Canada cancels all flights to the Caribbean


Canada’s main airlines have agreed to cancel service to the Caribbean and Mexico and the federal government is introducing new mandatory quarantine rules as they try to discourage international travel.

This morning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Air Canada, WestJet, Sunwing and Air Transat have agreed to suspend service to sun destinations right away and will be making arrangements with their customers who are in these regions now to organize flights home.

“With the challenges we currently face with COVID-19, both here at home and abroad, we all agree that now is just not the time to be flying,” said Trudeau outside his home at Rideau Cottage.

The prime minister said as soon as possible the government will be introducing mandatory PCR testing at the airport for people returning to Canada, on top of the pre-boarding test already required.

Travellers will then have to wait up to three days at an approved hotel for their test results, at their own expense, which Trudeau said is expected to be more than $2,000.

Those with a negative test will then be able to finish their 14-day quarantine at home, with increased surveillance.

“By putting in place these tough measures now, we can look forward to a better time, when we can plan those vacations,” said Trudeau.

Similar measures

The move is not without precedent. Australia has been requiring most travellers to quarantine at a government-arranged hotel for 14 days for $2,800 AUD per adult and $4,620 AUD for a family of four.

The U.K. introduced similar measures on Thursday and now requires citizens arriving from dozens of high-risk countries to quarantine in hotels for 10 days at their own expense.

Canada has had a ban on non-essential travel into the country by anyone who isn’t a citizen or permanent resident since March, but banning the flow of Canadians in and out of the country is a thornier task.

People who return from abroad for non-essential reasons must quarantine for two weeks, or risk hefty financial penalties or jail time — a measure that’s also been in place since March.

As of earlier this month, most travellers must also show proof of a negative COVID-19 test before arriving in Canada. — CBC Canada

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  1. But that conclusion should have been reached last March.

    A pandemic is not the time for traveling or vacation.

    Had people not been so selfish and governments so greedy the pandemic rotor be over by now.

    Also use prophylactic ivermectin to end the pandemic

    • In Canada they pretend covid comes from the Caribbean. Here, loads of people pretend it comes from other countries.
      One difference: 100% of Antigua’s economy comes from tourism. If the US does tomorrow what the Canada did, Antigua is… well dead.
      But one question remains: where does all that covid hysteria and stupidity come from?

    • It is quite obvious that people saying that tourism is “non essential” (to Antigua) are retired people who believe Antigua’s job market has no impact on them. when — in one or two years — the covid-scam biil comes due, when the US Hedge funds go broke, we might hear an entirely different story.

  2. The Kabals want everything back under their full control!

    Social pressure will be on the population to take their poison jab!

    The game is about to climax!

    • Are you okay Alkebulan? “Poison jab!” Really??? You sound a little “off”. What’s really your mission?

  3. Avatar photo All Persons including tourists should have been quarantined no exceptions . Tourists should be asked to add a few extra days to their trip so in 3-4 days they can get another test which will clear them and everybody is cool .

    At least he sees the danger now . Some of the silly people on here just attack attack attack even at the perile of their elderly and love ones . Àntigua you’re all in this together , who like LP or who likes UPP this virus doesn’t care . I’ve read comments where some suggests a different or stricker approach , does that mean they don’t care about their country .

    • I cannot understand why anyone who lives in Antigua would have been okay with essentially no restrictions being imposed on tourists and visitors

      Those are the people bringing the disease to your island

      In March 2020, Antigua had a huge advantage – it was one of the few places in the world with no COVID cases. It was safe.

      And the insane government rushed to open the borders to thousands of disease vectors each month for $$$.

      And now all of your lives are at risk. And as predicted, those same disease vectors will stop coming to the Caribbean now that your country is run over with disease that they brought.

      So now you will have no tourist $$$ and you no longer have a safe country either.

      That’s what happens when you have a bad government. None of you should be supporting this.

        • The government has done a tremendous job in dealing responsibly with this pandemic. They are to be congratulated. The PM and Cabinet have had to make some serious decisions, and have proven themselves to be able managers. So glad they are at the helm (and I have never voted ALP in my life).

