Cabinet says opposition fails to understand how SoE and Public Health Act intersect


CABINET NOTES: When the issue of the extension of the State of Emergency, for an additional 90 days, was brought before the Parliament on Tuesday morning, June 22, 2021, the two members on the Opposition Benches voiced their objections.

The Cabinet concluded that the members failed to understand how the State of Emergency and the Public Health Act intersect, allowing both the Constitution and the Law to be jointly invoked in order to reach the goals of zero infections.

The Cabinet agreed that mask-wearing, social distancing and frequent sanitizing have contributed to the zeroes displayed on the dashboard and these approaches will continue as the nation remains vigilant, and as tourism begins to grow with more visitors entering into the country.

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  1. The Cabinet has it all wrong and that is shameful. In the interests of defence, public safety, public morality or public health the Constitution gives the government the power to pass any law that would even abridge fundamental rights, if that would be reasonably required in certain circumstances. The covid pandemic is one such circumstance where the government would be allowed to pass laws to deal with the pandemic. The abridgement of fundamental rights in that case would not be unconstitutional since it is the Constitution that would have given the government the authority to so do. The government has passed Regulations (laws) under the Public Health Act which has restricted certain fundamental rights. Nothing was wrong with that. The point is though that rights can be restricted either by a State of Emergency or by the passage of laws such as the Covid Regulations. The government has done the latter and is not even aware it is the latter that was done. It is shameful that the government is implementing laws and they do not understand what the hell they are doing. The only thing that the State of Emergency does is to give the Police more powers of arrest and detention. It is ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS STILL PUTTING FORWARD ITS FALSE NARRATIVE AND MISUNDERSTANDING OF THE LAW AND CONSTITUTION.

  2. Poor guy. He really believes that he knows the law better than all the legal luminaires in the ministry like Mr. Hessy and even the AG. His head is so hard he refused to take good council. I suggest he gets the BAR association to sign off and back his legal opinion since he doesn’t want to bring a legal opinion from any other QC, whether local, regional or from England.
    And the UPP will be misguided by him forever. As the AG said why didn’t QC Justin Simon has weighed in on this if he agreed with Tabor. Justin would have loved to score that point against Cutie.

  3. FROM THE SIDELINE I know your head is as hard as diamond. Please ask the AG, Gaston and all your legal luminaries if the State of Emergency (SOE) is removed tomorrow if the curfew and all of the covid Regulations would automatically fall by the wayside because the SOE is removed. You and the government are a bunch of dunces. Ask your legal luminaries the question I ask and get back to me and stop writing rubbish.

    • Can’t you do it yourself? It is not that difficult for you to challenge the government if you think you are that smart and correct on this issue. Or get together with a group of lawyer that share that same opinion and write to the AG as a group challenging him.

  4. was pringle reading a speech that was written 6 months ago or he had a memory lapse. I heard him say we need to look and see what St Kitts is doing since in his world they have covid under control.

    Mr Retainer can you so advise.

  5. It is an open secret that Gisele Isaac can´t stand Pringle. The UPP did not expect him to be the only candidate to win his seat, so there is some malice and grudge there. The plan is to make him look bad in an effort to undermine him and get his ass out next election. How can a PAID REASEARCH OFFICER be okay with such a poor level of representation from Pringle in the NATIONAL LEGISLATURE??????? and dont say its because he is used to interacting with dead dogs and not people. No excuse!

  6. Again FROM THE SIDELINE you just keep writing a lot of rubbish. Whether the covid Regulations are passed under a law (in this case the Public Health Act) or under a State of Emergency under the Constitution, they are not illegal or unconstitutional. I don’t have to ask the AG or anyone else any questions. The question is for you to ask so you can disabuse your mind of all your nonsense.

  7. The cabinet has failed in every sector where it involves we the people. Cabinet only looking out for their creative enrichment schemes at the expense of we the people who are their financial slaves.

  8. ANTIGUA CITIZEN their biggest failure is in the legal sphere. They have passed many pieces of legislation that are unconstitutional. Now, they have passed covid Regulations under the Public Health Act. These Regulations are law. They are known as secondary or subordinate legislation. Despite that fact to they are talking pure nonsense that the Opposition does not understand how the SOE and Public Health Act intersect. It is them who do not understand. The Regulations are the Regulations and the SOE is the SOE. The Regulations can exist without the SOE. The Constitution gives Parliament the power to make laws (that can even breach fundamental rights) in circumstances where public health is at risk such as with the covid pandemic. The implementation of these Regulations has nothing to do with the SOE. All the SOE does is to give the Police wider powers of arrest and detention. That is all but our stupid government is still pushing the false narrative that the Regulations and SOE are not mutually exclusive. In other words, you cannot have one without the other. I cannot believe that a government can be so dumb and unwilling to admit when it is wrong.

    • @Charles Tabor

      I agree with you. That is also just one of many of their failures. The bigger picture is the current govt mostly talks out of their ass without knowing and even disregarding the constitutional laws. The biggest one to date is the Mehul Choksi case. World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne tells we the people he has told the Dominican PM partner in crime to send him back directly to India; especially because he didn’t want Choksi to invoke his constitutional rights. That goes against the international laws.

      All the current members in govt do is change and spout off anything to change the narrative to support their deviant goals. Then you have others such as the AG who supposed to know the laws and who is supposed to enforce said laws, does nothing but sit back and keep his mouth shut. This type of govt should no longer be tolerated. The majority of the people here haven’t reached their limit yet unfortunately. Then there are others on this forum who do nothing but kiss Gaston’s ass and promote him any and every way, wrong or right.

      I have said many times over the current parliament members mostly all need to be removed as they only serve their personal agendas.

      I can only hope citizens such as yourself will continue to enlighten the general populous about their constitutional rights and when election time comes, they are better educated to make a better choice. I hope they forget about party affiliation and vote for the persons who will lead our nation and our people into a better future for our nation and we the people NOT THEIR PERSONAL POCKET BOOKS.

      I am not an attorney and will never claim to know everything about the laws we have but I know enough that the current govt is in violation of many of this country’s laws.

      Additionally I tip my hat to you for responding to complete idiots like Eric the Red Schmuck, From the Bottom-line, Just Saying shit all the time, Hmmmmm I can’t talk cuz I’m kissing Gaston bottom, Kristi Shyti and the rest. I don’t even bother wasting time with those nincompoops.


    I wish you would stop arguing with the Other Opinions and prepare Jamale Pringle properly before He enters Parliament. Jamale read from a SCRIPT and referring to St. Kitts OLD COVID-19 report. SHAMEFUL.


    One question for CHARLES TABOR. UPP cannot do anything wrong ????. Why are They out of office ? Tabor you are doing the 28,000 Persons that voted the ABLP in 2018 total INJUSTICE. That is the reason UPP will be completely DEFEATED in 2023

  11. @ TABOR

    Instead of writing these LONGWINDED CRAP….You should educate your member in Parliament ( JAMALE PRINGLE).

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