Cabinet Pushes for Air Connectivity Between West Africa and Antigua, LIAT 2020 Ltd. in Focus



The Cabinet has decided to continue its efforts to establish an air bridge with West Africa.

The government aims to collaborate with Air Peace, Nigeria’s largest air carrier, to invest in LIAT 2020 Ltd.

Recognizing the lack of sufficient capital from LIAT 1974 Ltd.’s former shareholders, the Cabinet is seeking additional investors, with Air Peace showing interest.

The plan includes regular flights between West Africa and Antigua, using LIAT to connect transit passengers to other Caribbean countries.

As part of the cultural exchange, Antigua plans to host a group of Nigerian cultural artistes during Carnival 2023, with Air Peace providing their transportation.







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    • 1) The current government Minister with the worst financial accountability? 🥸

      2) Which government continually evades paying the wages and pensions of its citizens?

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      5) Which government minister relies on litigation to win his cases? 🥸

      6) Which goverment evades outside scrutiny into its affairs?

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      29) Which Caribbean country and leader is the template for a better Antigua? 🇧🇧

      30) If Brixtonian has left anything out, please add to the list.

      Thanks for the ideas @ Sidey 👍🏾

      • I really must say when I read your comments, I had a great laugh.:-). I mean I never thought you were that humorous. Keep it up. Perhaps you can join Dotsie and hold a standup comedy show. Antigua needs some laughter.

    • @From The Sideline.
      And your point is….?
      Oh I nearly forgot:”20) largest city by population” – Nigeria 🇳🇬
      Thanks for reminding that Nigeria is a city! Don’t get ahead of yourself, stay calm.
      You left out who the biggest scammers are though; ooh la la. One way ticket at hand for the journey? Not a cat’s chance in hell.

    • The population of Nigeria is equivalent to these 40 European countries all added up:
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      9. Iceland – Population: 356,991
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      12. Estonia – Population: 1,326,535
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      31. Switzerland – Population: 8,654,622
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      36. Czech Republic – Population: 10,779,036
      37. Portugal – Population: 10,196,709
      38. Sweden – Population: 10,383,379
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      40. Netherlands – Population: 17,481,130

  2. There’s a sinister plan in motion by the ABLP Gov’t. With all the bad press and the fall out from Antigua Airways they are still going down the Nigerian path. HMMMMM

  3. Brix. I really hope you got the gist of my posting. It was to show you the importance of choosing Nigeria as a partner to do business with rather than any other African country. There is a RAT RACE going on presently in CARICOM which Island will lead the way in opening the gateway to Africa from the Caribbean. Barbados is pursuing on two fronts, Kenia and Ethiopia. Jamaica is pursuing Nigeria and Ethiopia; Trinidad is focused on Sout Africa.
    This rat race will decide in the end how trade is done between Africa and the Caribbean. All experts know that Africa is the next best thing that is happening in economic development. Even China already has their foothold there and the USA is trying to catch up lost ground.
    My take on it is, we are too small to be able to carry what Nigeria has to offer. But then again, our PM is a visionary leader. He may have seen things that I just cannot see.

    • Thanks @ Sidey, you’ve reminded me of number:

      31) is NAMCO some sort of food 🥘 or another governmental self-enrichment 💰 scheme?

      Thanks again boss man … 🤜🏽🤛🏽

  4. Lawd have mercy!
    Here we go again.
    What other drama central are we courting?
    Nobody in this admin has any vision?
    LIAT has been cursed from the day the trying to change its name for legacy sake.
    They will always be a stumbling block until certain people disassociate themselves from it.

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