Carnival decorations resembling gay-pride removed from streets

Carnival decorations in St. John's

After being in place for less than a week, the 2017 decorations for Antigua & Barbuda’s 60th Anniversary of Carnival have all been taken down in St. John’s.

It is not certain who removed the decorations which were hanging from trees and utility poles up until yesterday.

Decorations removed

The multicoloured flags were the subject of discussion of social media over the weekend, after Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual and Transgender activist Tasheka Lavann posted a witty comment about them on Facebook.

“Happy Gay Pride Antigua! Long overdue! I’ll be there next year,” Lavann who is a former carnival queen said.

The Canadian based woman said “Y’all can stop asking me now if Pride is being celebrated in Antigua. I’m coming home to plan it after Carnival.”

Her comments led to a firestorm of reaction and hours later the rainbow coloured decorations were all removed leaving the city street bare days before carnival.

After news reached Lavann that the decorations were removed she again took to Facebook to condemn the act.

“I want people to see what hatred to a community looks like,” Lavann said in a Facebook LIVE video.

The former media worker said the act lacked common sense and vowed to use all her media contacts to bring attention to the event.

The rainbow flag, commonly known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements.

The flag is typically flown horizontally, with the red stripe on top, as it would be in a natural rainbow.

Actual LGBT pride flag

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  1. Keep your desires in your knickers and your pants. Stop looking for excessive rights. We don’t need to know. Now piss off.

  2. They wanted to sneak it in,but no way hoza.
    Idiot lavan needs to know we are way more straight,than she is bend…will never happen in Antigua,don’t just talk come back and try organize it…

  3. LGBT is an abomination. We don’t want no curse on beautiful Antigua and Barbuda. Down with the LGBT flag or anything resembling it. We lifting Jesus higher in this nation

  4. To God be the glory great things He had done. Personally I went on fasting for them to take it down. Antigua don’t need no destruction to fall on the Island. Worthless set of people want to destroy our beautiful Antigua.Yahweh did not make Adam for Steve, it’s is suppose to be Adam n Eve ..Let God arise n let the enemies of Sodom n Gomorrah be put to silence. The devil is a liar, let the blood of Jesus reign in the Island of Antigua.

  5. I just love how these old hags use their religious beliefs to justify this argument. We live in an evolving society and archaic mindsets such as these are reasons why we will never progress as a nation.
    Take a look at these steps:

    Tasheka says we’re homophobes.
    Rainbow flags were put up.
    NO ONE said the flags were about gay pride.
    Flags were removed because of “controversy”.

    This just proves that A&B is an overly homophobic nation.
    Our main industry is tourism; it brings bread to our table. To be seen as a country that seemingly despises persons who are different from the “norm” so to speak, that will eventually deal a serious blow to our tourism numbers.

    I’m no expert on this but I do I have common sense, people. Quit the old mindsets and get out of the past.. It’s 2017 for Christ’s sake.

    • For “Christ’s sake? Not the Christ of the Christians who u said are ‘religious’ and ‘homophobic’?

      And homo = homosexual + phobic = the fear of; I fear homosexuals and/or homosexuality simply because i do NOT agree with the choice lifestyle??? That is just plain ignorant.

  6. Lavann can stay Canada with her lgbt group of people, we in Antigua are not about that life lavann. You know that and every antiguan know that. You run to Canada and tell lies on Antigua to get fame. Answer me this how many of the lgbt member in Antigua that you know have died from violence here, since u claim to be a victim but antiguan people who didn’t know u were gay until u go a Canada and tell lies on Antigua.

  7. Yeah for real. I have seen them and wa awed. They put them out late at nights when no one out. They need to really remove them and done with the itchy sneaky vibes. Judgement! To all of them who have hand in it JUDGEMENT!!!

  8. There is no way, the Nation is going to #STOP this group, and their aggressive agenda. They have too much money, power and influence, in today’s society. We can try to bolt “our closet” shut, by any means necessary, however that’s a little bit too late, since, the closest door is wide open.
    Yes, yes, yes, I know, that the wholly, wholesome, Holy YAHSHUA(some say god) has the final say, but this #PLAY has a final act.
    It’s not surprising, that the Festival Commission would approve of such designs, decorations and displays, during these celebrations, since, the Original Celebration as it relates, to Our Emancipation was infiltrated/highjacked by the spirits of dionysis and bacchus, the dieties of wine/alcohol, orgy, lewdness, bacchanal all traits of “pride.”

  9. Romans 1:26-28 Psalm 119:133
    What is evolving about LGBT? What is more archaic than sexual perversion? How do you define yourself by your sexual desires?
    Which nation is being made better by allowing unrestrained liberty to perverts?
    Should a nation gain a dollar and lose its soul?
    Rome was destroyed from within, an advanced civilization for it’s time brought down by the evil within.
    While we persue liberty we become slaves to currupt vices.

  10. Nobody from that twisted wicked organisation better not think to bring that deplorable mess to my home.

  11. This news warn my heart but also strengths my resolve. It is true that any nation that embraces sexual perversion such as carnival ( carnal celebration) and bacchanal ( from the deity of sexaul revelry and violence) is vulnerable to being overrun by homosexuality and its agenda. Jamaica has embrased this carnival foolishness and we are seeing homosexuality become more bold and brazen here. Our people (and the church) can’t be hypocritical in being silent to the normalizing of sexual perversion and onlybmake noise when the ultimate nastiness (homosexuality) reveals itself.

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