Cameras coming for school plants, government buildings

Vandalism from January episode

After the All Saints Secondary School was vandalised twice in as many weeks, the Cabinet says it will invest in cameras for schools.

According to Chief of Staff Lionel “Max” Hurst the move will safeguard government properties, especially school buildings.

He did not indicate the amount to be invested nor when the installation will commence.

In addition, he said, “a phalanx of observers-at-monitors and rapid response teams will be made available, capable of responding in short order whenever a report is made about suspicious activity in the vicinity of a school’s property.”

“The Cabinet is seeking ways to end vandalism of school buildings,” Hurst added.



  1. was waiting for this hope Michael browne don’t have anything to do with this Mr gaston brown hope proper bidding is done for this process and that the minister Browne has noooo say in who gets the job …… this is where it should be equal for all to bid

  2. Michael Browne y would u want him to represent your kids waste man that u cant go two ways…u either alp or ….that is y so much sickness out there hope he don’t give his friend the work …because i hear he was looking to do this security contract business a long time

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