Call Center worker writes Open Letter to Gaston Browne


I’m sorry that you feel that call center workers must start farming. I’m sorry that you don’t care that 400 workers will be out of a job on July 31st. I’m sorry that the high cost of living in Antigua affected the company. I’m sorry that social Security & education levy will see a dip in income.

I’m sorry that we weren’t born with a gold spoon by our mouths. I’m sorry that Antigua doesn’t have enough water to supply ALL households. I’m sorry that farmers are still suffering from lack of water. I’m sorry that Antigua is surrounded by water but our pipes still produce air.

I’m sorry that you rather live lavishly while having call center workers working on a farm. I’m sorry that the call center was the only one that made big moves in Antigua. I’m sorry that the call center was planning to give ASC students part-time jobs.

I’m sorry that you only remembered us when they brought in Amazon. I’m sorry that you only remember your city west ppl when it’s election time. I’m sorry that you don’t know how it feels to catch a bus to work nearly every single day.

I’m sorry that you think so low of us but still needed our tax money. I’m sorry that you couldn’t offer more assistance in saving the call center in time. I’m sorry that you think so low of citizens of Antigua.

I’m sorry that you had to give handouts to persons at the public meetings to secure a seat.

I’m sorry you don’t know how it feels to talk on a phone for 8 hours daily. I’m sorry you don’t know how it feels to have kids & wondering where you will get money from to feed them after you lose your job. I’m sorry you didn’t see the tears of some of the employees.

I’m sorry that you don’t know how it feels to catch more than one bus to & from work. I’m sorry that you never ran down the Coolidge bus to get to work on time. I’m sorry that you never had to stand in a bus because all of the seats were taken & you had to get to work. I’m sorry that you never had to spend $2.50 daily on a bus ride.

I’m sorry that you didn’t even mention about giving us land to do the farming. I’m sorry that you didn’t mention hiring us under the Agriculture sector.

I’m sorry that you are a bully. I’m sorry that you think Antigua owes you something. I’m sorry that town is still a mess. I’m sorry that the sidewalks are still able to break our ankles/feet. I’m sorry that St. John’s has poor drainage. I’m sorry that you aren’t losing your job while being pregnant.

I’m sorry that you never thought about getting solar powered panels for the entire building that the call center operates in.

I’m sorry that the crime rate is ridiculous. I’m sorry that the cost of living also can affect the crime rate.

I’m sorry that some city west persons are still living in deplorable conditions. I’m sorry that you are from there & have some of them living like that. I’m sorry that you don’t think the taxes are high enough.

I’m sorry that you can’t even put a programme in place for the call center workers.

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  1. while we thought the PM was for us the people he wasnt, majority of call center workers stood by his side to keep him where he stands and thats the thanks we get

  2. Chips. Aru acting like the place was so damn good. Kiss me ass pay and not even a frigging company bus. Quick fu tun u way and a bunch of backstabbing b***** who nah sleep with manager ah carry back news. Up there was a damn slave house.

    • It’s was still a job. Sorry that your Syrian almost broke until Gaston get into power and all of a sudden u think u might self is so self centered.. Mr. Tufik u always quick to ride Gaston coat tail just so you can continue that lifestyle. While he puts you in a position you know nothing about and leave qualified Antiguans aside.

      It’s was still a job feeding HUNDREDS OF HOUSEHOLDS, something you can never do!!!

  3. I remember on the days befor election everyone who was able to vote for labour turned up in their red this and that 100% turn out on election day and voted for labour. I can say so because myself and many other did ….we all thought we were making the right choice to secure our daily bread … yes the place is crap but at the same time our bills were paid …persons with kids were able to do much …Its a down right shame that a man we thought was for the Youths is only and himself and those around him…. y he no tell Maria and the son he have driving up and down all over the place forming ass.. please Gaston gimme a damn break and open your eyes and see is more prostitution and crime that may happen ….

  4. Well the pm advised you to go plant some crops a follow up to cut wood, burn coal, and find a couple of mangoes to eat.. I hope that this comment will be posted. I guess the one I made earlier on this issue wasn’t acceptable

  5. Tupz: I find your comment to be quite insensitive. Whether the pay is good or not its a pay check you receive to at least put food on the table. My comment is if you don’t have anything constructive to say, say nothing

    • Like it or not that is NCO they want maximum profits for little or nothing. They are insensitive and dont given a f*** about their employees. They treat people like dogs up there who feels it knows it. If they were so nice dispite all the consessions they were offered they still chose to go give me a f****** break the are one wicked set of people.

  6. All I will say something is wrong with the mindset of the people of this country. I have seen Gaston Brown in his political diaper being trained to creep and walk politically by the best of politicians who cared about the people and the country they represent. These are the same people who have inflated his ego by calling him world boss who turned out in numbers to put him in the position he is in and now getting kicked in the ass in return. People need to be mindful of what they say and do because always remember what goes around comes around

  7. You knok this is so funny. A few year ago when Bodog an the brewery was closing I dont remember hearing all this bs and blaming the pm for Bodog and the brewery closing. People quick to blame an curse the pm for NCO closing. NCO has made it clear they want cheap labour and they cant do that shit in antigua. They were offered many consessions but still chose to leave cause they think paying a worker $3.85 USD is to much. That shit is not even $10.00. Give me a damn break. The pm could have offer them the world an they would have still left cause they are that wicked. Just ask the many former employees who were fired the simplest shit. I’m talking from experience.

    • Maybe it’s time to do something about the minimum wage. Again, it all boils down to poor representation by Government and Unions alike. All those issues should been addressed before the s..t hits the fan

  8. Antigua! Please to stop the complaining about GASTON BROWN. It hasn’t been 6 months since hisRE ELECTION notice I said RE ELECTION… which means you all say the way he was enriching himself and his families. He went into public service and became a millionaire off Antigua back and when election time come. He use that same money to give poor people 1500 in cash, laptops, tablets ( all to the low income which is the majority) he took care of the Spanish people down villa giving them
    Cash by the gallons and people bragged about how the world boss money long and they get anything from him. They called in on the radio and said how all take care of their people and UPP bruck …. now the dust have settled, you see he is nothing but continuing his gimme gimme make me rich attitude. Hence the reason why he is harassing the barbudans because he wants the land to give to investors and he’s mad his little plan of moving them

  9. I’m going to sa this an plenty not going to like it. Where was all this cry when NCO over the years the have been in Antigua and have been carrying on their wicked partices of firing employess for little or nothing where was all this cry. They dont give a shit all they care about is their profit margins. Furthermore NCO is not the first call center in Antigua to close or did we forget about Bodog when they close down. This letter seems like it was written by someone who oppose the pm and looking political points. It is a area pity all those peoole will be out of a job but they are a private company and other than payment and severance they dont have no ties here and the mad it clear no matter what consessions they get they still going to leave.

  10. I know what it feel to be facing unemployment in a few days. I lost mine few years back right after the 2014 election. I hope you find another employment soon.
    You should have done your research on the Labor Party history before you voted. I believed that they knew the Call-Centre was going to closed and that was why they called the election early. I am an Antiguuan by birth and live here for over 55 years. My grandmother, my mother and father, and other elderly on the island all have told me about the Labor Party and it was my choice if I wanted to vote for them or not. These people are only about themselves and those closely around them.

  11. Most outside investors look for cheap laborers and pay poorly. They run from their countries and look for overseas country to operate in. Before they can open operation, they normally give their proposal plan to the government breaking it down in the overhead operational cost. Salary and wages (laborers) are part of the overhead cost.

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