Callaloo Cay lands at Morris Bay back in the hands of government, PM Browne says


All Callaloo Cay lands at Morris Bay are back in the hands of the government, Prime Minister Gaston Browne says.

Listen to him here:

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  1. ”Back in the hands of government”……obviously they were taken….who paid the legal fees to recover them, the Antigua government, ABLP or Gaston…..the amount of money these people squander, could have been used to provide relief to the Antiguan people during Covid and now the cost of living crisis.

  2. Jumbee_Picknee says…

    A…please STOP 🛑, the #Ground_Fakings!

    B…please have all finders fees returned to the treasury!

    C…please 🛑 wasting scarce resources on caviar, cocktails and other forms of entertainment to lure these crooks, that you call investors #WHO’RE always using the Nation like door mats and foot stools.

    D….there should be a law, that any costs to the government for a project which has a grand #Ground_Faking with nothing built, that those responsible on the government’s end MUST reimburse the treasury with interest….Dem rass will tap farm rass wid de government resources.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    Son of Queen Mami_Wata and Dan Dada Papa_Elegba.

      • The same finder’s fee that Gaston says his ministers must seek when negotiating with foreign investors. A HE SAY SO , NOBODY ELSE.


  3. Such a beautiful photo. Asot and his cohorts are all smiles!! Wha happen to dat effervescent feelings of good will between two of those men?

  4. Calaloo Cay Lands are back in the hands of the Government.Gasman Browne,why were those lands out of the hands of the Government to begin with.What proofs the people have.That their lands have been returned. With you seeing is believing. For your words are worthless,not worth DUNG.Show me the money,show me the proof.

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