Carlisle Bay Hotel Owner OFFERS to Purchase Derelict Vehicles So That They Can Be Removed at Entrance

Dozens Of Derelict Vehicles Removed In ‘Operation Derelict’ in 2020/File Photo

Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst announced today that the owner of the Carlisle Bay Hotel has offered to purchase derelict vehicles at the entrance of Old Road from Fig Drive.

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Carlisle Bay Hotel Owner Steps Up to Address Old Car Accumulation in Old Road

This initiative aims to clear the unsightly cars that have been accumulating and affecting the aesthetic and business environment of the area.

“The owner of the Carlisle Bay Hotel has agreed to pay the owners to purchase all of those old cars and to dispose of them because they are not exactly enhancing the business of Carlisle Bay Hotel,” Hurst explained. This proactive move is expected to significantly improve the entrance to Old Road and support the hotel’s operations.

The government hopes that this initiative will encourage collaboration from the public to address the issue.

Hurst highlighted that despite efforts to remove these vehicles, some residents have been playing “cat and mouse games” with tow truck operators. “When tow truck operators mark vehicles with an X, there is a period of three days during which owners can remove their vehicles. However, some owners simply move their vehicles to their yards and return them to the streets once the tow trucks leave, creating the same problem we are trying to fix,” he said.

The government is urging residents to dispose of these vehicles properly to prevent them from becoming breeding grounds for rodents and other unwanted vermin. “Taking them down to Cooks for eventual crushing and recycling into useful metal is a better solution,” Hurst suggested.

While the government can remove vehicles from public streets due to their interference with traffic flow and other public concerns, addressing vehicles on private property poses a more complex legal challenge. “We are exploring options to craft laws that might allow for the removal of vehicles from private property in a way that would pass constitutional muster,” Hurst noted.

The government’s aim is to ensure healthier communities and better-managed villages and towns. “We intend to tackle this problem head-on, ensuring that derelict vehicles are disposed of properly, improving the overall environment for everyone,” Hurst concluded.

With the Carlisle Bay Hotel owner’s commitment to purchasing and removing these old cars, there is optimism that this collaborative effort will enhance the community and provide a cleaner and more welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.

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  1. Nah…
    That hotelier doesnt know that roaches breed more roaches
    The village ppl will think its a trap

    Government just need to do its job…mark the cars and tow after weeks.

  2. Beside removing these derelict cars from the roads, many of these roads should be converted to one way in order to create a better flow of the traffic. There are too many vehicles parked at the side of the roads by their owners causing congestion.

  3. The government should charge them for having their piece of shit cars parked up on the roads. Carlisle Bay should not be taking up that responsibility. The owners of this property have their properties all twisted, you should invest your money in the few good hard working staff you have left and on the run down property.

  4. It is a good thing. The owners of the Hotel are taking the initiative to do this on their own. I have driven around the Island.The are derelict cars parked all over the City Streets.Go down into the Streets the leads to the main Freight Port in St.Johns.Newgate,North,Bishopgate,St.Johns,St Georges,Back Street,Wilkinson Cross,Wapping Lane.Check those areas out for yourselves.Then go into what was once a pristine place when I lived there,Villa Area.It has lots of old cars on the streets and bushes all over the place.Who is the Representative for the area in Parliament? Is that person getting paid monthly?If so,for doing what exactly? You won the Elections and then you turned your back on the people who voted to elect you.Shame,damn shameful.

  5. Some years ago the govt started a program by placing an “X” on all derelict vehicles parked on the side of the roads…. Can someone tell me what has become of that program…. Did it ever start at all?

  6. The Article Clearly Spoke To This Initiative…

    Take Your Time And Read In Order To Process The Information Correctly

  7. The government should charge them for having these derelict vehicles parked up on the roads. Carlisle Bay should not be taking up that responsibility. the owner of this resort have his priorities all twisted! why you don’t invest money in the few good hard working staff you have left and on the run down property. why are you so concerned about old cars outside in the village and not focused on enhancing your property. look at the hotel’s entrance as a matter of fact give us a damn break. old road people ok!!

  8. The owner clearly knows the value of removing them! What can really be the issue if they are being removed at their expense. I see some comments above and I just don’t understand.

  9. Everyone should bring all the derelict vehicles near the entrance of that grey plantation on the beach. People need money and that’s a guaranteed pay day. Just saying.

  10. so the owner knows the value of removing old cars in the village but doesn’t ultimately focus on making sure his staff are happy and feel valued. so old cars are given more priority over the staff who’ve been pleading for better? how about restructuring your management because some make absolutely no sense, do the bare minimum and are worthless? how about getting rid of that old head from your HR department that’s always chatting staff business and doesn’t know what confidentiality means? how about ensuring your executive management learn to lead by example? how about you stop taking advantage of staff and finding ways to get more work for less out of them?

  11. we need help with our old houses, roads, and gardens too since you’re so concerned about how outside looks and not in your hotel.

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