Captain of Team Wadadli Testifies on Behalf of embattled Team Member


Leader of Team Wadadli Atlantic Rowers, Dr. Nicholas Fuller took the stand in the High Court this week in support of team member, Rowan “Archie” Bailey.

Bailey and co-accused Kenneth Wyre are on trial in relation to 50-kilos of cocaine that the ONDCP alleged were found in their possession in 2010.

Dr. Fuller, who was called as Bailey’s character witness, told the court he always found his colleague to be a good person.

He said he has known the defendant for about 30 years, while serving as District Doctor in the English Harbour/ Falmouth area, where Bailey resided.

The witness told the court he and Bailey used to fish together, and they spent 52 days in the open ocean when they participated in the 2015-2016 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.

Dr. Fuller said he and Bailey talked about everything, including this case, as they rowed across the Atlantic.

He said Bailey always remain consistent in his account of the what transpired the day he was arrested by the ONDCP.

Bailey testified he moved two bags from Wyre’s pickup to a Silver Lancer but insisted he did not know the bags contained cocaine.

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  1. Does this whole character witness thing make sense? It is appalling when a prominent medical professional would get in court and defend a drug dealer. Taking two bags and believing them to contain fish is such a ridiculous defense. I would not put any weight on the evidence of the medical man. They travelled together for many days across the Atlantic and would stand up for each other, even lie for each other, which is regrettable. It is sad when professions would stoop so low and bring their profession into disrepute by siding with criminals. No wonder our society is the way it is.

    • Alleged drug dealer. This is all part of the process to determine if he is guilty or not.
      If you were present and know for a fact his account is untrue, then please do speak with the authorities. Truth can be stranger than fiction.

      What exactly is appalling anyway about someone stating what they know of someone over 30 years? If he had been consistently doing unlawful things, you would want them to say that. People just love ugly. But want to shut you up about any good.

    • Mockery fits you well. It’s a shame in today’s society people are guilty even when proven innocent. The man is a kind fella who assisted someone and got mixed up.
      The doctor said he knows this man for 30 yrs. I to honestly believe Bailey is innocent. Since 2010 and he out. He rowed the Atlantic for 52 days back to Antigua to take a big jail. This does not add up. He innocent. I believe any real guilty man woulda bounce. Me self diving overboard presumed dead.

      I legit couldn’t pick bailey out a lineup.I dunno the man but his actions thus far either arogance or innocence. I believe the latter.

      Free Bailey. Is what I say. It’s unfortunate he was found guilty.

  2. arm…what supposed to turn on this testimony. May I remind you the key to being truthful and also in telling lies is to be consistent!

  3. it’s good to see that a man has friends who will stick around (regardless of guilt or innocence).

  4. I have read many incidents like this where a handler was totally unaware of the contents of the packages they were moving.

    Attorney John Fuller has a lot of ‘…mitigation to do.’
    Bluntly put, what the accused talked abut to his rowing-colleagues on the Atlantic Ocean or may have written to his ‘…granny Mary or papa Harry,’ is of no consequence to the criminal proceedings or his character.

    Innocence or Guilt can only be determined by a Jury on;

    (a) …A preponderance of evidence (for conviction); or

    (b) …Without an iota of evidence (for acquittal).’

    The evidence has ‘…absolutely nothing to do with character.’ More with the ‘…Laws of Evidence.’

    Guilt is dependent strictly upon ‘…factual or circumstantial evidence or evidence (a) …Relevant to the fact in issue; or (b) …Supplies proof; or (c) …The means by which a fact may be proved or disproved.’

    That is to say, (i) …That which is a fact, as in the instant case, the accused;

    (i) …Had possession (actual/constructive/control) of cocaine;

    (ii) …Had knowledge that it was a substance (Analyst Report would confirm) prohibited by law.’

    A large quantity often infer intent- ‘…Trafficking; …Transfer; …Supply; or …Sell.’ There is also the associated charge of ‘…Conspiracy to do one or all of these activities.

    As it affects ‘…Character Witnesses,’ what they testified, usually, goes to the credit of the accused, which notwithstanding that which he answered to. They may suggest inter alia, that ‘…he is generally law abiding; …conducts himself in a responsible manner; …honest, truthful and trustworthy; …Always obliging to members of his community etc.’

    The news story has not reported these, which would only go to ‘…mitigation,’ that may not necessarily weaken the ‘…aggravating factors- ‘…high speed chase- Why sped away with fish?

    Simply put, the ‘…defence appeared extremely weak,’ and simply to say the accused is ‘…good,’ without more, could be seen as ‘…inadequately strength-less and perilous.’

    To those who boil dumplings, they know that there could never be ‘…more water than flour.’

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