CABINET NOTES: Wednesday, April 28, 2021


HURST REPORTS ON CABINET OF Wednesday, April 28, 2021


The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda met for more than 7 hours today, most meeting face-to-face and four using virtual means. The customary practice of the Gaston Browne-led Cabinet is to invite experts and officials to the weekly meetings in order to enhance decision-making.


  1. The Cabinet invited the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and the Emergency Medical Technician responsible for the follow-up of those who have had tracking bracelets placed on their arms. More than 400 bracelets have been deployed.
  2. Those entering Antigua and Barbuda who can demonstrate that they have received two jabs of the vaccine and also have a Covid-19 negative certificate will now be required to spend no more than 7 days in quarantine, down from 14 days. A Covid-19 test will be administered on the 5th day of the quarantine, and a negative test result will cause a release upon receipt, two days later.
  3. The beaches will remain closed on Labour Day, May 3, 2021, as announced earlier.

iii. Bars remain closed. A representative group of bar owners will meet via zoom with Health Ministry officials and a sub-committee of Cabinet Ministers; the officials will receive from the bar owners the safeguards which they will put in place in order to ensure that, should bars be granted permission to re-open, their proposed safeguards would protect employees and patrons from contracting and spreading the virus. This will be a first step towards re-opening, not unlike what was done by restaurateurs.

  1. The Cabinet is giving consideration to providing to youth, who have taken the vaccine, a barcode sent to their smartphone which would allow them entry to certain establishments that will require evidence of vaccination to enter.
  2. The restrictions of 25 persons, applying to funerals and weddings, remain unchanged. Churches may seat as many as the building allows while applyingg the protocols established.
  3. The Mobile Vaccination Unit will be moving to All Saints Anglican Church Grounds on Thursday, April 29 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm; then to Woods Center Parking Lot on Friday, April 30 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm; then to the Grand Princess Casino Parking Lot at Jolly Harbour on Saturday, May 1, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Vaccination continues at the two polyclinics, the Multipurpose and the Precision Center on Thursday and Friday. The Mobile Unit will be moving again next week Saturday at a venue to be announced.
  4. The Cabinet invited Dr. Curtis Charles of UWI Five Islands to address it on a new and innovative approach which the Five Islands Campus is instituting in order to prepare the youth of Antigua and Barbuda and the OECS to step ahead of their counterparts by focusing on data science. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), he told the Cabinet, will be used to solve many challenges faced by human civilization; how to apply big data to problem-solving will be the next innovation in computing. UWI Five Islands will be ahead of the curve, collaborating with Harvard University and other outstanding learning centers to teach this new discipline, that will mark the UWI Campus as innovative and very attractive to the next generation.

Dr. Charles brings a very impressive resume to the task that has been set by the new principal of the UWI Five Islands Campus.


  1. Cabinet was informed that 90 parcels of land in Seatons will be set aside to meet the demands for new homes. It is estimated that 60 homes can fit comfortably in the new space set-aside, to include a park, a recreation center, green space, roads and other amenities that will make for comfortable living. Plans to create at least 10,000 new homes across Antigua and Barbuda are being fashioned to meet the demand for new housing.


  1. The Cabinet was informed that the Second Floor of the Police Headquarters Building on American Road is now complete. The unfinished floor had so remained since the time of construction in 1974, or for 47 years. The Cabinet applauded the Minister of Works and the Minister of Public Safety for their persistence in completing the task.
  2. This approach to renewal and retrofitting of neglected Government-owned properties has been the hallmark of the administration, since 2014. The old Holberton Hospital has had two buildings–the Margetson Ward and the Blackburne Ward–transformed; Edward Ward is next. The Nurses Hostel on Queen Elizabeth Highway has been turned into a very useful building which housed evacuees from Barbuda and is now housing residents of the Fiennes Institute, while the old Fiennes Institute is being reconstructed. The Old Ministry of Education Building on Upper Church Street has been retrofitted and transformed and is now the home of the CBH. The historic fence and buildings at Government House have been returned to stately status, befitting the Head of State. The abandoned Old Administration Building on High and Long Streets, which the previous administration planned to destroy for parking cars, has been restored and now houses the Ministry of Health; it was built in 1958 on piles and is structurally sound. The new Public Library Building on Hailes Promenade which remained incomplete, was repaired and outfitted for use. The unused car park building was purchased from the bankrupt CLICO Group, and work has begun to transform it and ready it for occupancy by several government agencies that now pay rent. At the old US Naval Base, the rooms which once housed soldiers are being renovated and serve as a temporary prison and an isolation/quarantine center. More government-owned buildings have been targeted for renewal, slowed only be the devastation wrought by Covid-19 and its impact on revenues and the economy. New housing and even new temporary housing are under construction on Bay Street, Villa.


