Can Sir Rodney call an Inquiry?


By Makeda Mikael

Sir Rodney Williams, GG of Antigua & Barbuda has been under pressure to call a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the African migrants arrival into the island, and as a result, the abuse unleashed on him has been most unfortunate.

A flash back to the infamous Guns to Colombia Commission of Inquiry saw the two Bird heavyweights, Father & son battle over whether to call the Inquiry into the gun runnings of another Bird, all three of them Members of Parliament.

Whereas the father sought to protect his eldest son from possible exposure, the Diplomatic Note received by his other son, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, dictated that truth must be obtained.

The then GG could do nothing because his Government department which runs the Office of the GG has no budget for extracurricular expenses like Inquiries, and further the management must be done by the Public Service.

It was the Ministry of F. A. which authorized the expenditure for the Inquiry which would have been a stillbirth.

Similarly, if the Gaston Browne administration does not collaborate by committing to absorb the expenses of the Royal Commission of Inquiry the matter is dead in the water.

The ignorance of those who abuse the GG is quite apparent, and disconcerting as it provokes the thought that one side of Government is wicked, and the other side stupid.

Whereas we are witnessing global politics waged in the gutter of parliaments where even women parliamentarians have been seen getting physically abused and lashing out a slap or two, the protocol in Antigua has now dropped to singular abuse of the GG in public by elected Parliamentarians.

This is quite unfair, unnecessary and rude.

Sir Rodney had been welcomed to the Office of GG by a full House of both sides, where memories of his father’s respect and conciliatory nature were recalled as the Minister of Manners, with expectations of continuity.

Sir Rodney has not failed the test, and has managed to fulfill his obligations without fear or favour to either side of the House.

The King’s Loyal Opposition in the House of Representatives is comprised of several first timers who will learn the protocols of the Westminster system which leans towards respect for ‘the King, his heirs & successors’ and to which we conform, until we exit into our own republic.

It is in good taste to follow the protocol of respect for our Governor General Sir Rodney, until we swear in our President!

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    • Please correct me if I’m wrong. The GG role is only ceremonial and a mere representative of the King of England. He doesn’t have the power to conduct an inquiry of that nature. Such an inquiry will have to be initiated by the elected government of the day. Are they forthright enough to conduct such?

  1. I have always proported that even in disagreements, we must be respectful of our leaders. A also agree with the writer than on his own, the GG might not be able to call an inquiry but he can use his office and power to influence the setting up of one. I really wish the day would come when we can be respectful of each other. But our leaders must also do same and some of the rhetoric that is spoken in Parliament, on radio stations and on social media even by our leaders are deplorable and set the stage for the nasty war of words that is so often seen and heard around. Why can’t we debate without the name calling? Why do we always have to get bitter and personal? You Pen an article and someone disagrees with you and they attact you personally.

  2. We Antiguans have a terrible global reputation for allowing our politicians to get away with not being held to account for their serious homeland security breaches (the ongoing African airline trafficking fiasco) and the financial misdemeanours, where open accountability is being called for (I.e, CIP and NAMCO).

    These breaches should have nothing to do with whether or not the current Governor General or even the Prime Minister himself call for an investigation, because if you are asking these people to open an inquiry or inquisition to the above, it’ll be like asking turkeys 🦃 🦃 🦃 to vote for Christmas. Tarl!

    At this moment in time, the ABLP are still hoping that this will all blow away with a wimper, knowing that we Antiguans – on the whole – will always be accepting of third-rate policies, politics and politicians in our country – IT NOW SEEMS LIKE IT’S IN OUR NATIONAL DNA!

  3. Jayjay and audley Phillip u guys seems to forget that the prime minister said that no governor general call call an enquiry against his government, why would he make such a statement if the GG don’t have the power to call an enquiry, and if the GG can’t call an enquiry he should come to the public and defend his name , and also A Phillip u said that we should respect our leaders but do u think that leaders who don’t respect themselves and the people they lead deserve respect?

