Cabinet urges immigrants who are out of time to get vaccinated

Immigration Chief, Yearwood

Cabinet Notes:


The Cabinet encourages all persons 18 years and older who were born outside of Antigua and Barbuda and who now reside within the state to become vaccinated.


The immigration status does not and will not be held against those non-nationals who may be out of time.


The Cabinet has ordered the Minister of Legal Affairs to enshrine within the Regulations governing Covid-19, that those immigrants who might otherwise be subject to “removal” or “deportation” cannot be prosecuted for seeking the immunization vaccine.


Those who are yet to regularize their presence within the State will not be removed or deported from the State, the Cabinet instructed, so that all adults living in Antigua and Barbuda will be vaccinated, no questions asked.

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  1. Is there a hidden phallic in the picture?

    The lady looks as thought she is challenged by a huge phallic…..

  2. The removal of prosecution for those taking the vaccine whose immigration status is not regularized is an afterthought since the Prime Minister proclaimed from the very outset that no prosecution would take place. I guess it was realized how imprudent that statement by the Prime Minister was, so they are now correcting the error of the Prime Minister’s usual inappropriate chatting.

  3. Tabor you are hungry for the Prime Minister’s attention. But no matter how you try, he is not taking you on. Even when he publishes something on this site you are quick to challenge him. i feel for you. Keep trying. Perhaps one day he will. keep it up. Or better yet. Send him a personal letter. Or sue him on behalf of your client Harold Lovell for defamation, which is a promise Lovell made.

    • Same way the Worm PIT 🪱is hungry for Richard Lewis attention, but he continues to do the right thing by ignoring their asses.

  4. World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne at it again.

    Vote that scoundrel and all the rest of them out. Enough of the creative enrichment scheming. New blood, fresh faces and only those who want to better our nation should be voted for, regardless of any party affiliation. Only then will our nation move forward and become better.

    • This person Antigua Citizen sounds like cleon athill, another clown trying to sound the brightest ….

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