  1. The plans to rename the MSJMC to the Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John Medical Center have been crystalized. A date of May 18, 2021, has been fixed for the renaming exercise. The National Hero and former Prime Minister is still hospitalized and has been visited by many of his colleague Cabinet members. He is reportedly in good spirits.


  1. Labour Day 2021 will be celebrated virtually on Monday, May 3, 2021, with speeches and other celebratory events held indoors and beamed live via ABSTV, Facebook, and several Radio Stations. No beaches are open on that holiday in order to discourage clustering and the spread of the Covid-19 virus.


  1. The Parliament will convene next Thursday, May 6, 2021, to consider a number of new bills and amendments to existing legislation. More details to follow.

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  1. #2. Arrivals protocol – What B S!
    a) where is the science in this?
    b) ‘no more than 7-days in quarantine’ presumably this gives leeway for TOURISTS to continue with ZERO hours in quarantine?
    d) STATE CLEARLY, UPFRONT, WHICH PEOPLE WILL BE SUBJECT TO MORE THAN AN HOUR of QUARANTINE? coz it sure as heck ain’t tourists, investors & connected people and that ain’t scientific decision making.
    What you have laid out is open to personal interpretation of arriving health officer, influencing politician etc.
    Other islands asking ALL fully vacc /PCR neg on arrival – up to maximum of 2-days in quarantine then rapid test or pcr on day 3 & if neg FREEDOM
    (BTW if fully vacc & arrival pcr neg, no reason not to use rapid test for the follow up test on day 2 or 3 – SCIENTIFICALLY)

    You told us to fully vacc to get lives back on track & enable easy travel – Ha! what a joke dis fully vacc protocol is.

    Well this BS protocol will NOT sit well with UK decision making bodies who are due to announce next week their ‘traffic light travel system’ & we need to be green to attract solid summer UK biz and into winter season.

    Please correct this slippery, fully vaccinated protocol immediately.

  2. Land for houses at Seatons.
    Will this be affordable housing or high end housing as being prepared by govt. in the area immediately behind Halcyon Cove Hotel?

  3. Election definitely coming… All this housing, roads activity & now a list of government buildings refurbishment.
    Howabout a ‘state-of-play’ list of all the ground breaking projects and promised agreed to investment projects with countless jobs & good opportunities for Antiguans & Barbudans being listed next week? Kindly don’t use covid as a reason for nothing happening with most of them, because they were heralded by the PM long before covid.
    Also, what news on the work that’s happened in past 8-weeks at Yidaland? We need very regular, short interval updates on that 2014 project!

  4. As a junior prison officer am so proud of u guys .you guys are putting this country first .i must coment you guys.
    But as a prison officer my prime minister please intervene into the prison is so much going on . We are being under pay for years some of us are treated just like inmates
    The officer that work hard in there are push aside .
    I love you guys but i dont thing no one really hearing our cry.from all the government places .the prison have been treated like a outsider. Please give us what is due to us.
    It also hard for a prison officer to purchase a home by theyself our salary is too small
    I need my own. I am fed up rent

  5. 11am approx. Minister of Information advises Cabinet now approve SOCIAL gatherings of up to 25 people. (No comment about fully, partially or not vaccinated, so assume can be a all)
    So WHAT SCIENCE says FULLY VACCINATED LOCALS need to do a 7-day quarantine on returning to Antigua?

  6. Minister Nicolas on ABS just said arrivals will ‘CONTINUE TO BE IN 2 COLUMNS’
    1. “people returning to island to live, mix with full society, work – will be subject to 7-DAYS quarantine with pcr test on day 5 (to be paid for) if neg released on day 7”
    2. Quote “of course tourists are NOT subject to the quarantine as they are staying in certified accommodation & using certified restaurants etc.”

    UK AstraZeneca interim data April 28, 2021 states transmission rates by HALF vaccinated people are 50% +less than non-vaccinated.
    They extrapolate from this a marked upward % benefit in being FULLY vaccinated regarding transmission & are currently assessing this with people who have received both jabs.

    Nationals & Residents, please do not let this marginalization pass without vigorous push-back.

    Tourists & ‘specially approved people’ are all over the island in plenty places & with locals including members of civil service, business & government.

  7. Nothing but a bunch of jackasses in govt.

    Keeping the borders open but closing the beaches on major holidays.

    Schools open, grocery stores open but a max of people in a restaurant.

    Get rid of the jackasses in govt. We are getting screwed by the govt.

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