Canada Is Sending Team To St John’s To Take Biometrics Info


Trade and Immigration, the Hon. E.P Chet Greene today announced that the Government of Canada has decided to send a team of officials to Antigua and Barbuda and other member states of the OECS to collect biometrics from nationals of Antigua and Barbuda and the sub-region, seeking visas to enter Canada.

The team will collect data in the week of 26 August.

Minister Green welcomed this development which, he said, will be of “great convenience” to Antiguans and Barbudans, saving them both time and money since they will no longer have to travel to Trinidad or Barbados to provide their biometric details.

The Minister praised the work of Ambassador Sir Ronald Sanders who, shortly after the introduction of visa requirements, advocated in Ottawa for a mobile Canadian team to visit periodically to gather the biometric data. Minister Greene said that for over a year, Ambassador Sanders has been meeting officials of the Canada Office of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, including Mieke Bos, Director General for Admissibility Branch; Mr.Glen Linder, Director-General, International and Intergovernmental Relations; as well as Tarik Khan, the Head of the Western Hemisphere Department of the Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Minister Greene pointed out that applications for Canadian visas have to be made on-line on the website of Canada Immigration and once a letter of acceptance has been received, applicants can then provide their biometric data to the mobile Canada team.

The Minister added that much of the work of diplomacy is done quietly and outside of the public eye and therefore its successes are not usually seen. “This occasion is one example of the success of our diplomatic efforts which is evident”.

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  1. This is success?

    Something is really wrong with the reality thinking of bright people.

    I did not require a letter of invitation to visit Canada, now I do.

    Canadians visit Antigua hassle free.

    For the Caucasians to visit Antigua to treat me like a potential criminal, the diplomats call this success.

    And they want to tell me about celebrating some kind of emancipation from slavery.

    Where is the emancipation when your movements is now restricted or controlled by the same person who emancipated you?

    • Nothing to do with slavery, give your head a shake. You can thank of government for selling passports to those who have da money to buy it. Don’t blame Canada for wanting to keep their county safe. Thank them for coming to us.

  2. They say it’s better than going to Trinidad or Barbados….

    This is a prime example of changing your position but your circumstances remains the same. And make you feel as though progress and or success is being made.

    No there is no success, there is no progress in this the circumstance is still intact.

    Slavery to colonialism to state hood to Independence to republic. Still slavery people, they shift our position but our circumstance remains the same.

    This is not only mental it is also physical.

    As long as you continue to think it’s only mental, the Europeans are happy because you do not realize that it is actually physical.

    So the fight for our freedom is gone out of us. We are still divided and separated from Africa by visas, and no direct flights, trade or sharing expertise.

    No Mr Ambassador, no feather in your cap for this one. The situation has not changed.

    • Mel, To a certain extent I agree with you, but this is a step in the right direction. The real goal must be visa free entry into Canada for visistors from Antigua and Barbuda. This must be restored.

      • @CErmle
        What are the benefits of being a part of their Commonwealth?

        There is no freedom of movement in their Commonwealth.

        And the wealth is not common is it?

        The real goal is freedom, justice, and equality.

        Brethren this is not isolated to Canada, USA which we are a part of as well has marginalized us.

        Isn’t Antigua a part of the OAS? What does that really mean?

        They are treating us just like how we treat Haiti.

        Haiti a part of CARICOM but require a visa to enter all member territory, but they are a part of CARICOM.

  3. Invitation letter, does this apply to anyone who just wants to visit Canada as a tourist and stay in a hotel/motel?
    Are the Ambassador saying that an Antiguan tourist has to seek an invitation letter to from the hotel/motel they would be vacationing at??
    A small group of us Antiguans, former schoolmates, are planning a mini reunion as a tourist to visit America and Canada. Niagara Falls and few more sites Canada are on our list to visit, and then unto Lagos Vegas in California.
    We were advised from some friends that we can stay in the Comfort Inn The Pointe Hotel near Niagara Falls.
    Mr. Ambassador and Mr. Minister do we need to receive an invitation letter first from the Hotel before we can book our flight?
    These are answers that need to be clarified if someone is visiting as a tourist.
    It is not all Antiguan and Barbudan nationals have a family members or friends in Canada. Some of us just want to be a tourist for once.

  4. One big duty Chups.
    That’s ALP for you. Stab you in the back and then looking credit for pulling out the knife.
    Their philosophy is better the travelers be inconvenienced and put in financial difficulty than lock down the failing CIP program


  6. vodka, arnt u a piece of work, why should guyanese and jamaicans be mixed with murders and rapists????? every country have a piece of it even yours whether u like it or not, i’m sure they are not the main cause why antigua requires a visa, always looking to blame the foreingers for your short comings

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