Caring for Others Inc. Distributes Shoes and Clothing to Over 100 Families in St. John’s City West


On Monday, the charity organization Caring for Others Inc. distributed over 150 shoes and articles of clothing to more than 100 families in St. John’s City West. The event, part of the “No Bare Soles” initiative, was held at the Villa Community Centre.

Megan Howell, a representative, stated that the initiative aims to support single mothers during the summer vacation and to donate over 1500 shoes across various communities and primary schools.

Caring for Others, a human service organization with U.S.-based donor partners, has been collaborating with local charities for over a decade. The shoes distributed included brands such as Nike, Converse, and Polo.

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  1. What’s is this? A start to the election pandering? How soon before the 1000 dollars for a hand of fig is re-enacted?

  2. Have 2 adopted children going villia school,am a single woman can I please get them a pair of shoes each

  3. @Zackie:
    That’s the way we thank people for their gifts of charity using their hard earned monies? It’s shameful that you can only see politics in a charitable donation.

    Many only criticize out of anger and hatred. They do nothing to help anyone, not even themselves.

    Thanks to the “No Bare Soles” initiative in supporting our communities one step at a time.

    May you continue to be blessed as you provide the well needed support across the globe.
    We salute you.

  4. @Zackie:
    Is this the way we thank others for the charitable donations that their hard earned monies provide?

    It’s sad that you only see life through a political lens.
    You do nothing to help your community, not even to help yourself.
    I wish to say a big, “THANK YOU” on behalf of all the recipients of the formidable venture by “NO BARE SOLES”.
    May you continue to be blessed for your selfless efforts as seek to put a smile on the faces of the less fortunate in communities across the globe.
    We salute you.

  5. There’s always someone negative. Why don’t you join and lend a helping hand? Reach out and give. Don’t replly and say you do. There’s lots of unfortunate children out there that fathers and mothers left undone. I do hope though that it’s those who really are in need receive

  6. This was not only done at one school and some things were given in private to struggling single mother homes. The outreach is still happening outside of public eyes.
    So this is not for political gain or has anything to do with personal agendas, it is solely and entirely an international charity group giving quality necessities to families in need.

    God bless

  7. Kudos to them for assisting others. For more effective work, charities should ensure to ask people what they actually need though instead of just assuming as is often done. Sometimes people see a family struggling and then just dump unhealthy canned food on them or old unhealthy clothes and then walk away feeling good about “giving”. Sometimes the people already have enough of those items and what they actually need is a hand up (employment, housing, babysitting, transportation to a job) instead of just a handout. Often they can pay their own way but affordable services are lacking in their communities. We should be careful to treat all people including the poor with dignity and respect not just dump things on them and run off assuming that will fix everything. I’m sure that’s not what’s happening in this situation, but we should be mindful that there might be more effective ways of helping others while treating them with dignity and respect.

  8. @That’s nice:
    I learned a long time ago, never kick a gifthorse in the mouth. Just say THANK YOU.
    Ifb you see the need to donate in other ways, then do so. But don’t tell the donors how to give and what to give. You don’t know they acquired the donations. Being ungrateful is worst than witchcraft, as my great granny would say.

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