Cades Bay Man Charged in Fatal Accident



Police have charged 22yr-old Regino Nicholas of Cades Bay with Causing Death by Dangerous Driving. 

Nicholas was the driver of the Silver Toyota Corolla motor car A43607 that struck 3yr-old Jadianne Spencer of Bathlodge on Monday 7th August. Jadianne was at the time with her mother Honora Thomas of Bathlodge, and Honoras Aunt, Carol Richards of Johnsons Point, when the incident happened. She was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Mount St. Johns Medical Center by a medical doctor.

 Both Thomas and Richards are still at the hospital nursing injuries. Nicholas appeared before the Court (Today) Thursday and was remanded to prison.

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  1. Does he even have a license? He looks ignorant.I once had an elderly friend who would say,Quote”Them drive jus lakka how them look,trupid”

    • It’s not good to judge him jus by how he looks!!!!I know him personally n he is a very sweet young man…. responsible, works very hard!!!!he has driven me alot of times n is always very careful ….things happen…I also know the young lady we want to school together…very unfortunate situation…I feel for both individuals n their families…’s just sad

      • We went to the same school and happen to work at the same place after finishing school. However, I know him personally and any body who know him well can say how cool this guy is. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt, so if you don’t know someone it’s best you shut up and not judge.

        • Suzetta I only met him Monday because i was on vacation and he was very pleasant to me even call me mummy… I was his supervisor… My heart aches for all😭

      • Yes it’s sad that a life has lost but it’s even more sad that this young man life is going to be waste in jail

        A just the system duo

      • It is quite strange that he is such a responsible person, yet he plowed down three persons at once. No need for anyone to try to be in denial of the truth,this was as a result of reckless driving.I use the roads daily,and isn’t very compassionate of persons who uses the public roads as a racing track, since they are endangering my life also,when you kill someone because of the thrill you get through speeding,you must pay the penalty,the law should throw the book at you without mercy .Sorry if i offend anyone.

          • Being a nice person doesn’t mean you don’t make bad decisions…. first off to hit someone and damage them to that extent mean he was speeding (pot hole or not) and there is a speed limit to driving in residential areas… if he hit the pot hole so hard and his steering wheel ‘locked’ (even tho normally your steering can’t lock with the key in the ignition) obisouly he was under some speed… anyone asking if ppl where there to comment I’m pretty sure wasn’t there too.. but one must use common sense and I’m sure a investigation was done to determine if he was speeding. Any way gripe is what happen to the other ppl who we know kill other persons by reckless driving I see them walking the streets still … hmmm

        • Were you there?? Did you see him coming at top speed. Just asking question because you are saying these things…🙄🙄😑😑😐😐. People that was there said he was dpeeding. One was the family member of one of the ladies….. I wasnt there

      • I share the same sentiments, i know them both…he is very hard working, respectful and kind. And the young lady is a very humble, kind individual…I have worked with both of them.
        I worked with Regino at jolly beach and i have worked alongside Honora at Liat….
        2 lovely individuals but a very sad situation…😔😔

    • Sometimes it isnt best to open ur mouth wen u know nothing plz ask n find out before talking hes a god bless and i hope he can forgive himself someday

      • What is there to find out? That he fell in a pothole and knocked three persons down? How many pass that pothole daily? Commonsense dictates that if you are driving on a road you know is not in the best condition you take your time and go through,if you fall in a pothole in a built up area,which BTW you should be going at no more than 25mph,you could not cause the damage he did to these people.. He may be as sweet as Candy,but he exercised bad judgement and caused a poor innocent Angel to lose her life which can never come back..Tell her poor mother whose heart must be almost ripped out that he is God bless and let’s see the pain softened. This is one of the major problems we have in our society,when our friends or family members does wrong,we do not let them know they are wrong,we condone it,then when the wrongs create a negative situation we find all sorts of dumb ass excuses to justify.. Maybe if someone had pulled him up on his speeding the child would be alive today,because only God can tell me that this young man was not speeding and i do not believe its the first time either.I could not care less what anyone thinks about me.

