Canadian diplomat commends country’s COVID-19 response


Antigua and Barbuda’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has attracted the admiration of a Canadian diplomat.

Words of commendation were made on Tuesday during a virtual farewell engagement between the outgoing High Commissioner of Canada to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Marie Legault and Foreign Affairs Minister, E. P. Chet Greene.

Ambassador Legault, who is wrapping up her tour of duty to the Eastern Caribbean this month, expressed admiration of the manner in which the Antigua and Barbuda government handled the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Please convey to your prime minister, my personal admiration for the manner in which his government has managed and is managing during these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Greene reported the diplomat as saying.

In response, Greene hailed Canada for its approach to diversity noting that the country, whose population is approximately 37 million, serves as an inspiration for societies worldwide.

“Canada has an inclusive and respectful approach to diversity. This characteristic can be seen through Canada’s present day role as a multi-ethnic democracy which, I believe, serves as an inspiration to many other societies worldwide,” he stated.

He also noted the fact that many Antigua and Barbuda nationals have made Canada their home.

Greene also expressed appreciation to Canada for its many years of assistance to the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda and the involvement of the High Commissioner facilitating this.

Following the devastation of Barbuda by Hurricane Irma, Canada came to the country’s assistance and donated US$200,000.00 to help with rehabilitation efforts.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has donated US$239,000 to Antigua and Barbuda through the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) to help with the fight against the virus and its impact.

“Under your guidance, mobile Canadian Visa Biometric Collection Service teams have visited Antigua and Barbuda to facilitate biometric collection of nationals seeking entry into Canada, thus saving them the expenses involved in having to travel to have this done,” the Foreign Affairs minister noted.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has had to find new ways of fulfilling its mandate of fostering ties with the nations with whom it shares common interests, including Canada.


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  1. Oh and here all these negative people keep saying what a horrible job being done and that their freedom was being taken away. Guess Canada seeing sonething they are not seeing.

    • @Controversy
      Oh really?
      Nobody is being negative here. Everything I said is FACTUALLY CORRECT!
      Maybe the people who don’t see it, don’t WANT to see it.

      Don’t believe me, then look it up yourself.
      There is a frightening push being pursued right now to install globalist totalitarian control worldwide and it has Chinese CCP’s fingerprints all over it!

      • @Will you sound like one of those idiots who goes around saying the virus is a hoax. You don’t know the pain of losing a family member and not being able to say goodbye. Your comments reflect that of the 45 persident. But unlike him who has access to the best hospital in the world being pumped up on drugs and have the best doctors and nurses at his beck and call if you catch the virus you suck sal. Some of you just full of damn negaitvity and think y’all are such experts.

        • The virus isn’t a hoax.
          The RESPONSE to it was a hoax.
          The WHO and the CDC fabricated fake information regarding everything about it… the numbers, ended up to be only 6% of their original stated numbers.

          After they subtracted deaths WITH co-morbidities and other causes like car accidents and cancer deaths etc.

          Just because someone died of cancer AND had covid at the same time doesn’t mean they died of covid.

          The numbers were artificially inflated and they got caught and had to admit it.

          Don’t try to virtue signal to me with your emotional appeals of deaths of people’s friends and relatives. Being a realist doesn’t make me uncaring. You know nothing about me or what I feel or don’t feel.

          You are PROJECTING your own biases on to me which is neither fair or accurate.

    • News flash and breaking news Antigua and Barbuda getting back visa fee access to Canada. Oh! No it was the wrong news. Chupz, this is about the fake coronavirus news on Antigua. Question to MP Dr. Fauci how much of the 2000 plus test taken are Antiguans and Barbudans in the community? You say their is no community spread are you testing in the community?

  2. So, who’s surprised that Canada agrees with Antigua’s covid-19 response? I mean, Canada has become the most tyrannical nation in North America since the election of their leftist PM Trudeau. They have become outright totalitarian. This GLOBALIST power grab is happening in worldwide. Australia, New Zealand are also similarly in severe Fascist lockdowns.

    Wake up people before it is too late! These people are insane in their lust for power and CONTROL.

    • Will, you sound like an extremist right-winger. What do you think of Putin??? You must be joking when you call PM Trudeau a “leftist”!!!! What do you call PM Browne???

      • @Kristi
        If support for the constitution is ‘extremist’ then yes I am!

        Instead of asking me what my political view are, tell us what your’s are, as if we don’t already know.

        • What “constitution”? This is Antigua and Barbuda, not the USA!!! Read the “constitution” of this country and understand. Since you consider Trudeau a “leftist”, what do you consider Prime Minister Browne? A far leftist? And what about Harold Lovell? An ultra leftist??? What was Tim Hector? A communist??? You sound like a right wing neo-fascist. Are you? Antigua is a social democratic country based on the principles of Black Democratic Socialism as taught by our founding fathers and mothers (from both political parties). Again, what do you think of Putin?

          • Antigua & Barbuda has a constitution, maybe you should read it sometime. My political opinions are my own business. That is why voting is by secret ballot.

          • @Maynard
            Yes this government is LABOUR in BOTH parties and always has been since independence, but let me ask you, what has it gotten you… Are any better off today?

            Someone who keeps doing the same thing, hoping for different result is by definition, crazy.

            Maybe it is time to try something new. There is nothing saying you HAVE TO keep voting for labor till the end of time.

            As for Putin… I rarely ever think about him. I guess your referring to the leftist hoax that the right had been in bed with the Russians. That was something Hillary Clinton invented. Actually, that proof is about to be revealed publicly.

      • @Kristi
        If support for the constitution is considered ‘extremist’ then UES I AM!

        Instead of asking me about my political views, tell us what yours are… as if we can’t guess.

        • WHAT “constitution” are you talking about??? This is Antigua and Barbuda, not the USA. We have our own “constitution” which you obviously have NEVER read. If you consider Canada’s Trudeau a “leftist”, who do you think of Gaston Browne (a far leftist?) or Harold Lovell (an ultra leftist?) and Papa Bird (a full-blown communist?) Well Mr. Big Shot, we await your reply. Remember, Antigua and Barbuda is NOT the USA or Russia.

          • The constitution of Antigua & Barbuda of course.

            Labour is leftist. Same as progressive, fabianist, socialist, communist or whatever definition you try to con the public with, it is all the same thing. You know all the people you mentioned would fit into one of these categories.

            I have read the Antiguan constitution, have you?

  3. So, what did Antigua do with Canada’s donation lol? Antigua has received more than enough in donations, but continues to ask for more. Where is the money being spent? I think we all know the answer..

  4. “Please convey to your prime minister, my personal admiration for the manner in which HIS GOVERNMENT HAS MANAGED AND IS MANAGING DURING THESE TOUGH TIMES OF the COVID-19 pandemic,” Greene reported the diplomat as saying.
    Read properly. These diplomats are very crafty in shaping their words. Don’t say what she didn’t.

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