CABINET NOTES: November 17, 2021


HURST REPORTS ON CABINET of Wednesday November 17 2021

Cabinet commenced its weekly meeting with a prayer, as is the custom, and with all members attending, four members joining virtually; the meeting ended more than seven hours later.

  1. The Cabinet invited the acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), the Director of Education and the Director of Pharmaceutical Services to its meeting. The meeting agreed that the global figures within all secondary schools indicate that herd immunity has been achieved and more than 80% of the secondary school student population is now vaccinated.

1.i. In balancing the benefits against the risk the Cabinet has agreed that face-to- face learning of all Secondary School students, whether vaccinated or not, shall commence in the new school term in January 2022. It was also agreed that the Ministry will conduct sessions with parents of un-vaccinated students, the object being to inform of the necessity to act now and not to delay in getting their children vaccinated. All students who attend classes and are still not vaccinated, come January 2022, will be subject to a COVID-19 test every two weeks. There will be no charges for these tests.

1.ii. The CMO (Acting) provided data showing that the number of new cases of COVID-19 has declined on a weekly basis to 27 cases per week, in the weeks of November 2021; while in the 37th week of the disease, the number was 437 in that week. On Tuesday there were four new cases and 61 active cases in total, with 3,960 recovered cases, leading to a total of 4,129 infections since the start of the COVID19 Pandemic in Antigua and Barbuda.

1.iii. The Chairman of Cabinet and the CMO (Ag.) agreed that mandates proved necessary in order to achieve herd immunity in schools, in the private sector and among public employees. As a consequence, the Cabinet agreed that all public sector workers, whether vaccinated or not, are to return to work on December 1st 2021. Those who are still not vaccinated by December 1st 2021 will be subject to a COVID-19 test every two weeks. There will be no charges for these tests.

1.iv. Banks and other financial institutions that have achieved community immunity of 80% will be permitted to have testing of their un-vaccinated employees, beginning December 1st 2021.

1.v. Private sector entities are to issue their own exemption certificates on the grounds of religion and or medical reasons. The government sector will continue to require exemptions from acceptable medical practitioners and reputable religious institutions following submission of the appropriate application. Visitors to Antigua and Barbuda and nationals who are returning to enjoy their country and who wish to visit bars, clubs, dine-in restaurants and places of entertainment are to present their vaccination certificates that they presented on arrival in the country for them to be allowed entry.

1.vii. The Minister of Information, whose portfolio includes the issuance of the new COVID-19 vaccine cards, reported that more than 16,000 cards have been distributed; 2,500 cards are not yet distributed and remain in the production team’s possession

1.ix. Competitive sports shall resume from Monday November 22, using the previously agreed-upon protocols.

1.x. The state of emergency will end before December 27th 2021.

1.xi. The restrictions imposed on people travelling from high COVID infected countries such as the Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, and South Africa will also be lifted on January 1st 2022.

  1. The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda affirmed the decisions made by the Chairman of Cabinet in his negotiations with the Leeward Island Airline Pilots Association (LIAPA). The offer then was to pay 50% of severance, a non-recourse offer. The Chairman also offered to purchase all the assets of LIAT (1974 Ltd) by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, estimated to value about $10 million. This amount could be paid before Christmas for distribution to all the severed employees of LIAT throughout the system. However, it must form a part of the entire agreement with LIAPA and all unions, and the sum is to be deducted from all payments to be made in the proposed settlement. That settlement will include 1/3 cash, 1/3 bonds, and 1/3 lands. All LIAT Unions must agree to the 50% severance for the offer to take effect.
  2. The Cabinet commended Sir Molwyn for his work during COP26, including his attempt to make acceptable the Multi-Dimensional Vulnerability Index acceptable to all, especially the funding nations. The Minister reported that support was forthcoming from the European Union.

3.i. On Loss and Damage, the negotiations moved from a specific climate event to the Loss and Damage suffered over a period of time. The World Bank’s catastrophic recovery insurance fund (CRIF), addresses specific climate extreme events and provides financial resources to the member. Antigua and Barbuda will establish a Loss and Damage Trust. Funds assigned to this Trust will be administered by the UNDP.  It was agreed that COP26 allowed for leadership of Antigua and Barbuda’s delegation to be fully expressed. Ambassador Diane Black-Layne will report to Cabinet next Wednesday since she was pivotal in the negotiations.

  1. Plans for V.C Bird Day on December 9th 2021, are being conceptualized in the Ministry of Cultural Industries. A budget is being developed that will reflect the extent of the celebratory events planned for the days leading up to and including December 9th.

4.i. Since Christmas falls on a Saturday and Boxing Day on a Sunday in 2021, the announcements published in the Gazette of November 17th 2019 holds: Monday and Tuesday, 27th and 28th December 2021, are Public Holidays.

  1. The Chairman of Cabinet reported that $10 million dollars have been paid over to meet all Pension payments that are due for the months of September and October. Those persons who do have a second pension may continue to experience temporary shortfalls from time to time in payments until the full recovery of the Scheme as the economy continues to recover. However, single pensioners are to be kept up-to-date.
  2. The Minister of Agriculture requested and was voted $100,000 for the purchase of fruit tree seedlings that are to be developed by the Green Castle and Christian Valley agricultural stations. The seedlings are to be distributed to homeowners and others in order to plant 100,000 trees a year to combat drought and global warming.
  3. The Minister responsible for Technology informed Cabinet that mobile number portability is now closer to reality, and that implementation will start early in the new year. He also informed that the Barbuda Land Registry will be ready early in the New Year; it will be digitized.
  4. The elected representative for St. John’s Rural North requested a schedule for the repairs of roads and bridges within the communities. He was assured by the Minister of Works that repair of roads in the Rural North constituency will begin early in 2022.





