Can you Beat the Dealer in a Live Casino?


Whether you scan the return to player ratios, count the cards, or wear your lucky socks when pulling that lever down (but only when all the lights show up of course!), what casino players all around the world want to know if there is any way that you can beat the dealer when playing live casino – click here to play.

We know that there are tricks and tips that can help you when in the physical casino, such as attempting to count cards – although this will get you kicked out of the venue, trying to influence the roulette wheel spinner, and, of course, outsmarting your opponents and the dealer in games like blackjack. แทงบอล

Live casino dealers, however, are a little trickier to beat because of their online presence without the physical communication. We have a few tricks for you, however, to use so that you can get one up on the live dealer in the online casino PGSlot

What are the Top Ways to Beat the Live Casino Dealer?

High rollers like you know exactly when to bet and when not to bet, but there is always that intimidating advantage of the house edge that can be off-putting; follow these simple steps to make sure that you can beat that live dealer:

  • Your bandwidth – This seems slightly trivial, however, having the fastest broadband speed means that you get to pick up every indication and slight signals from the dealer. On top of this, the faster your broadband is, the more likely you are to be the first player to see what is going on. Crush your opponents!
  • The angle – Professional casino streams will angle the camera at certain positions to try not to give away as much as possible. It is your job, therefore, to get onto a good quality stream that lets you see all the blemishes and quirks that those pesky dealers might be doing.
  • Body language – Now, we are not asking you to be a psychologist that can tell each tiny detail about someone’s betting habits from the colour of their shoes. But, you can learn things about the potential hand the dealer might have from their reactions… god job they can’t see you either!

Beating the dealer is never easy, but a top-dog on the betting scene like you knows when to place and when to hold, and that is the real way to beat the dealer in the live casino.

In conclusion, can you Really Beat the Live Casino Dealer?

It will always be difficult to beat the dealer no matter what the situation, it is their job to be unbeaten after all. But remember:

  1. Bet only when you are confident
  2. Assess the other players’ actions as well
  3. Do not get caught up in the excitement of gambling

By adhering to these ubiquitous steps, you can dominate any game. All in all, however, it is ultimately always a game of chance and luck, so put on those lucky pants and hope for the best!

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