Calvin Ayre to employ hundreds more as operations expand-PM


Gaming mogul Calvin Ayre will employ another 500 people when construction on his new building in the Woods area is complete, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said.

He said the investor is serious about investing in Antigua and Barbuda and will also construct a wellness resort here next year.

“He is bringing his global headquarters here in Antigua. Already Mr Ayre has 300 individuals employed here in Antigua. So those who think this is a pie in the sky situation…he is going to increase his staff compliment up to about 800.”

The prime minister added, “so we expect between now and the first quarter of next year, when the building is completed, to have an additional 500 people employed.”

Browne said Ayre is a “real investor” who has already spent over 15 million dollars so far and plans to spend a total of 25 million on his five-story building.

He is also investing in a wellness resort at valley church and sometime next year



  1. Another Labour Party Stanford let us get a bucket of popcorn and wait for this one to play out. The new saviour for Antigua and Barbuda, bring your money and come obviously you don’t know the Mafia group you are going to deal with, just make a call to Stanford he will tell you about them and why he is in prison.

  2. How is it at no time none of the administration has recognize MR WILBUR PURCEL as an investor? His company employs more than 1000 person’s mostly foreigners but employment nonetheless.

    It is time that MR WILBUR PURCEL be mentioned and given all the support he needs to ensure his dream blossoms accross the OECS, he has a product that is solid the man need some cheap land and 25 year tax free concession to.

    Perhaps he should tell the government he was born in a different country he is not from Antigua nor Barbuda maybe they would embrace him them.

  3. Mr. PM, How much of the 500 to 800 employment are Antiguans and Barbudans nationals? Are you making sure that 90% of the employment are your own nationals? Other country leaders look out for the native when new investment in their country. So whatever paper you will be signing with the new investor, please remember your native people first that what good leaders do.

  4. But stop banking on employment like these they dont last soon than enough the us or uk come looking for these guys

  5. Thanks for the update PM, but let’s not out our eggs in 1 basket. Is there any update of pending call center? Was a building sourced for these possible client as well?

  6. Thanks for the update PM, but let’s not out our eggs in 1 basket. Is there any update of pending call center? Was a building sourced for these possible client as well?

  7. How many of the 500 will be FILIPINOS?? All of a sudden a certain supermarket is no longer importing only produce, but a barge full of FILIPINOS to sort fruits, pack shelves, and other things. Mr. Ayre himself likes to be in the company of skinny Filipina women.

  8. This is awsome. I hope he can invest and train our local people in a way that lets them get upward mobility. The spin offs of that many jobs is awsome and really a positive accomplishment. Let’s not get all Stamford negative. He did a good job spending other people money In antigua.

  9. All these comments are so negative typical Antiguan mentality. I hope this will bring forth a positive response for the next decade and more

  10. i really cannot understand how you antiguan nationals keep talking about jobs for antiguan people etc…..we are all caribbean nationals, we should embrace one another and look out for each other, jobs are for those who qualify and not those who the government chooses…..because when you all children gone to the US and Europe you all want them to be treated equally.
    look at all those foreigners, its them who come in antigua and do the work y’all dont want to, almost all the major investments to the country is through foreigners. y’all must stop hating foreigners and get off y’all lazy butts and find a job at purcell.
    its because y’all to proud thats why!

    • But dem nah say dat Purcell nah lub fee pay him eployeez dem? So why we gwarn wuk fee him far? Uno can work deer hiff uno warnt, but nat me. no sah.

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