of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), Dr Joy St John, on Thursday said that several COVID-19 variants that are causing surges in the United States, the United Kingdom and China have “been circulating in the Caribbean since last year”.

Dr St John urged regional countries against shutting down their borders or implementing travel restrictions as a means of curbing the spread of the virus.

Speaking at the latest edition of the virtual series on “Global Health Reporting Initiative: Vaccines and Immunisation in the Caribbean,” organised by the Jamaica-based Media Institute of the Caribbean, the CARPHA official said the  agency is working with member states in dealing with the situation.

“We have not been seeing the surges that are (affecting) the rest of the world. We have seen surges as I said before linked to other viruses, like the RSV, influenzas H2 and three.

“And so we are scientifically unjustified in trying to stop any particular country from coming to the region,” she said,  adding “we are not seeing the level of illness that we saw when Delta was circulating rapidly in great numbers.

In her presentation, Dr St John urged the region to ensure that citizens are vaccinated.

She said if Caribbean countries have access to the newer World Health Organization approved vaccines, CARPHA is recommending to the member states that they should give national approval for these vaccines.

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  1. “…If Caribbean countries have access to the NEWER World Health Organisation approved vaccines …”


    Beware of DOUBLE-SPEAK folks, the WHO really want to override our very own Sovereignty and our human rights, so that when the next PLANDEMIC hits Antigua – and the world at large – they can just go ahead and inject anyone and everybody.

    I sure didn’t vote for the World Health Organisation or any Health authorities to do as they please regarding any trial vaccines. Perrrrlease!


    • For more on this blatant cover-up, watch Redacted on YouTube titled:

      ‘BOMBSHELL docs reveal Covid-19 COVER-UP goes straight to the top …’

      Released just a few hours ago by an insider whistle blower.

  2. Harvard showed adolescents with iatrogenic myocarditis producing large quantities of circulating spike compare to control. Induced antibodies not protecting the kids from heart damage.

    Trialsitenews dot com 👇
    DARPA Memo: United States Created SARS CoV-2?

  3. CHEEZ AN BRED How many of deez nigerian rawsole geng bring bare covid and ebola. How many of dem gott vah-cine in dem skent ?? Any Man go in antigua hospital horizontal come out horizontal, imagine ebola out break.


    The AstraZeneca vaccine has been quietly dropped from use in the country.

    No explanation was given by the UK government or any of their health authorities, however it has been widely mentioned on their ‘yellow card’ reporting system that 246,866 of their citizens had serious adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine.



    • Perhaps because of this 👇

      ICAN Obtains Disturbing Information About AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine from the UK Equivalent of the FDA – ICAN – Informed Consent Action Network

      AstraZeneca study finds vector DNA in the sciatic nerve, bone marrow, liver, lungs, and spleen of vaccinated mice.

      “One of these studies investigated biodistribution of the AstraZeneca vaccine, meaning where it goes in the body after injection, in mice.  This study revealed that the viral vector DNA did not remain localized in the injection site but instead migrated to other organs.  Disturbingly, the study found vector DNA in the sciatic nerves, bone marrow, livers, lungs, and spleens of the mice following vaccination.  

      The study documents further revealed that, in early 2021, AstraZeneca was forced to amend its data sheet for the vaccine after concluding that there may have been a causal association between the vaccine and serious hypersensitivity including anaphylaxis.

      A final shocking revelation in the documents was the heavily redacted discussion of two individuals who developed serious immune-mediated neurological demyelinating conditions following vaccination.  Although it states there was “no evidence suggesting a causal relationship” between the vaccine and these events, the UK’s clinical overview conceded that “vaccinations could be associated with immune-mediated neurological conditions” and therefore these adverse events were included as an important potential risk in the vaccine’s risk management plan.”

  5. Again you’re on point @ Sugarapple, but it does beg the bigger question as to why our Health Minister Molwyn Joseph keeps accepting AstraZeneca into the country.

    I noted that when countries like Denmark 🇩🇰 and the UK 🇬🇧 recognised the problems with AstraZeneca and reduced its use, they both increased their supplies to Antigua. How and why?

    Furthermore, if a layperson like myself knows this, and our Health Minister doesn’t (which I do not believe anyway) then he’s neither fit for this important department or to govern.

    I Always enjoy reading your ANR threads boss … enjoy your day 🤜🤛

  6. What newer vaccines? They just have so many of the originals manufactured that they decided to mix in some additional pathogens and call it updated so they can still sell them! Why would you need to still code a vaccine for the original strain anyway?
    1) It’s not circulating anymore
    2) Many people are already immune to it
    Just more foolishness

  7. Folks, these people will not stop unless we stop them. Pfizer made billions of dollars selling their poisons to the world, knowing that they were never tested properly nor capable of doing what they purported. Millions have died and/or injured by these jabs and still, WHO continues to preach “vaccines”. I have lost close friends who took AstraZeneca early and died suddenly. Of course, in Antigua, this government will never investigate these things, and our CMO is awfully quiet these days, perhaps because her husband is in a spot of bother. This is the more reason why we MUST remove Gaston Brown and his minions from office so that a full investigation can be launched. Gravitas reports Pfizer holding countries hostage and asking them to sign disturbing contracts, often putting up government assets as collateral.

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