Cabinet says Royalton pool party was unlawful



The unlawful gathering at the pool of the Royallton Hotel last Saturday, was viewed by many and deemed to be inappropriate and dangerous.

Cabinet expresses great concern and, on the basis of the evident breach, expects law enforcement to take the necessary punitive action.


The Cabinet calls upon citizens and residents to desist from congregating in places to include on Kentish Road, on Friars Hill Road, at impromptu village bars, and other places that have seemingly replaced the closed bars and clubs.


The Delta variant of the corona virus is easily transmitted from infected to uninfected adults and children, and harms those loved-ones who dwell in the same household when the liming is at an end.


Cabinet is determined to ensure that the law is applied consistently to visitors and residents alike.

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  1. What will the consequences be. I hope that they fill follow in future Cabinet briefings and tell the public.

  2. The management of the hotel should explain their rationale for allowing what appears to be a reckless and flagrant violation of the nation’s health and safety pandemic protocols. One commenter asked what is the point of posting these videos. I think the point is now clear. We have clear protocols here (which I assumed were put in place for a reason) and anyone or organisation that so publicly violates or allows others on its property to violate the law, should explain their actions or inaction.

    Why the cabinet have to say it is unlawful and the police can now act.

    Is the police independent? This goes back to the chemical and bullet attack by the police on the heels of statements by the PM and AG.

    How is it the police did not need approval from the cabinet when they arrested and jailed the Pastor?

    Slavery is a hell of a thing. Jail for white people and jail for black people.

  4. I am waiting eagerly to hear Sideline on this forum advocate for the arrest and prosecution of the organizers the same way they did for Ms. Simon and others.

  5. What the Kitchen Cabinet saying,many of us have been saying that.They need to call in the Management of that Hotel and have a meeting.Let them know such behaviors would not be allowed to continue without consequences.

  6. The Cabinet is right. What next? The management of that hotel needs to be hauled in to give and account of themselves, and appropriate charges laid. I can’t help but note that most of these people are fat like the pigs we see floating in the sea these days. Where all these fat people come from??? Such decadence!!! Just to watch them is hard on the eyes. Chuups.

  7. Why is it unlawful? Were they not all vaccinated? Only the vaccinated will get the vaccine passport. Only the vaccinated won’t die if they contract the virus. Only the vaccinated can do so many other things. So, why can’t they party and frolic? Come on man, if the vaccinated have so much priveledge, let them be free to move around without mask, washing of hands, using hand sanitizer and social distancing. The vaccinated are fully protected from Covid. Let the vaccinated go to the gyms, restaurant, beach, school, church, town, on the public bus and anywhere else they feel free to go. Why should the vaccinated have to follow the same protocols as the unvaccinated. Never have I ever taken any previous vaccine whether polio, flu,…where I was told to wear a mask, wash hands, social distance or stand how many feet apart. I am fully vaccinated but I wonder, really wonder. Some things just seems very fishy and upsided down.

  8. Yet no riot police were there to unleash rubber bullets and tear gas.

    That’s right govt protecting their cash cow and while the keep we the people as their financial slaves

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