Caribbean Airlines Rewards Loyalty Members


Caribbean Airlines continues to celebrate its 15th Anniversary with a host of initiatives throughout the year; including a recent partnership  with LES ÎLES art platform.

Through the partnership, the airline will share the diverse talent of Caribbean people to its valued customers; who have individually flown over 80,000 miles annually.


Caribbean Miles Executive Gold members will receive a special edition, signed fine art print, ‘Hummingbird Mother with Babies’ by photographer Sanjiv Samoaroo. While all members can access a special 10% discount on the Les Iles website – (; an art and technology platform that empowers Caribbean artists in and from the region.


Speaking on behalf of the initiative, Caribbean Airlines CEO, Garvin Medera stated: “As part of our Reset Expectations commitment, we have looked to the community that we serve to uplift and Reengergize.

While our core is to connect the Caribbean and its diaspora physically, we recognize the opportunity to foster greater cultural connection in more innovative ways; and we are pleased to share these photographic pieces with our executive membership as a token of appreciation to say “Thank You” for their years of dedicated travel and support of the Caribbean Airlines brand.”


Caribbean Airlines has also reintroduced service to Suriname and Curacao, and all Caribbean Miles members can book and travel to these destinations for 50% less miles between March 14 and April 14.