Caribbean Airlines To Cut Staff And Salaries

CAL recently launched a flight to Dominica

Caribbean Airlines advises that in the coming weeks the airline will apply temporary measures to support the recovery of the airline.

Reduced demand due to the global pandemic has presented significant challenges to
Caribbean Airlines’ revenue and cash position and it must now take further steps to
streamline expenses and its manage cash.

After careful consideration, discussions with key stakeholders and with the support of the
Board of Directors, the Company intends to implement certain temporary measures to
cut costs and reduce overheads from October 15, 2020. Some of the temporary measures
include but are not limited to:

 Salary reductions for a period of eight (8) months from mid-October 2020 for
those paid more than $7500 (TTD) per month, with reductions tiered to be
higher for those on higher remuneration
 Temporary layoffs for approximately one third of employees for three (3)
months, depending on their role and the current needs of the business
 Continued cost reductions wherever possible, including reducing contractors
and temporary workers and allowances that are not relevant at this time

The airline confirms that standard industrial relations criteria were used to select the
employees who will be temporarily laid off. The leadership team recognizes the impact of
these measures on its employees and their dependents and has put systems in place to
support those affected.

Caribbean Airlines assures all stakeholders that its current operations are not impacted
by the temporary layoffs – this includes our Cargo operations, the domestic Air Bridge
between Trinidad and Tobago, the Kingston and Barbados based commercial services and
special Government approved flights to/from Trinidad and Tobago.
Caribbean Airlines thanks its valued customers and all concerned for their continued

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  1. If Caribbean Airlines is flying LIAT’s routes with 5-10 people per flight, as has been stated, and they have to make cuts in staff and wages, how will LIAT start back flying with no passengers to carry AND now competing with Caribbean Airlines for those few passengers? Will Antigua pay LIAT’s wages and bills until passengers loads return to normal in 2-3 years time? I do not see how that will be possible. Just saying.

    • It could get a lot worse for the Caribbean depending on how the American elections go it’s looking like their is going to be civil unrest no matter who wins all this on top of covid 19 and now dengue anybody coming to the Caribbean right now are doing so at a high risk .

  2. If tourism dies, we will soon be back to being an agriculture based economy. Hard times may be ahead for us all. Soon we’ll be bringing back sugar and cotton.

  3. To the Government if Antigua, I’m asking for a friend.

    What is the plan to move forward !?! Covid isn’t going anywhere on any particular day!?! So do we keep looking for ways to keep the people locked up? If so, until when…. any particular day in sight !?! Because the numbers have been down to zero for many weeks then increased, then decreased, that’s just how it is and will be, because covid is here… not leaving… it’s something our world now has..: so HOW DO WE DEAL!?! Cause we can’t stay locked up forever… people will all start traveling and life will go on !?!

    Will we continue To have people quarantined for 14 days… many countries have done away with this now that they are understanding covid.

    Many countries have found safe ways to continue daily existence when In Antigua the banks, the financial backbone of our country, still do not have regular hours.

    It seems like most of our resources are going into scaring the public, forcing the public into submission, threatening with fines and jail time just for simply their human existence.

    Maybe Antigua leaders should themselves, find a source of education concerning the transmission of the covid 19 virus, the potency of the virus today, things to do once the virus is contracted, BecUse the fact is, IT IS A VIRUS. You can get it, survive and move on.

    Once the leaders have this education, then maybe they can have zoom constituency meetings or physical constituency meetings over a few nights to educate the public. Following protocols of course.

    This is just a thought. Since it seems like the leaders of the country are stuck back in March 2020, when so much progress has been made in studying the virus and how people can CONTINUE TO LIVE A HEALTHY AND SAFE NEW NORMAL LIFESTYLE.

    Please let the people Of Antigua live A healthy and safe new normal life style void of the constant hysterics, fear, dictatorship behavior and threats being spewed every week by the government to lock up and fine people who are already under employed.

    Antigua’s government insist on driving the fear of God into its citizens by threatening and keeping them isolated from normal life every week.

    We already have God! What we need is efficient governance.

    …. just asking for a friend … smh

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