Cabinet says several bus drivers have been preying upon youth, violating the Sexual Offenses Act

West Bus Station


The Cabinet also learned that several drivers have been preying upon youth, violating the Sexual Offenses Act (against minors).

New measures will be put in place to catch and arrest those who engage in activities that offend the law against minors.

Cabinet abhors violation of young children and will act to ensure that these violations come to an end.

Cabinet notes that a bus driver was convicted today, Wednesday, and expects the perpetrator to be dealt with by the full extent of the law.

Sexual predators against minors must face the severity of the law, the Cabinet asserted.


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    One question, if the Prime Minister’s brother was not gonvicted of rape, would the Cabinet be talking about this vexing issue?

    Many in the Nation have being talking about this scourge in the Culture.

    The Parliament is doing damage control to protect the PM, and his allegations of RAPE against members of the UPP. Now, the real deal is not only on the steps, of the ABLP, it’s in their BIG RED HOUSE!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
    Son Mami_Wata & Papa Elegba.

    • We cannot blame those drivers alone, some parents need to be blame as well, because some of them expose thier children to slackness from an early age, especially in the form of movies, and music…

      • Also… They know of the acts and instead of reporting it to the authorities, they take money and the child is still scarred for life as nothing was done in their best interest…

  2. @Ras Smood

    Your comments just shows how ignorant we are as a society.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
    Son Mami_Wata & Papa Elegba

    • @Ras Smood…

      This is Vere C. Edwards, and whoever you are, trying to #clone me here on ANR, must recognize and realize who I, Vere Cornwall Edwards is. No problem, clone, regurgitate my works, words and deeds, but replicating the #Original “Ras Smood” is totally impossible.
      Your nefarious, bad mindedness etc will surely come to light, once the Original Ras Smood shows up, and he will outside of ANR and the people will definitely know the difference.

      R U fraid Jumbee no fuck!

  3. Avatar photo It's always funny 😂 when certain stories that not in their favor most of Gaston waste collectors go MIA on this platform and slither back under the rocks .

    JAJ “Cabinet says several bus drivers have been preying upon youth violating the sexual offense act” yeah that’s right your brother is one the three.
    Day after day this plague was in the news and they said nothing.
    Folks were calling for them to speak out and condem the acts taking place including on this platform Brixtonia among them and
    there was silence.
    Grew up in a generational ALP house but this is why I can’t support this guy Gassy .
    Always talking shit about others.
    The pie🍮 finally fell in his face better know as karma.

  4. So now Gaston Browne and his cabinet members are trying shift blame on all bus drivers now that Gaston’s brother is convicted.
    How many more girls has he raped? That’s the real question.

  5. Politicians don’t seem to care much about anything until it comes to their front door. For decades, our youths have been one of the most neglected sectors of our society. It is about time we get some laws with strong teeth to bite these perpetrators where it hurts. Let’s see what happens now.

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