        • I think you are ignorant and full of s*** but that’s my observation.. I don’t need need to find out anything else about you “DHA”
          Alot of sadness came out of this… I do hope the family of the deceased finds some peace in their memories of her especially at this dificult time. To him and his family…. Pray.. ask for guidance. I don’t know what happened and I know, you can be driving the speed limit and cause severe damage but hey, I wasn’t there.
          Be safe people

          • The steering was locked after he hit in the hard hole! I think sometimes its just best to just leave your ignorant comments to yourself! I wonder if u are perfect? I hope nothing ever goes wrong for u since u wanna swear u know what happen when u weren’t there just to have something bad to say about the boy, smh @DHA

    • I agree with your conclusion but not you judging this young man … do you really expect ppl to get your point if you are insulting the person as well ? Smh you just killed your self.

    • Please dont judge him by his looks…. I met him the said morning where he was working with us for a short while and his perdonality is very pleasant. Outward apperance is nothing….It is very sad what happened but it could have to anyone even our own son. Little Jadianne cannot come back but that doesnt say we must chastize him too. Only God knows. One thing i know and believe is our destiny is in Gods hands. No matter what plans we have for your life we must always remember to say”If it’s God’s will”….. Little Jadianne is where she is suppose to be….An Angel in heaven as she was but a short time on earth……. Father God i know you see and know it all. Lord speak to Regino, I know he is crying out to you. Hear his prayer oh Lord…. Lord touch Honoras and her aunt with your healing hands laying up in the hospital. Lord. Give Hinoras the strength she needs to cope with the death of her princess…. Lord all this i pray in your name……

  2. Wow my condolences to all of them because he will be lock away for a while. To the aunt and mother of the child so sorry for your lost, look to God at this moment for healing.

  3. Its much more than sad wen its in ur home circle Come on are you God he looks like what hes been thru he dresses and acts like a gentileman for most part hes shock i promise u

  4. My condolences to the families of both the deceased and the driver. Gino was always a cool guys and full of energy, I’ve worked with him some years back and never heard of him getting into any problem, but only God knows why this happen the way it did.

    • You hear ma say……hmm.Antiguan at heart i believw in that to..” Only God knows and as i have saud before our lives is in his hands goid or bad. What hapoened could be a lesdon for someone wether it be Gino, Honoras or the aunt…….

  5. Cool dude. Worked with him. Don’t think its fear to judge him because how he looked in this pic. Sad all around for both families!

  6. Stop the judging don’t know him personally but seem to be a good guy. The matter has to Go to court first. Then pending the out come will determine his guilt or innocence. Pray for both parties it’s a no win situation.

  7. It’s so very sad for all concerned, for the young man who will live with the guilt, and for the family who have lost a precious child. It’s time the government of Antigua built proper paths through these villages so that pedestrians aren’t forced to walk on the roads. They is a huge lack of proper and safe paths for those that live in the villages and small towns. Everyone pays taxes and road tax so this money clearly isn’t being spent on the roads so come on government spend it on safe paths for the people of Antigua!

    • So its the road now?yes we need some roads,but aren’t no road that cause this accident,i mean come on man,i might not get as harsh as dha ,but we all know how these young men in Antigua drive.why are we getting all technical and stuff,They really need to stop speeding on government bad roads,He has no one to blame but himself,and na ask me if me min dey,because me na ha fu dey to know wha happen.A child is dead, not like she ran out in the street in the way of the vehicle but all because of someone bad driving.Nothing personal,just truth.

  8. Sad for both party hurts we all happen to be from the same area and it hurts can u imagine all dem young man from Johnson’s point thru Cade’s bay is 1 family they all boys n if this doesn’t change the fact that they still boys says a lot, it wasn’t done recklessly he’s a mannersable young man and I pray he gets thru this rough patch and they don’t throw away the keys that would be brutal…I pray for hanaroh n her family as well cuz it’s hard to lose a child in such situation!

    P.S antigua nierga need fu tap judge TAP get the facts and observer as well need to always get they facts together before they quickly print a story… how they ain’t say after he happen to struck em down he was the one that ran to the Johnsonspoint police station and told them what happen!

