CARICOM team in Antigua to investigate allegations against Wendell Robinson

Former Police Commissioner Robinson

The Police administration reports that a three-member team from Caricom Implementing Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) are on the island to conduct investigations into the allegations made against Commissioner of Police Wendel Robinson.

They have been duly appointed and sworn-in as Special Constables and will conduct their investigations during the coming weeks.

Upon the conclusion of their investigations, a report will be submitted to the Police Service Commission (PSC).

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  1. God is the best judge and revenge for this guy if he is guilty. Why are they wasting their time and money investigating this guy and nothing is going to come out of it? This small island is so corrupt that people in authority and high position that have been accused of criminal activities always get a shake hand especially those who are the government (whoever government in power) kissing buddy.

  2. Hope they are not masons and apart of the brigade…..because u know when things go hand in hand …..anyway he can find a new occupation because he can never get that job back or else them police sall


    This not only appears to be sheer ‘…Mockery,’ but also a
    ‘…Comedy of Errors.’

    It appears that the Police Service Commission (PSC) has
    ‘…exploited the apparent ignorance or docility of acting Commissioner
    of Police, Atlee Rodney.’

    After almost five months, why exploit ‘STRATCOM’ to say what the
    ‘PSC’ has done?

    They apparently did not remember that it was the ‘PSC’ that
    had clearly ‘…spun a web of deception’ on Attorney General
    Steadroy ‘.Cutie’ Benjamin, resulting in him being controversially
    entangled by dispatching a ‘…letter to the suspended Commissioner,
    inviting responses to the allegations’

    Now, since it is the ‘…Police Service Commission (PSC) that had
    suspended the Commissioner.

    Since it is their duty to cause investigation into the (a) …Report;
    or (b) …allegation; or (c) …complaint,’ Why impose a duty upon
    the Police Service to make public announcements, when the
    office of the acting Commissioner of Police is far removed
    from the investigation?

    The law speaks to either (a) …Disciplinary offence; and (b) …Criminal offence?
    It begs these questions (i) …What are they investigating- a breach of discipline
    or a crime?

    (ii) …If disciplinary, was it necessary to vest the investigators with
    powers of arrest or detention?

    Are they given such powers to investigate and/or arrest
    [Sections 22: 23: 74: Police Act Chapter 330]?

    Who makes the decision to proceed, (disciplinary/criminally);
    the PSC or the investigators?

  4. Pompey R knows everything all of a sudden now that he is out of the Force.
    Is the Former Commissioner of Police of The JCF Mr F Forbes still the Chairman of the IMPACS.

  5. This is the scapegoat for the Antigua labour party.
    He will carry the sins of Gaston Brown and cutie Nero Benjamin to the outer wilderness, similarly to the scapegoat in the book of revelation.
    He thought that this criminal syndicate,the ALP could have protected him all the days of his life but he was mistaken.
    I learn from what these people did to Commissioner Truehart Smith and Vere Brown ,born Antiguan so Robinson who are you?
    I warned you from Labour criminal party.
    Can you believe up to this day cutie Nero Benjamin is Attorney general of this Country?


    No ‘Wicked.’ Don’t know ‘…everything all of a sudden.’

    Been a professional law enforcement officer for over
    three decades. No time to express ‘…ignorance; …stupidity
    or display idiocy.’

    From knowledge and practical experience, endeavoring to
    enlighten people in these discussions.

    Likened to the Indian authorities, you are free to
    ‘…refute or clarify.’

    The name ‘…Pompey’ is well known in this circle.
    This, you are free to refute.

    Do not hide behind pseudonyms to attack.
    Identify with a known person. Do like ‘…Trevor Young.’

    Whether or not your comment was spurred by
    ‘…Gripe,’ or even out of ignorance, not perturbed
    and will not be deterred.

    Whatever it is, will not accept responsibility for any
    deficiency you may have regarding ‘…law enforcement
    or ‘…starvation of knowledge of it.’

    Let not your heart be ‘…troubled or cause it to palpitate’
    over these contributions.

    If enslaved by ‘…ignorance,’ please, free up your mind.

    Bring yourself to an understanding. You might just ‘…learn something.’

  7. Mr Pompey you not easy.I to have a problem with people hiding to speak out and that’s why nothing will change because we have a lot of jelly fish, hiding behind the social media. At lease you can see a face to Pompey comments whether agree or not.pip

  8. Rawlston, the comment has two partts. The first part squeezed your toes eh. Neither you nor Trevor ca tell me what I can do or cannot do because nobody could or can tell you both what to do or not to do. I will not refute that the name Pompey is well known all all over ……..but what does that mean that you know all. When I see both of you I will give more.
    Go have fun, enjoy the boring Carnival and give a real smile😊😊😁😁😂

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