Carib Brewery asks Antigua Government for more concessions


The Foreign and Trade Minister EP Chet Green reported to the Cabinet of Antigua this week that the Carib Beer manufacturer has submitted requests for further concessions.

It also sought the permission to re-use their bottles, the Carib Beer Brewery asserts, will reduce the waste which other beers incur.

They seek some consideration for their environmentally sensitive policy that will reduce the need to use landfill space.

Carib Brewery, headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago and one of the leading breweries in the Caribbean, is planning to build a local production on the island.

Carib operates already three breweries in the Caribbean, namely in Trinidad and Tobago (1950), St. Kitts and Nevis (1997) and in Grenada (2002).

In addition Ansa McAl bought in 2016 Florida Beer Co. (former Indian River Brewing Co.) from Cape Canaveral, Florida, one of the largest breweries in Florida, which serves not only the Caribbean diaspora in the United States but also neighboring theme parks in Orlando, Florida but also in California with licensed brands like Simpon’s Duff Beer, or Harry Potter beer.

When completed Carib will be brewing and filling plant for about 60,000 cases of beers, malts, juices and soft drinks for local consumption and export.

Carib has partnerships with international companies such as Heineken International B.V., Diageo, Molson Coors and Ginseng UpCorporation. As a result HeinekenGuinness StoutCoors LightGinseng Up and Smirnoff Ice are part of Carib’s production portfolio. However, the types and brands of beverages which will be produced at the new brewery are still not decided.

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  1. Well Carib Brewery knows it’s an Foreign Investors’ Market. They call the shots. And who don’t want it too bad. Others are desperately waiting to take their investment.
    Covid left a deep hole for many of us. Thousands out of work. And what is more important then to provide jobs for the people. The concession will run out one day.

    • @ From The Sideline.
      Why do you refuse to comment on the $5 million dollars fraud between the pm Gaston Browne and Asot Michael.
      You nah ez tall.
      You keeping outta dat.
      Such an intelligent fool.

  2. Do you have enough water to run a Brewery.They are going to concession you to the end.Because you the Administration are the beggars. There are concessions that go into perpetuity. Like those given to Yida.So Sidelines:They would never run out.

  3. How many years now.This Brewery has been coming to Antigua.Everything is coming.When? We the people need concrete dates.

  4. This man has the most cojones ever, or he just does not care. First it was the Olympic scandal, then the most recent 60 pages of whatsapp captures of some of the most ex-rated chats allegedly between him and a young, female materialistic paramour. No soap opera could be more revealing that the intimate conversations between them. And if you had the time to read it all, you might be thinking movie, movie!
    And you know what? Although most of the nation has read the whatsapps, not a word is being said, neither by the church folks, nor even the UPP. He himself has not come forward with any outrage of persons trying to defame him. And here he is, larger than life, acting as though nothing outrageous has been revealed with him in a starring role. He knows that no one in his party will castigate him, and the UPP which is so scared about the possible “what about you, you can’t talk”, is not saying one word.
    One thing is certain. If the script was flipped and these revelations were about a UPP senior minister of government, the ALP would still be seeking his resignation on a high moral ground and corruption of the female youth in our society. In fact, they would be organizing marches during the state of emergency.
    This is how things are in this country, and such defined standards for both sides are accepted by the public and unwritten. Lungu has many more privileges than Sungu.
    There are also whatsapps about another minister of the ABLP and the same gold-digger young former contestant of the Miss Labour Pageant, but on a lesser level. Maybe he was less horny or did not want to put on social media where and how deep he wanted to put his body part, or he did not have the financial status of the male star of the 60 pages.
    Whatever, if it’s the young lady who leaked the whatsapps, she has a plan. However, maybe she chose the wrong party to sell her wares to. The hush money would have been bigger across the street.
    What a country!

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