CARICOM heads concerned at the increase in the illegal exportation of guns from the United States of America

Prime Minister Keith Rowley and Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Declaration By Heads Of Government War On Guns Trinidad And Tobago 18 April 2023

We the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago on April 17-18, 2023, on the occasion of the Regional Symposium to address Crime and Violence as a public health issue, register our grave concern at the increase in the illegal exportation of guns from the United States of America which is a direct threat to our democracy.

We declare a War on Guns to combat the illegal trade which provides the weapons that contribute significantly to crime and violence in our Region causing death, disabilities and compromising the safety of our citizens.

We call on the United States of America to join the Caribbean in our War on Guns and urgently adopt and take action to stop the illegal exportation of firearms and ammunition into the Caribbean.

We lament the disproportionate share of our national budgets that we are compelled to allocate to measures to address crime, violence and national security as well as mental health and other health-related challenges, that directly result from the illegal exportation of guns to our region.

We underscore our commitment to utilize all human, financial and other resources to rid our Region of the scourge of illicit weapons.

We reiterate that the Caribbean must be a Zone of Peace, which will allow us to achieve our goal of a secure, stable and prosperous Community for all our citizens.

Issued by the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday, 18 April at the Regional Symposium on Crime and Violence

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  1. You cannot declare no war on importation of illegal guns without declaring war on corruption; they are inseparable!!!!!

    • Absolutely right. How many containers come into Antigua and they go straight to the business man yard and they have one or two custom officers allegedly check the containers late in the evening hmmm corruption at its best. It takes money to buy guns in bulk and ship them in containers, so which regular man have those means to do that lol. The gun issues in Antigua and the Caribbean will never seize.

  2. Only now? The exportation of guns along with expatriating criminals from America to the Caribbean should be on the table of our govt heads, long time ago. Anyway better late than never!!

  3. With a parliamentary majority of just one, the TOP DAWG has to stay put. Oh well there is always zoom

  4. @Bluddy Bloke: should be illegal exportation & repatriation of criminals back to their homeland in the Caribbean

  5. Caricom heads of Government continues to be a social gathering of its leaders where many sound bites are given and released but little action. Caribbean people sees it as nothing but a talk shop. All the talk about guns and their effects on crime is known and documented for years yet it continues unabated. To travel within the region is very costly but yet nothing. Haiti is literally a time bomb but they do nothing. Sound bites about resuming hanging but they know it is only that because they all fear that their economic development could be endangered with sanctions if they were to resume hanging. It’s time for action and stop the long winded talks.

  6. How are the Caribbean governments so certain, that these “guns,” allegedly being smuggled out of the USA are not guns which are manufactured elsewhere, as in South America to Europe to Israel to China?

    Do the Caribbean Crime Fighting Agencies have the ability, capabilities and funding to do the required forensic analysis?

    What of “ghost guns” which can be purchased online? Who’re manufacturing these?

    Now, since the Caribbean Governments are so certain about these allegations, why not go to the Courts Collectively, like States in America did with BIG TOBACCO, to hold these American gun manufacturers accountable?
    Of course, this will not happen in America because of the NRA to the Second Amendment. The Caribbean has no such impediments.

    Jumbee Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  7. It’s not often that I feel compelled enough to comment, but this article nudged me to do so. I question the writers intent when the articles’ title makes it sound as if the US is sending the guns. With that, every import originated somewhere by someone. How many guns have been caught coming into the islands? Are we talking about a car load or a container load? Is it a Caribbean national living in the States or some where else looking to do a little business back home? Who is that someone? Who is the buyer or importer? Did these illegal guns and ammunition come in on a container boat from somewhere from the States or were they on a small vessel or other from somewhere else? Is it illegal simply due to the fact the guns are not allowed in the CARICOM States or without a permit from the gov’t? Or, is it truly non-registered guns from who knows where, to Ras Smoods point? So many questions……only left open due to poor writing. It makes for a nice sound bite though for a couple of minutes to show action from Politicians! I wish safety and good luck to all Caribbean nations from all forms of crime. But crimes are committed by people, not guns themselves. And that starts at every home with every person being responsible for their own actions.

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