Call for Nominations-The Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurial Development Programme Award 2022


The Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) is pleased to announce its partnership with the National Youth Awards with its sponsorship of the Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurial Development Programme Award 2022.

Nominations are officially opened until 22nd April 2022. Qualifications for nomination include:

  • The candidate must be a national of Antigua and Barbuda;
  • The candidate must be within the age group of 10-35 years old;
  • The candidate must have a registered business;
  • The candidate must submit an executive summary of the business (no more than 1 page);
  • The candidate must be of good character.


Nomination forms can be collected at the EDP Secretariat, Ground Floor, Sagicor Building or be requested via email at: [email protected].





  1. This is what you call good governance, a geat example of entrepreneurial socialism at work, as articulated by the People’s Leader. Forward Ever!

  2. Young entrepreneurs need to be nourished in their first years of being in business. The idea might be good, but the execution of it is the hardest part. The success rate is not very high. That is why I would suggest for the government to establish a mentorship program. And various professional support. The first that comes to mind is the accounting support. Many starting businesses cannot afford a high paid accounting to assist them to keep financial records. The government has many young people studying accountancy that can be put to good use. Or even in their Job program they have many young people that they place in several industries. Apart from accountancy, it could be simple office administration or human resource management. Setting up proper filing systems and organizing all the paperwork. These may not have to be full time jobs at anyone business. But one day here and two days there may help the new entrepreneur with things he/she has no time or knowledge to do themselves. A mentor can also monthly or as frequently as needed discuss the business issues with the new entrepreneur and give them guidance. We have quite a few successful businessmen/women here in Antigua that can be a mentor to these young entrepreneurs and see it as a way of giving back to their country. The success of any business is a success of the country on the whole. And we should all embrace that. I would like to see this first nomination and award being broadcast on Nation TV. Jamaica is big in rewarding entrepreneurs for having done extremely well. And they have several criteria. Minister Chet Green should learn from them and implement some of them here to motivate entrepreneurialship.

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