Calvin Ayre awarded for economic and philanthropic contributions to Antigua & Barbuda


Businessman and philanthropist Calvin Ayre was awarded the Faithful and Meritorious Cross by Governor General Sir Rodney Williams on Thursday.

This is the highest honor in the Governor General’s personal awards.

The Canadian-born billionaire made Antigua & Barbuda his home years ago and became an Antiguan citizen in 2016.

In August 2017, he was appointed as an Economic Envoy to advise the government on developments in cryptocurrency.

Arye was awarded by the Governor General for economic and philanthropic contributions to Antigua & Barbuda.

“He’s also a champion in supporting various charities and community initiatives in Antigua & Barbuda such as the Antigua & Barbuda Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Halo Foundation, housing projects in Antigua & Barbuda”, Sir Rodney says as he presented the award to Ayre.

The businessman also contributed to the local gaming sector and the efforts to rehabilitate Government House.

Ayre a self-made billionaire made his fortune through online gaming company Bodog, which he founded in 2000.

The businessman eventually expanded the brand’s reach into non-gaming elements, including television production companies, the Bodog Music record label and the Bodog Fight mixed martial arts league.

In 2005 Ayre founded the Calvin Ayre Foundation, which is a charity organization with focus on areas including animal welfare, the environment and education for the disadvantaged.

“The differently-abled, the underprivileged and the less fortunate in our society can count on our assistance. This, however, should be a collective effort and I therefore call on all those who are more fortunate to give generously”, Ayre said, telling the Governor General he accepts the award with utmost humility.



  1. If u so generous then pay your staff more that slave everyday for you at CASTAWAYS REST. in Jolly harbour.! They deserve more!

    • You are always complaining on how things are in Antigua. Board a plane back ah yaad. I’m sure how much you or whoever you know is getting paid at Castaways is way more than you would make in Jamaica.

      • Just to show how dunce and illiterate u are….here i am taking up for hard working Antiguans ….most of these restaurants dont pay a decent wage. U should have agreed with me and stand up for poor hard working people but instead u taking about Jamaica…..smh.
        You should be ashamed of yourself. All i said was he needs to pay his staff more. People like u make sensible decent Antiguans look bad.

      • What the hell is your problem @Ya lame now? really LAME now! lots of Antiguans work there. You all so caught up on the wrong crap that you cant see whats in front of your face. You just up and judged smh…and so WHAT if Jamaicans, Guyanas work there too?

        Cha! you all really sick my stomach now!

        • If you are not making enough money… get a new job. People always believe they deserve more. You are not entitled to a higher salary because of your boss’ generosity. As illiterate as I am according to you rude boy… me nah buss no table.

  2. Wow! I have seen this ALP play book before name the Rise and Fall of R.A. Stanford. The ALP leaders really know how to sniff them out, by all means necessary. Hope this billionaire knows what he is doing because the last billionaire honorary of the ALP was Knighted and then stripped of the knighthood. All I will end with birds of a feather really flock together.

  3. It mentions animal welfare.
    What has he contributed towards and to whom?
    Maybe he can help out PAAWS which is an animal shelter for stray dogs and cats on island. They need all the help they can get
    Because I’m told the government don’t help them.

  4. Knight in Shining Armour and Juju Beard.
    You Guys are the two most PESIMISTIC Persons I have ever known. You Guys DO NOT wish Antigua and Antiguans any good. This Administration CANNOT please you Guys. Criticism after criticism. Please see the BIG picture where this Administration is taking Antigua to BIGGER and BETTER THINGS. Take off the BLIND FOLDERS. By the way KNIGHT , SERPENT, JUJU BEARD ,UPP and the OBSERVER MEDIA GROUP will be complaining for the next 30 years or more. The only Person at Observer Radio that understand this Administration is DARREN MATTHEW WARD. The Others are bunch of UPP complainers. You should advise the UPP to get a real PARTY. By the way when is the next PROTEST / MARCH. Youth for Labour.

    • That is because “an Antiguan passport is of no value to me because I have my American passport. So an Antiguan passport is worthless because the U.S. does not recognize dual citizenship”

    • If it is indeed a fact that the ABLP is taking Antigua to “bigger and better things” you have failed to mention, for the benefit of the pessimistic, blind (and stupid) people like myself, exactly what the bigger and better things are. While you are doing this you need to also mention exactly what are the prerequisites needed that would accurately describe a “real party”. Excess weight and enrichment brain stress tends to cause cardiovascular issues so at their present overindulgence rate I am kind of doubting that Observer media will have to be “complaining” for the next 30 years!

