PM Browne: Only fully vaccinated people should be able to access bars

The vibes at a bar in Potters July 16

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says further restrictions could be placed on who can attend bars.

Browne says he saw a video on Antigua News Room with over crowding at a local bar and that Cabinet will make a decision on restricting bar access to only vaccinated people.

In this video Browne admits that such a policy would be a challenge to monitor.

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  1. Soon from now he going to say only vaccinated ppl can eat…. he is so ridiculous

  2. No No No, those with AZ and those without can transmit virus. The numbers will be rising with all the traffic at the airport. That’s a sure bet. The IDC will be overrun with sick people. Those without AZ will cave and get it or become hermits. Plenty people will get the virus, plenty will not be sick. BUT WE WILL SEE ALOT OF DEAD MAN WALKING.
    Let the bar owners take responsibility for these super spreader events. Lock them up. And to think that this bar only just started means the owners don’t care about any restrictions.
    Who opens a bar during a time of restrictions? Of all of the ways of retooling skills, the bar business isn’t it!

    • @Lawless – Don’t you think that the government had to lift the restrictions for bars to open? This bar was running for several weeks and we did not have any community spread from it but all of a sudden, it has become the biggest deal and now requiring vaccinating to go to a bar?
      Can’t you see something wrong?

      It is of course a risk to take when the decision was made to open bars. But now the whole country is becoming ‘vaxarised’.

      Vaccine is not mandatory but soon we might need it to enter St. John’s.

  3. Discrimination and division is their plan if you are not vaccinated, There must be a time when citizens have to act accordingly, We cannot continue to give up our rights and accept everything we are told, we need to realize there is strength in numbers, it is more of us than them. Slavery continues if one allow fear to control their actions to fight for freedom

    The septic tank cabinet which is one man and the rest is puppets can make decisions to control citizens, vaccinators have a right to live where the unvaccinated have no rights.

  4. The TD will say next only
    Vaccinated people can go to the bank only
    Vaccinated people can go to the supermarket
    Only vaccinated people can go to KFC only vaccinated people can go to Barnes and Straffie.

  5. Everyday you show the people how u just a ton a gas killing our fckn oxygen. sick bastard its a choice and you have these so called vaccinated people like they name The Invincible Super Man. BOZO THE CLOWN they can still get covid and spread it friggin ass wipe!

  6. I really cannot believe some of our people. Have you ever been to Bars. Do you know what goes on in Bars. People with their mask off drinking and talking, and when they get drunk or high, all care and inhibitions are forgotten, they are all up in one another faces talking with saliva flying all over the place.
    The Government relented and open Bars, so that work is available. I strongly believe that the virus can, and will be transmitted easily and regularly at Bars. One way to negate this is to limit bars to only the vaccinated.

    • Bars reopened May 19.. its July 18. No active cases from a bar. No one in hospital from going to a bar over the last 8 weeks. What’s your explanation to that? Speculating on risk without awareness of the situation. You want restrictions with no evidence? Should we start locking up ppl before they commit crimes too?

    • Can see u stupid, if u can catch it with the vaccine what are u talking about. Y’all realize each one u vaccinated people have the virus literally in yall bodies? What if it start doing the opposite of what it is meant to do. What are y’all gonna do? Lol y’all sound so dunce. We can not transmit something we don’t have. Y’all have it more than us.

  7. Who will enforce this & how?!!!
    Look at all laws/regulations we have that are very inconsistently enforced… Not just covid regs… Seat belts, heavily opaque tinted vehicle windows, speeding, valid vehicle annual roadtest, insurance & license… burglary & petty theft … abuse & violent crimes … child support …environmental crimes, land issues … and on it goes.
    Talk is cheap, enforcement through strategic planning & action is not so easy and surely not robust as personal relationships seem to impact delivery of said enforcement.

  8. Some people are in agreement with every decision the cabinet make, that if the cabinet have decided that mask should be worn at all times even when you are eating and drinking, all the zombies will comply .

  9. No unvaccinated is allowed to pay their bills with the covid money, let’s see how that works.
    We have become blinded, we all need each other in this world . The vaccinated has become pure where the unvaccinated is contaminated even if he/She doesn’t have the virus. A vaccinated brother hates his unvaccinated brother because of a jab. Mask and social distance stop the spread or not or is it just a measure of control?

  10. Fair Antigua and Barbuda! The power lies in the hands of the people to put and to remove, we need to stand together the time has come for a radical change, it is obvious we have some wicked people in high places who are control by devilish spirit who is only concerned about their own well being but pretend to care.

    The government is the people not the cabinet, Stand firm together in unity my people to remove and destroy the spirit of pharoah that seeks to captivate the people

  11. Restrictions should be placed on where these bars are located…. Everyone must eat but the immediate neighbors need to be considered.
    Presently there are some bars especially on the Ottos area extending down to the western side of Desouza Rd are attracting a large number of patrons. The noise from the fun & frolic are negative impacting the surroundings especially the older folks

  12. All unvaccinated people should stay in their homes away from other people. They should not come into contact with anyone. If they have a problem with this, then they are selfish.

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