  9. People always chatting Shit!!!!!!! Things like this happens. All y’all need to do is pray for both families.

  10. DHA I am very frustrated about the whole situation. It’s my husband Cousin the child is let the family deal with this problem not for u to judge. We need the nation to help with the situation not with negatively talk about both sides. We need answers that’s what we need right know .

  11. The government need to fix the dam roads to and tap used r we tax money for stupidness. Me fed up with all the nonsense that a do in this country. We need to deal with what’s important and the nonsense about song and bullshit. That don’t important. R we Antiguans so Quick to judge people and the blame is on the government to. Young people make this be a lesson to you. Be careful on the roads while driving. Continue to sleep in peace little cuz

  12. You shouldn’t judge anyone without knowing them personally that’s being ignorant. Regino is a very caring and respectable individual it is just an unfortunate situation. I hope God guides and protect them all

  13. Answers to what it’s clearly and accident and who you be a talk bout the man look stupid sure you look more stupid than he so illiterate

  14. So terribly sad, heartbreaking and tragic for everyone involved… An accident is just that, nobody can predict or know is to befall us or what is going to happen to you when you rise any given day of the life you’re blessed to have, nobody should speak harshly or be judge and jury of these matters, the reasons why it had to happeb this way is only between those it happened to and God. If anyone of them could turn back the clock and do things differently, they would, but none of them can. There’s no more to say accept if you know any of these persons who died or families of these persons involved, just help them and give them your support in anyway you can…

  15. Harsh lesson learnt as stated above from blackbeauty…. Really good yhout from what I’ve known of him went school with him, his mother was also one of my teachers back when I went school, very unfortunate this incident that has occurred heart goes out to both sides of the family as they’ve both made a lost in this situation one more drastic then the other hope it becomes a learning curb for many other drivers license or no licence. Keep you’re head up kid you’ll be forgiven in your own way when it’s time ??

    Ignorance is bliss!!!

  16. Caring and respectable doesn’t mean you don’t speed!! DHA is wrong for judging in their first comment. But COME ON PEOPLE! All you people that know him (myself included), come from or frequent “south” i assume…NO WAY driving on those roads at an acceptable speed could cause that. No one is saying he’s not blessed, but every action has a consequence. Regret shouldn’t make the law go easy on him. Be blessed everyone! Prayers going out to Honora’s family, i cannot begin to imagine the pain.

  17. All I can say, is drive responsible. I’m sorry to hear that the child is dead, and I’m also sorry to hear that his life will end in prison. Reckless driving is a major problem in Antigua for many year now. My suggestion is pedestrians should take precautionary measures before crossing the street, and even when they walk on the side.

  18. Not like i really care what any of you think or say about me.All i care about is that a toddler lost her life.That it is was an accident, is already established,so no one needs to remind me of that. The question is was this all avoidable,the answer is YES. So back to my original stance,it happened because of reckless driving,which is way too prevalent on our roads and needs to be stopped. As to my use of the word Ignorant,notice i used it in connection to him maybe not having a license,so let me define the meaning of the word Ignorant,for those who may be also ignorant to its meaning”” IGNORANT” as defined by the Dictionary- “Lacking in Knowledge of a particular subject” simply put his Photo and looks(and his alibi) like someone who has no knowledge of the proper techniques of driving,which is the case of many,its not watching the speed meter escalate that makes you a driver. As to my use of the word Stupid,since i was raised to know that a young man should keep his head well shaved,unless of course he has Locks,then everyone of you who has your hair otherwise and your pants dropping off your rear’s ,you all look stupid to me,and not just to me but to all right thinking persons who still believe in values and morals.. When we commit any sort of offense to society,even Murder,God always will forgive,so long as we seek forgiveness,but it does not clear us of facing the penalty. We just cannot continue to accept the lawlessness that goes on in this country,we are civilized people,at least most of us are,we are not in an isolated little corner where anything goes,this is 2017.I am no hypocrite and in this case the only person/s i have sympathy for are the family of the child who lost her life.I am not Jesus,he does not need my compassion. Said what i had to,do not care who is offended.Goodbye.