  5. I have been following the various postings in this forum. First Let me be very clear that My Family and I voted for UPP in the past Elections. I am writing this post and hope it can be picked up by the Media houses in Antigua and Barbuda. Going forward there is NO WAY that my Family and I would vote for UPP ever again. The UPP and Their Followers lack VISION and LEADERSHIP . They have been criticising the Administration without offering a solution. I was pushed to write after I read the various CRITICISMS of BOOBY ALLEY. I am at a loss to understand why the UPP and Others would be against this transformation. This is for the welfare of the People of Booby Alley. Please UPP and Others stop criticise what is good and will uplift the People of BOOBY ALLEY .

    • ON THE MOVE (TO NOWHERE) If you REALLY wanted your post to be picked up by media houses et al you would have posted it directly in the comments under the post and NOT here hiding behind a moniker. You people STUPIDLY follow, support even worship Gaston without taking a minute to PAUSE and really see this man cares NOTHING of Antigua and Antiguans. HE IS A GREEDY SELFISH HEARTLESS MAN. You walk around singing his praises saying foolish shit like “he right, r u na want he for hab nutten, jealousy and badmind hab ar you” while you are the SAME ones that don’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of. You are the ones using bags and old cloths to hide holes in your homes from decaying plywood, the ones putting back groceries at the cashier because they amount to more than what’s in your wallet, the ones APUA disconnecting for $150. You should be ashamed of yourself. YOU WANT BET AR YOU HOLD YA BELLY AND BAWL BECAUSE AR YOU GO SEE BOOBY ALLEY “FIX UP” AND CAN’T GO BACK DEY.? WAKE UP PEOPLE, OPEN AR YOU EYES, WAKE UP

    • Tell me On the Move..I thought it was the Booby Alley people that had an issue with the moving ..and they would be okay with a document making everything official. Maybe I missed the one with the UPP? help me out please as it would be interesting to see what they said.

      I like to get both sides


  6. Poor Antiguans and Barbudians then and now worked and are still working their ass out for nothing and Administrations don’t even remember their dam names just because they are poor. Money talks but it can never take anyone to heaven. When God remembers your name you are well honoured. That’s what is important not earth’s honour which can be revoked.


    I am NOT hiding…You read my post …If you call that hiding something is definitely wrong with you. You have shown your ANGER through HATRED of this administration. Please CONGRATULATE the Gaston Browne administration for the BOOBY ALLEY initiative. You are someone who would like BOOBY ALLEY remain the current situation. I know that you are living comfortably…So let Us help others to achieve the same. Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne is looking after Antiguans and Barbudans. Let Us all support the Booby Alley Initiative.

  8. “Rudeboy for life” you Are making yourself sound less than intelligent! No one forced anyone to work for this man at castaways, they went for an interview, were told the salary and then chose to take the job. If they were not happy with the salary they could have chosen to not accept the job. So don’t accept something and then sit around and complain about it after, it’s really that simple! Go look for a job elsewhere with better pay then!

    • @Nancy Thank you!!! People like to play victim to a job they consented to do and continue to do. If you are truly worth more than you are getting paid at your current job it should be easy for you to move on. But no, they pine away at a dead end job swearing they deserve better. Absurdity.

    • Both of u are complete idiots. Yes they went on interviews and accepted their positions and wages ..not because they want to but due to circumstances. They have bills to pay…kids to send to school…rent etc. So its better to do that half dead job than to sit at home doing nothing. U can sit on your dumb ass n say if they werent happy with their wages then they shouldn’t have accepted the job but u are not in those persons situation. I stand firmly by my statement…:those workers deserve more than they are getting…much more” They are often abused and talk to like they are children ….told to shut up etc. …all that just to keep a job so they can provide for their families. Many many times these people come n set up businesses in Antigua and work our local people like slaves…enrich themselves and they take off and disappear. Sometimes these workers are not even paid off when the businesses are closed. So get a grip…!

      • Well then who is the foolish one????!!!! U get verbally abused at your job and u stay????? Once again, they r not being forced to work there, who is the fool then?! Maybe it’s time to get some good skill sets and stop playing the victim! Take some responsibility for their lives and do better! They have no one to blame but themselves if they choose to stay in an environment which is unhealthy, ho look for another job!

  9. Who put them in these circumstances????!!!! People need to take responsibility for their lives. If you are qualified and can do better, you will do better. No one should be abused at their jobs but if you accept that treatment it says something about you as an individual too. Go back to school and get yourself together. Learn a trade and stop expecting to get paid for skills you don’t have.

  10. on the move November 17, 2019 at 6:58 pm

    The Negative Comments usually come from the UPP and Their followers. Something just came to mind. Please take note of the following . The following is the UPP slate of Candidates to contest the next General Election. I hope Beef and Kentae of POINTE FM 99.1 will see this post and read it on Their program / show tomorrow evening.

    The following is the UPP Slate of Candidates to contest the next General Election 2023.

    Anyone in Antigua will believe the above mentioned names can form a Government in Antigua ? Antiguans will never vote for these People . I believe the DNA will form a much better Opposition. Labour All the way.


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