Cabinet welcomes back AG; bemoans absence of Michael Browne

Michael Browne

Cabinet Notes: The Cabinet welcomed back to their meeting the Attorney General who chose to participate by Skype. He reported that his recovery is nearly 100 per cent, and that he is working effectively from his home.

The Cabinet bemoaned the absence of the former Minister of Education; his colleagues repeated their pledge to give him their support during these difficult times, and to pray for a speedy resolution of the case before the courts.

The Cabinet also thanked the new Minister of Education Sports and the Creative Industries for agreeing to undertake the additional responsibilities.

The Cabinet took cognizance of the loss of two Ministers in 2020. The pledge of the Gaston Browne administration to remain open and transparent has been honoured, it was agreed. A new era in governance is manifesting itself, it was agreed.

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  1. Welcome back the AG, but are you advising him to make changes to his diet and health? Time and time the government bemoans obesity and NCDs, but they have bad examples among them. Why not use the AG as a paradigm for making healthier lifestyle choices. He can work with a Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health. Do a BEFORE and AFTER on him. That would be leading by example and not merely speech after speech about wanting to eliminate NCDs

    • Leave the AG, he can afford to live good and pay for his lifestyle including the medical bills. The poor people who can’t even afford a pill should be concerned about their health. Poor people should watch their diet and exercise on a regular basis but instead they want to eat junk and watch TV all day.

  2. With all due respect, Cutie has to drop at least 100 pounds. We all fear for his health. As for the guy with the bow tie, we are all PRAYing that he will get what is coming to him, whether than is “NOT GUILTY” or “GUILTY AS CHANGED”. IF found guilty hundreds are prayng he’ll spend years and years at 1745. We, the people, await the decision of the courts.

    • Shut up and keep off of the AG! He doesn’t need to lose any weight. He is back to 100% health and will live longer than most people. He can afford his medical bills. He can afford to be any weight he wants. If he wants 6 pack abs he can easily pay a trainer, buy the equipment, pills etc. and go on an exercise plan or just take surgery to get it. Obviously he has more important things to do.

      Other MPs have taken surgery to get the body of their choice. Their health is well taken care of.

  3. @conrad oh please. He will not get a day in jail! That young woman lied out her ass.
    U all that are rejoicing will soon be ashamed that u said all these things of the minister.


    • Lol!!! You are going to wait long for that!!! They are going to drag out this story for as long as they can cause the clicks means $$$ and this seems to be the hottes topic right now!!

  4. Truth stares the nation directly into its eyes and yet still the people do not see because they are blinded with corruption.
    Antigua is a doomed nation ! Just as the entire world is…so it is the same for Antigua. Corruption is the normal. Covid-19 did not bring a new normal. The truth is that covid-19 has exposed the seriousness of real normal: JUST HOW CORRUPT THE PEOPLE ARE !
    The business people, the politrickians, the air traffic controllers, the calypsonians, the religious misleaders, the statutory board members, the trade union people, the civil servants, the police force, the bar association, the talk shows hosts ……… All are deep in corruption.
    It is one messed up country. When a nation fails to take care of its senior citizens…then we know that the nation is at the end of the road. If you think covid-19 is anything…. just look out for what is to come soon after.
    Your day of judgement is soon at hand, people. Consider your ways now! Change your ways, my people. Are you so blinded by your corrupted ways that you cannot see that your doom is at hand. Do you think that your corruption is not known and recorded.
    A warning to all who turn a blind eye to the corruption…. your day of judgement is soon to come !
    Your corrupt loot CANNOT and WILL NOT SAVE YOU.
    Wake up, Antiguans ! You are warned and found wanting.


  5. MP Laptop won’t be missed. A certain smaddy won’t miss him either.

    All them MP’s living in splendour while we live in squalor.

  6. Just a synopsis of my contribution submitted earlier but which for some resson(s) did not get the nod of approval from the panel(?) of moderators.
    It is indeed the decent and expected protocol to welcome back a group member after a prolonged absence especially due to illness. However the bemoaning by Cabinet over the absence of the other one leads one to question the moral psyche of its members. The Code of conduct by which the Party governs itself and agreed to by its members, was breached when serious criminal charges were laid against one of the members. Ostracism from the Cabinet is the clearly understood penalty for deviation of any kind. So stop with the tears – crocodile or otherwise and get on with the job of governance in these turbulent times. Pray in your own hearts that, whatever the outcome, justice will be served.

  7. @Anon a person tried in any case before the Court is innocent until proven guilty. Cases have been thrown out of the Courts on numerous occasions for insufficient evidence from the Prosection…

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