      • Grate points the clowns on here attack when you suggest otherwise . I’ll repeat what you rightfully said No tourst No $$$ it’s just a matter of time because of money not safety first . Good luck .

      • @Exatcly it does not matter who is in government the result would have been the same thing because I don’t exactly hear the opposition side offering any alternative for this crisis. The problem is tourist are not being quarantine and locals are not following the protocals.

        • It is not a political issue

          It’s a matter of the people in charge taking this pandemic seriously so that local people also take it seriously.

          Up until now, everyone I tell to take it seriously says we have no community spread or the numbers are low.

          So as you see lying to the people has only made it harder to stop the spread of disease.

          And of course for God’s sake test everyone on arrival and quarantine everyone

      • “all of your lives are at risk”

        what kind of BS is this?
        Can you say what is the official death rate of covid? This is a informational media. Please do not be a fearmonger spreading fake news!

  4. That’s how we treat our people. What Canada is doing now should have been done since March 2020. While the Caribbean was on lockdown the USA, Canada and almost all of Europe were still operating flights with no requirement for testing. So to Trudeau I say too little too late.

    • Avatar photo , It's mind boggling to me that some people have no problem with or dismiss the non quarantine policy for tourists even at potential peril of their love ones and themselves amazing !

      And your Prime Minister “the Moustache”is not too little too late ? He’s been allowing tourists in with no qurantine time.

      • The failures of the big white countries are always glorified, that’s why Trump had to refer to us as shit hole countries.

          • Trump said it, but we were always treated like shit hole countries. How many black countries in the world has visa free access to the US?

  5. Covid is going to be around for years no matter what they do. If covid had been running rampant in Africa there would never have been a lockdown. It had to go Europe before anybody act. All the flu I done have I never know the origin or strain before covid-19 so me nah fraid fi get um !!!

  6. Fu someone who claim dem hab one business fu run one certain mosqutio sure spend one ton ah time refreashing the page and respond to eberybady. Mek one wonder just how much dem ah get pay fu run wid dem conspircy theory🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • The scum and Maggot of Àntigua Newsroom strikes again. You should change your name your living up to it Dunce .

      • And like the b-i-t-c-h boi ya be u must see ma name and FYI j-a-c-k-a-s-s I am a woman. Now carry on and go back to your job of being a paid political troll🤡

          • And once an @$$ always an @$$ but carry on its your job🤡. I’ll keep posting if ya nah like um lie down beside um💅🏾 cause your opition of me down mean jack$hit. You don’t pay my bills nor feed ma pikney

  7. With all that’s going on with covid, I have to admit that I’m very disappointed that there’s been no serious debate about the diversification of our economy.

    We rely heavily on tourism, and we’re seeing how fragile it is.

    Why don’t we start the preparation, the consultation, and start the process of getting more into agriculture, manufacturing, encourage other countries to use our shores as a point of manufacture for goods of good quality for good pay.

    We ensure that we are not exploited, and we begin to become a real “economic power house”

    I’m no economist, but it’s a thought, and we’re paying people to come along with solutions to problems.

    Has e diversify or economy decades ago, we could have easily close the border with no fear impact on the economy.

    Let’s start the process now, so that we are prepared in the future years down the road

    • You speak Words of Wisdom. Diversification of the economy is a total must. We can do this. Like the old people used to say, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

      • Yes! Let’s create a wood industry or maybe dig the island for some shale gaz! Or maybe the chinese will give us free lunches?

    • It looks like everybody here is buying the covid scam. I must admit though that the comments are honestly moderated and that different opinions are allowed. Thank you antiguanewsroom.

      To the old retired rich people who don’t give a dawn about job losses and just sh.. their pants because they buy everything they see on the US tv, PLEASE consult the real official numbers on the CDC website.
      Stop freaking out! Stop making fools out of yourself!
      Our gvt is (somewhat) doing the right thing : monitoring the virus WITHOUT nuking our liberties and the (tourism) economy.

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