  4. It is important that we as a nation apply reason to every aspect of our existence on this fair land. This article is an eye opener to many of us. The leader of the opposition has called upon the Governor General who is the King’s representative. It is not known whether the leader understands how the process works. Life is a learning process itself and it is important that honorable Pringle should do all that he can to become the best politician that he can be. He should avail himself of all information on the question of requesting the GG to launch an enquiry.

  5. A question or two, can the Inquiry be independently funded by an NGO?
    Who funded the Bloom Cooper Enquiry?
    Can the issue be taken to the Courts, to force the Ruling Arm of the Government to hold, not fund the Enquiry?

    Whether we want to believe it, or not #Ripply and #Nostradamus have a lot in common, so, Believe It or Not, four years is a short time in the realm of politics, #ABLP is hanging on by a thread which has the possibility of breaking sending them to their #Political Grave!

    The issue in the Courts regarding the AG will become deadly, because Wendell is taking no prisoners, as he did in his former days being responsible for Crime and Criminality, to some degree! But today, these days he’s using his legalese degree, Mr. Attorney; as, he brings pain and misery, to the government and the judiciary!

    …Now, according to Pompey
    …and, de one call King Obsti
    …wet U hand, and wait pan he
    …’cause, plenty politicians
    …due to, their shenanigans
    …a goh hold dem, big fat belly
    …saying, gud gad hab some mercy
    ..,but, according to #Shorty
    …#WHEN? #WHEN? When will these crooks
    .,,be buried at #Coal_Brooks
    …or the political cemetery!

    Ok! So, the GG and his office is under attack, can him or his office come out with a public statement, to defend his office and or himself, in terms of #responsibility’s?
    This is the Age Of AI, not the Age Of The Donkey_Bax.

    On another note, when a former GG, Lake-Tack would come under attack, by the then ABLP Parliamentarians, pundits, experts, legal luminaries due, to the fact, that she was one of the more vocal GG, publicly; where was the outcry in support of and for the GG’s office, and also her personally?
    #Hypocrisy, I dare say?

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  6. Why would the Author go back to St. Kitts for speaking the truth ? The Governor General is elected by the government in power and anything have to do with the country Laws he must consult withe the Prime Minister before he go public and say anything. He is a rubber stamp. He will rever rebut to the allegations out there he is above that. Louise Lake Tack was an outspoken Governor General yes, but as soon as the governing party change the government in power get rid of her. No Queen or King can tell an independent state who your Governor General should be no. The government in power will choose their yes man as their chosen candidate and send it to the British monarch for it blessings. Countries like Montserrat, Anguilla, the British Virgin Island their Governor General have a lot of power they are Lord and Mighty but not Antigua. If the GG call a commission of Inquiry without first consulting the prime minister and get his approval, he can tell the office goodbye. For the petition to get better teeth, they must try and ask for an inquiry for the existing problem on the ground and hope they get through. There was no human Trafficking and as long as they keep on asking for a inquiry on human Trafficking they will get no where. Look at the mea ing of human Trafficking and migrant smuggling. I think I should throw my hat in the ring to become a politician because those in there don’t understand Antigua politics

    • First is the Investigation by independent authority which will indicate the type of Inquiry needed.

    • @Little Johnny…

      Let’s just take the inauguration flight, the one and only of the now defunct Antigua Airways.
      There are three(3) other flights which brought passengers to VCBird International Airport, as well. Correct?
      All airline flights have to file a flight plan for their entire route for any flight, once they take to the skies with cargo, HUEman or otherwise. Correct?
      According, to the Authorities in Antigua, allegedly, they had no knowledge or knowledge neither information on those additional three(3) flights between Nov 1, 2022 and the latter part of Dec. 2022, Correct?

  7. It is Gaston’s way or the highway. Even if the GG could do anything, he wouldn’t because he is from the bowels of labour. Antigua is becoming like a lot of African countries with a strong man, corruption, and fraudulent, sham elections. We all know the state of these countries. The leaders and their families enrich themselves with the countries’ resources while their people are fleeing poverty, civil wars and drowning at sea.

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