Carnival Cruise Lines To Resume Scheduled Calls To Antigua


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda and Carnival Corporation have expressed the desire to maintain excellent working relations and have agreed for cruise services to resume as originally scheduled.

Both parties met in the USA over the weekend and have issued a Press Statement outlining the long history of both entities and expressed the desire to build on the current relations.

We attached the joint press statement issued following negotiations between government and Carnival Corporation.

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  1. I am so PROUD of our negotiation TEAM to come to this outstanding AGREEMENT . I hope that The UNGRATEFUL NATIONALS will now be ashamed of Themselves and stop this stupid Protest. They are taking bread out of local Antiguans mouth ( the Taxi Drivers,Vendors etc). UPP and the Other Parties will never see ofiice AGAIN. CONGRATULATIONS to the ABLP. BIG UP.

    • What exactly is outstanding about this agreement?

      The cancelled and changed calls remain so. And it does not say anything about getting them back, nor does it seem to address the cause or how it will be handled in future when the tax is raised.

      Lovely fluffy words though.

    • This is a childlike and unprofessional response – so personal! You should be pleased not gloat. Details please and stop being so infantile!

    • For the benefit of those of us who are not (capable of) seeing the words above that would indicate an “outstanding agreement” achieved by top notch negotiator Hon. Fernandez and his team, you need to point out to us where it exactly says in the press release that Carnival Cruise Lines will be resuming visits to Antigua on a regular scheduled basis…The only hint I am seeing at an agreement is the sentence about a “foundation” to be created for future possibilities in the years to come.

  2. Would like to hear SERPENT , KNIGHT ,SPENCE ,JANICE , MRS.POTTER and the Observer Team now that this outstanding AGREEMENT IS NOW REACHED. Waiting Patiently. Great Job Hon.Fernandez and His Team. Blessings.

  3. What happen in this negotiation is that Carnaval cruise Corporation has jagged the administration to the table by the balls they went in with two balls They came out with one What’s your not hearing is a full term of the agreement🤥🤥

  4. You Guys are still trying to find something negative instead of be thankful for Caribbean coming back to Antigua. GREAT for our ECONOMY.

  5. Carnival Cruises unilaterally took up their marbles and stormed out of the gams expecting to crash the game. The fact that, following successful negotiations, they have agreed to remain in the game after all is undoubtedly a victory and augers well for further economic of our beloved nation.

  6. “”Calls that were considered for CANCELLATIONS,will NOW CALL AS PLANNED””.. Don’t know what JEB is seeing(,maybe all yellow& blue) but that statement tells me in 11 simple words that the calls that were supposed to be cancelled will now be calling as previously planned before the debacle.. A thousand voices raised against truth,will not make it false.. The truth here is Carnival Cruise lines will continue its calls to Antigua,and no amount of noises and bias hypocritical talking from the brightest of the Dunces will change the truth.. TEK THAT

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