      • Very funny,i am neither anti-woman/anti-man,I am a 100% woman,one of whom is clearly way above your wild duncy headed calibre.Did you not hear me say Goodbye,or you cannot read either?

  19. a only cause it hit home for most of em… if it was some other person you would have a hugh FAN base backing up your post @DHA

    Even the worse of criminals have the sweetest, eulogy read at their funerals…

    They all gone turn a blind eye to the fact that he was speeding, as responsible as he is HE MIN A DRIVE FAST PAN BAD ROAD…..

    SO the argument is now if u min day? Min day to see what, the pot hole creating some-kind of strange force that caused his steering to lock and propel his vehicle towards the pedestrians? Or to see how slow/ responsibly he was driving until he end up in said pot hot with the strange for that increased his velocity and propelled his vehicle straight into the pedestrians…

    Turn a blind eye to these young fools that speed just because… sure he may be sorry now but he has to pay. Sad that such a young responsible person has to have piece of his life cut away from him because he choose 1 time to stop being responsible.

    Yes it was the pot hole fault… damn pot hole that the force is strong in it

  20. I agree i may have been a bit harsh,but honestly i am a mother and an aunt and these things get me absolutely angry,it is just too much deadly crashes on our roads and all attributed to speeding ,sometimes as a driver when you see them coming towards your vehicle at those excessive speed it scares the shit out of you. How can you tell any sensible person that a car fell in a pothole and mowed down three persons and i am suppose to believe that its all the fault of a pothole,a pothole that the driver obviously would be aware of.It all comes down to our young people been reckless,they are in almost everything they do and we Antiguan’s seem to have a very good tolerance for accepting ignorance and mediocre as the norm. The blame i will but on the government here is that nothing has been done to constructively address the issue of speeding,it has become the norm to just get behind the wheel of a vehicle and hit the gas until it reaches 80mph.If that is the way someone wants to drive ,then that’s fine ,but i must be concerned since i use the roads as a driver and a pedestrian. It has nothing to do with how nice he was or was not,it has to do with braking the law and causing the infants death,sometimes if we stop wrong in its track it will not fester to create bad end results.

  21. 1 person dead and two seriously injured. There is no way that the car was not speeding. Don’t understand why people drive so fast and wreckless in Antigua. I have driven through Johnsonspoint many times and never had to swerve or drop in a big hole to cause me to loose control. Its a small village. A big curve to get in and a curve to get out Him being a nice person or whatever doesn’t change the facts that Hus wreckless driving has caused an impact on so many lives. I have no sympathy for him and hope that justice is brought against him and a lesson to him and others that think the road is a speedway.

  22. This dha idiot please do yourself a favor and die aight, he wrong yes is he sorry yes did he mean it no, but you be killing him with your shit comment, this guy is my family and he is more of a human than your stupid ass

  23. Smh… Only ignorant people will judge anyone…..y’all are talking and blaming Region….but look at the other side… What if those three persons where walking in the middle of the road or something? Remember there are huge trees where people can’t see what’s coming around that area….. Even professional drivers make mistakes …. Smh…. This is why Atg ain’t going nowhere with all the judging and ignorance

  24. All i have to say we are all humans…..and we r all driver’s… condolences to the Thomas and Spencer family…. we can only assume what happen… Don’t go painting bad picture of the young boy he’s not a monster. Fair is fair if he’s found guilty he will suffer the consequences no matter how bad speak about him it doesn’t help the situation….even the police PRO said he didn’t expect that to happen to him family….. Never forget we have family in the road too…… lesson learned

  25. No one male or female should take a life recklessly n get away free we all have to pay for our silly stupid mistake that’s all I have to say ras movements

  26. Everyone, please breathe. Let us stop the judging, name calling and anger. He killed someone and with repentance he can end up in heaven ahead of me if I tell a lie and don’t repent. God is our ultimate judge. He has to face two, a jury of his peers and eventually God like we all will. This is sad for both families , they both have mothers, one of whom was injured in the tragic event.

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