Cabinet to propose creation of a CIP Regulatory Commission in the Caribbean


CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet agreed to propose the creation of a CIP Regulatory Commission among the Caribbean countries that market their citizenship.

The Commission would seek to blunt the announcement that European countries are moving to block CIP states from enjoying the privileges of Schengen visa waivers.

The OECS Assembly meets in Antigua on Friday and there is every possibility that the subject will be broached by the Antigua and Barbuda delegation.

The Cabinet agreed to amend the CIP law of 2013 so that the program can be known as The Residency and Citizenship by Investment Program.

The United States, it was pointed out, runs a similar program. Those who wish to establish residence in Antigua and Barbuda will be able so to do under the identical conditions as under the citizenship program.

It will allow those who wish to retain their citizenship of their place of birth to enjoy virtually all the benefits of the Citizenship by Investment Program without having citizenship conferr

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  1. UPP was definitely on this road . ABLP amended the Act and remove the commission…..

    Wait why are they fighting when they knew the program had a short shelf life, and should have been planning an exit from the program rather than make it a staple.

    Bunch of idiots wasted the wind fall on reoccurring expenses rather than investing the wind fall into projects that will bring on going returns to fund social and physical growth.

    • Guy what on God’s earth are you saying? Its the ABLP who amended the legislation (in 2016 ) and created a board. As of a year ago, its chairman was Colin Murdoch who has now left ANU to head a regional body ( OECS mission in Geneva which deals with regional trade matters). What is being proposed now is we now move from local regulation to regional. As far as the lifespan of CIP, be reminded that St Kitts and Nevis has had a program since the 80’s

  2. They need to scrap it now, because it would be dead even if they continue due to the elimination of the Schengen visa waivers. At that time it would be a lose lose situation. The idea of a residency program maybe one to consider to lighten the shortfall of scrapping the CIP.

  3. Rather than do the right thing, Gaston is going to try and pretend he is changing the program to make it better. This will not work. The EU and the USA want these CIP programs closed due to fears of Russians obtaining passports and evading sanctions. Nothing will change their mind, especially these stupid “Commission” proposals. When the EU hears about this stupid proposal, they will simply drop the visa requirements on us and that will be the end of visa free travel for us and the end of CIP. I really hate Gaston for this stupidness. DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!! Drop the CIP before we lose the visa free travel as well as the CIP. God damn it, man!

    • Why should we drop it? It is time for us to stand up against these imperialist. They have CIP programme, why cant us?

      • Be realistic. Do you really think if we stand up to the EU and say “no, we not ending our CIP program”, they will respect that and leave us alone? Hell no! They will drop a visa on us (as they just did to Vanuatu because of their CIP program) which will by itself end CIP and visa free travel. Might is right. That is the long and short of it. We need to ensure we do not lose visa free travel now.

  4. WTF does this really mean? Does the government really believe that the EU will be fooled by some new “Commission” to regulate CIP? This is just some BS that will cause the EU to implement a visa on travel for us. Do the members of Cabinet really think they can outsmart the EUROPEAN UNION by creating some clown Commission to pretend that CIP is now being properly regulated? Come on, man. Give me an aspirin.

  5. I do not understand this. Will they still be selling passports? Or is this now only a residency program with no passport sales?

    • Guy the very link you shared states “EU could suspend Vanuatu visa-free travel over ‘golden passports’ scheme” while you as if a seer claims “anuatu has had it EU visa free travel removed over CIP sales” it has already happened. Do you take the time to read before you share a link?

      • Tenman, did you take time to read my very next post which shares the article link showing that Vanuatu did in fact lose EU visa free travel?

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