Carnival Health Tips


By Acting Chief Nutrition Officer Samantha Moitt


With the Carnival season already in high gear, it is important that persons going out to enjoy the festivities stay in good health during and after Carnival.

Carnival is a time when many let their hair down and enjoy themselves. It is also a period where many get carried away in the name of fun and frolic. Some factors such as alcohol, heat, dehydration and personal safety can cause persons to negatively affect their health and or the health of others. Some negative consequences of the former includes motor vehicle accidents, black outs, rape, domestic abuse and personal injury

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe while consuming alcohol this season

  1. Before heading out to drink be sure to eat a good meal
  2. Between alcoholic drinks, choose water or a soft drink
  3. If drinking alcohol for many hours remember to eat in between
  4. Avoid mixing alcoholic drinks
  5. Know your alcohol limit and keep a track of your alcohol consumption
  6. Be aware of changes within your body and mind that you may feel while drinking. It is usually a sign to stop

How to prevent dehydration

  1. Consume lots of fluids, preferably water, before heading out on the streets for mas or long fetes
  2. Also, remember to consume non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day to rehydrate yourself
  3. The heat from the sun can take its toll on the skin so remember to use sunscreen, hats or find a shady area to protect yourself
  4. Alcohol, caffeinated drinks and energy drinks can also cause dehydration so you may want to avoid or limit them

Personal Safety Tips

  1. Do not drink and drive. Always plan for a designated driver or a ride home
  2. Never accept drinks from strangers or anyone you are not fully comfortable with
  3. If you are pregnant you should not consume any alcohol
  4. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable get help or leave the situation or place
  5. Keep an eye on your friends and vice versa. You nor your friends should be on their own
  6. Always ask yourself, ‘would I do this if I was sober,’ when unsure about a decision


Have a Happy and Safe Carnival!

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