Can’t travel 41 hrs to India: Mehul Choksi to court


Fugitive jeweller Mehul Choksi informed Enforcement Directorate in the Bombay Court that he can’t travel for 41 hours to reach India from Antigua due to his poor health.

Choksi accused ED of misleading probe by not revealing his health condition deliberately.

He also stated that he is in constant touch with banks and wants to settle the issues and is willing to join the investigation through video-conferencing.

The Enforcement Directorate has asked the court to declare Choksi as a fugitive economic offender and seize his properties.

Mehul Choksi was granted citizenship of Antigua and took an oath of allegiance on January 15. A few days later, on January 29, Central Bureau of Investigation filed a case and started investigating him and Nirav Modi.

Choksi and Nirav Modi are accused of Rs 13,000 crore fraud involving fake guarantees in the name of Punjab National Bank to secure loans abroad.

Earlier in December, the global police body Interpol issued a red corner notice against Choksi on the CBI’s request.

India is making efforts to bring back Choksi from Antigua under the provision of a law of the island nation, which provides for extradition of a fugitive. However, India and Antigua do not have a bilateral extradition pact.

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    • Choksi is innocent and he is a victim of political persecution. Google the news about the case and you will see that India is a corrupt place about this case. Choksi is an Antigua citizen and our government should protect him.

  1. This man mean he is not going back to his home town he is try everything in his powers to remain in Antigua something sweet him here even to walk on sea you must return to face your judgement

  2. How long did it take him to get to Antigua? Has his condition worsened since he arrived here? Has he been admitted to MSJMC yet? What’s wrong with this picture? If this guy is really that sick he would take an air ambulance back to India or some place where he can get medical attention. Michael Browne can tell him how to do it!

    • Now I hear someone with sense talking! How many emergency room visits? Does he have a private physician attending him? Is he under the daily care of medical personnel?
      Dem tink ah we dunce!

  3. Virgin Atlantic has a super sonic jet that can get him there in 20 hours, flight attendants are both doctors one is a competent cardiologist.

    Equipment for life support is also available.

  4. Unless Mr. Choksi is figuring on going from here to Australia and back tracking to India he should be able to get to India in 17 hours flying time.
    I am sure the India authorities want Choksi alive to face the charges so they can easily arrange 2 commercial non-stop flights via UK with approx. 8 and 9 hours flying time respectively. Since he can afford first class he could easily afford two very comfortable up front seats for himself and his escort. 41 hours flying time is almost what it takes to fly around the globe, so I am wondering where that estimation came from and am also thinking that whoever advised Mr. Choksi to spew that nonsense has to be vastly underestimating the intelligence of the Indian Enforcement Directorate in the Bombay court.

    Mehul has the ‘…money and the moves.’

    This alleged ‘…fugitive from justice’ has all the evasive moves.
    Now, from ‘…Medical to Tactical.’

    From ‘…can’t travel to video-conferencing investigation.’
    It works for business and other meetings.

    Incidentally, this is not about investment business meetings.
    Until now, never heard of that method in criminal investigations.

    He could very well become an unbeatable a chess player.

  6. Antigua government would give Satan a passport if he had enough money to buy one and line their pockets in the process. Mr C is going to make a mess of them and you’ll soon hear who got kickbacks. When will these greedy black leaders learn?.

    • If Satan had enough money? Look at all the personal financial gains of these top level Government officials! Only Satan distributes dirty 💰! He has cursed them with it! Payday and payback are on the way, though!

  7. One of the many ways he can get to India is to travel in stages, since he claimed he too sick for the long journey. He has enough money to pay for those flights.
    well! Well! Well.Why does it appear that the poor and insignificant man is accused, lockedup, charged then investigated, in that order, but everyone else is investigated, investigated and then rarely anything else?
    I would be very surprised if anything becomes of this case.

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