Caribbean CAUSE reacts with ‘disgust’ to flying of LGBT flag at US embassies in the Caribbean


The below-named Caribbean NGOs and churches view with disgust, the flying of the multi-coloured Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender flag on the grounds of the US Embassies in Caribbean nations.

Flag of Intolerance

The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender flag is a flag of intolerance and polarization. It represents gross disrespect and an assault upon the consciousness of our societies.  There is no good reason for it to be flown at any Embassy in the Caribbean.  If Caribbean citizens allow this to occur unchallenged, it opens the door for the USA and other foreign nations to influence our social and political structure by way of diplomatic bullying.

Human Dignity

We firmly condemn violence against all persons. We firmly believe that all persons are entitled to human dignity; however, this does not overlap with so-called “sexual rights”. The government of the USA is using its premises in our countries to promote a perverse lifestyle that flies in the face of established science, leads to the corruption of children, destruction of family life and the hijacking of femininity itself through the transgender movement which robs women of their rights.

Effect of Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender movement

The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender political movement is not a civil rights movement. Experts call it, “a Marxist post-modern political ideology.” The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender elite, who need no special protection, seek to suppress the fundamental freedoms of conscience, religion, and parental rights of others, which is no basis for pride but for shame.

Our churches continue their work of counselling, mentoring, and supporting those who struggle with unwanted same sex attraction, many of whom were sexually and otherwise traumatised as children. The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender political movement will lead to silencing the voice of Christians and other conscientious objectors to this deviant lifestyle.

Flouting of international principles

This act of cultural imperialism defines America’s identity as Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender. It is in defiance of Caribbean laws and cultural norms. Additionally, it is contrary to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,1961, Articles 20, 41, and 3 (1)(e). All foreign diplomats should appreciate how contemptuous for the USA  to impose their dogma upon other nations, which would not be tolerated in the reverse.

American Foreign Policy should not be geared towards exporting sexual deviancy and perversion but should have nobler ideals such as assisting host countries with alleviating crime and poverty.

The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender flag must come down now!

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  1. Maybe the Americans can take their money and influence and go home leaving the Caribbean at the mercy of our new colonial overlords the Chinese? Would that make you happy? All hail, Chairman Mao!

  2. This is not the American majority who do this. This is the far left of the American people. The government of these nations should not allow this, and it would crumble very fast. Just stand up for your country, and these things will go away without repurcussion. The vast majority of people do not feel this way, a silent majority will speak soon. And they will support you, tell them they are wrong.

  3. Honestly, the issue seems to be a you and your church issue. Stop being blatantly ignorant and go and educate yourself (as in whoever is behind this article). This article was full of hate and ignorance. The same church that have the problem with the LGBT movement is where the nasty people stem from, the hate, the jealousy, the ignorance – of which are attributes evident in this article. I have seen young teenagers struggle with their sexuality and identity, and all they are being told is they are going to hell and yet we are asking ourselves why young people are not present in churches. This is why! Sunday morning we preach about love and unity and Monday we are articles like this. Let the flag fly!

    • We know why you want the flag to fly that probably means more customers for you if so good for you but what about the rest of us that see lgbt as a scourge on this earth and something that needs to be wiped off the bottom of your shoe.

  4. Instead of concentrating on the US Embassy flying flags which does not concern you, how about focusing on education our young people, especially young men, to respect our women so we would not have incidents like the rampant domestic violence on women leading to murder. This is just ignorance

  5. I guess if I had a physical or mental problem they would say I am crazy or physically challenged so I think it’s time for us to recognize that LGBT people has issues which is a big problem towards human sexuality and towards the real nature of Science. It’s condemned in the Caribbean and we need to recognize it’s a big issue and stop seeking cover under the rainbow 🌈.

  6. You are ignorant to the core. If this is your big problem in life then you are a sad human being. How about let’s address the amount of priests and church seniors who abuse little boys. The church is behind some of the most atrocious crimes in humanity and yet you are raising issue with a flag that means acceptance and love for all. Wonder what god would think about you doing his job? You are not the judge so just step aside, this is 2021, not 1801. The Bible may say it’s wrong but it also justifies slavery so maybe you should overlook a few things in the bible.
    And rightly said above, you would probably be happier with a Chinese flag, and when it is a Chinese flag and black people are slaves to them you can just pray. That will fix everything.

    • The Bible does NOT justify slavery. Sounds like you are confused or deliberately playing ignorant. Whom the Son sets FREE is free indeed. The real slavery is the SLAVERY TO SIN – which also includes thinking it´s okay to enslave your fellow human being.

    • Really would a Chinese or American flag make a difference in your life right now I doubt it very much the Chinese have such a stranglehold on Antigua and Barbuda right now with loans that you or your gran children wouldn’t be able to repay in a100 years so it doesn’t matter who’s flag is flying just call a spade a spade.

  7. I don’t understand heads or tails of the comments. Are you all for some against this lettuce, garlic, beans and tomato thing? When I first saw the initials I thought it was a sandwich. Anyway, I think that they should live their lives peacefully like the straight people and not flaunt it to prove a point. We know that they are there and that’s enough. But Americans, they just have to go overboard.

  8. If humans didn’t feel the need to stigmatize and discriminate against other, there wouldn’t have been a need for a rainbow flag. Accept each other and leave the judgement to God. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    You are not born with hate. Hate is learned. Start teaching love.

  9. The church is the biggest supporter whose hallways, catacombs and vestry was and still is the oldest proponent of this #HYBRIDIZATION of HUEmans!
    They just want to keep it(homosexuality)under their control, but now that it’s(the alphabet soup) is in the Streets running buck wild like diarrhea running through the intestines exiting at the anus, the church is trying very hard to plug the leaking #A-hole.

    The LQGBTAP is now the most powerful political machine in America, therefore it’s not surprising, that their flags are flying at American Embassies.

  10. Its Human Rights for all. It is the same group of so calls that are still saying in this day and age that women you must obey your husbands, Let us pray. and it is the same group that call themselves so holy and righteous that are having affairs with the same women who goes to to them for help.

    It is the same group that is taking the monies, properties and other riches from those who believed that they are in deed making a contribution to the Lord.

    It is the same group that are having affairs with young boys and girls and are paying families large sums to stay quiet.

    It is the same group of persons who also have LGBTQI persons within their churches and have suppressed and are loosing the control of their greatest followers are crying foul now.

    WAKE Up. TAKE the MASK from your brain. Educate yourselves by understanding the very bible you are using and get out of the dark ages. the LGBTQI movement is not going anywhere .

    Thanks to the internet we are all now more educated and aware. The very BIBLE you and your group is quoting from is the very BIBLE that tells us WE ARE ALL GOD’S CHILDREN.

    So SUCK IT UP. LGBTQI Persons are People Too. You can rant and wave about taking down the flag but you would not take away the PRIDE of LGBTQI people who have been silence for decades.

    LGBTQI Rights are human rights too and you dont have to be LGBTQI to advocate for them.
    Treat everyone the way you want everyone to treat you. Try that for a start.

  11. First of all the US Embassy grounds are considered US soil. That is a basic fact which anyone seeking to engage with foreign affairs should know. Thesw flags are flying on US soil.
    For the other political, religious, social, biblical, factual errors, I will refer to the other comments above that clarified them so well.

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