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  1. The b**ls**t contained in these ‘notes’ is a laugh.

    Now these idiots know about testing? Now?

    Those PUBLIC EMPLOYEES who were sent home should DEMAND the monies they were NOT paid.

    I want to BIG-UP Harold Lovell. You forced THE IDIOT hand.


    Make sure you keep telling those who were sent home that if the U.P.P. is elected THEY WILL BE PAID THEIR SALARIES/WAGES THAT THEY LOST.

    Those worker in the private sector who was sent home BECAUSE OF THE REGULATION THIS WICKED LABOUR GOVERNMENT ENACTED should remember come voting time. Vote out dem r**s.

    This present labour government too god-damn wicked. They should be ashamed to call themselves ‘labour’.

    Let us VOTE OUT this present administration.

    • Sure feels that way.
      “All will be ‘normal’ come 2022”
      To heck with WHO still cautioning this will be a pandemic until likely 2025.
      Let’s ignore the winter restrictions hastily put in place recently by many European countries as cases surge – the same countries who had ‘freedom days’ in the summer when they removed all restrictions. How they getting compliance now only time will tell.
      Let’s forget these same people are our source markets…when they sneeze we catch a cold.
      Let’s forget horrendous global supply chain issues.
      Let’s forget surging global inflation.
      All will be well in Wadadli come Old Years Night!

      I hope we not moving too fast… Please keep mask, sanitize, distance regulations – proven to vastly reduce transmission.

      • When winning elections become more important than protecting human lives , we are in a sad situation indeed. I hope when the mass infections and death start , that Harold Lovell will be thanked for his input. Follow the UPP leader to the new cemetery bury your children and be happy you got your way.

  2. So, visitors and returning nationals still have to present vaccination cards on entry to bars and restaurants, but now locals don’t?? Are all locals, whether vaccinated or not allowed to enter these establishments?? Cabinet – please clarify. I think these decisions to relax the rules are a bit premature! And confusing!

  3. Free testing every two weeks & work/ study = unlikely any new people will get vaccinated from today forwards so national figure will stay under 60,000.

    Will FULLY VAX ONLY arrivals remain in place?
    Asking as allowing travellers from high rates of infection countries without this & a neg test, might be courting challenges our medical professionals and economy can’t stand.

    • ‘Will FULLY VAX ONLY arrivals remain in place?’

      Stay Alert you have not been STAYING ALERT.

      This was never the law to enter the State of Antigua & Barbuda.

      In order to enter, one only had to have ONE (1) SHOT of an approved vaccine.

      There was never a stipulation, in Law, which said the ONLY FULLY VACCINATED persons are allowed in.

  4. Was the “test” created to detect an active virus or identify strands of viruses and or illnesses that are already present in your DNA? Is it safe to have a swab with a carcinogen in the form of a gas and nano particles stuck up the nose that often? What about the damage that can be caused to the sinus passages? People are suffering hypoxia and wondering what’s wrong while under a mask is ok? What are the masks made of? What about the people who have antibodies because the survived the “virus”? What about the increase in headaches, chest pain and other symptoms people are experiencing since receiving the shot? Who is keeping track of the statistics? Where can theses be found? Where is the actual mandate documentation for the people to review along with all the supporting evidence? Is there a possibility that the increase in mobile devise usage and the install of 5G fiber optics causing radiation sickness? There are so many questions flying through my head. Yes, people are getting sick. I can agree with that; but to my knowledge and wisdom I know that an excessive accumalation of mucus in any part of the body results in some form of -itis and that mucus must be eradicated in some way. Our bodies are created in such a way that it naturally defends itself against any and everything that comes at us. Please Help me understand!

  5. Trying to brainwash and pay with Antigua people minds before u spring an election huh!!

    We should change the country’s name to 1735 cause that’s exactly how you treat prisoners.

  6. When winning an election causes the Government to throw caution to the wind and put the lives of children at risk because some dunces and their leaders choose to open their mouths instead of letting that air out of their other end , then they serve themselves not the people. I no longer care which power hungry set of Demons who wins the election to Govern Antigua and Barbuda because I am satisfied ‘none of them really care about us”.

  7. @former ablp voter. Thank you. On checking you are correct. 1 dose only required for entry as per ABTA website.
    My confusion was because A&B is being talked of, and written about, as a fully vax to enter destination.

  8. LOOK AT BACK-PEDALLING!!! Gaston reversing the public sector vaccine mandate due to pressure from UPP. This is nothing more than a ploy by the government to try and get its voters back for the next election. Unvaccinated Workers can now return to work? Are they now immune to covid? This is nothing more Gaston and company trying to beg back with unvaccinated voters.

  9. Herd immunity will never be achieved with these vaccines.

    Really questioning the CMO’s competence at this point

  10. One truthful thing about this government is that you can depend on them to spit lies and contradictions like they going out of style.

    Keep it coming Max we ready fu all you.

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