Cabinet: No shutdowns, no curfews and all vessels scheduled to arrive Antigua will be allowed to dock. 


Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet agreed that there will be no shutdowns, no curfews and all vessels scheduled to arrive Antigua will be allowed to dock.


The Cabinet noted that self-testing kits are not in stock at this time; the testing kits that are in stock must be administered by a healthcare professional.


Nonetheless, anyone who tests positive from a self-testing kit will be required to be tested by a healthcare professional in order for the record to be complete; and, those who test negative from a self-testring kit may in fact have received a false negative, and can be dangerous to their family, friends and co-workers.


They too are to be tested by a healthcare professional.


There are 50,000 test kits presently in stock.


A program of training, for those using the test kits, will take place at schools, at the places where uniformed personnel are located, and at public institutions.

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  1. With at home self testing covid tests, false negatives are fairly common as with all antigen tests, so it’s really important that a negative antigen test be confirmed with a PCR test. However, PCR tests aren’t accurate either as they have been discontinued by the CDC (December 31, 2021). TESTING TESTING TESTING is a SHAM…. a CON… The cabal’s narrative is falling apart and at this point, it’s only the mindless sheep that still believe their lies. Testing positive or negative is meaningless because the TESTS DON’T WORK! It has been used to perpetuate the FEAR and lengthen the pandemic narrative and justify the continued lockdowns.

    Now let talk about the mandated MASK WEARING.
    Show me ONE peer reviewed study that masks protect people from ANY virus. You CAN’T because there isn’t one. The fact that viruses size are of an incredibly small size and easily pass through the weave of ANY mask. Masks don’t work either!

    I happy to hear government making the right noises on this subject but WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN? IS THE ‘PANDEMIC ‘NOW OFFICIALLY OVER? Or… is this more meaningless double speak?

    End this nonsense now!

    • Alarmists like you will be the death of us. We must fight the pandemic with the tools we have. To date, lockdowns, testing and mask wearing have been the most effective tools in our toolbox. These all come at great cost to governments both financially and politically. Now that society has the pandemic, to some degree, under greater control, it is only natural that we are shifting gears away from lockdowns. Prior to Omicron, testing was an effective tool to contain the virus. Masks are shown to be a low cost preventative method that is more effective than no mask at all. This is particularly true when they are combined with hand-washing and vaccinations. And finally, governments all around the world are refusing to lock down.

      Stop being butthurt and paranoid. I know the pandemic makes many of us feel insecure, but we must act as a cohesive unit to prevent mayhem. If you don’t trust your elected leaders, then run for office or vote new ones in. Otherwise you are just seeking anarchy, and we’ll all be worse off. Have common sense please.

      • @Witchhunt…please help me out with some first form Biology, I love to learn.
        The EUSTACHIAN TUBE which connects the nose, mouth and the MIDDLE EAR, and are all lined with the same mucous, how is it, that these deadly, unwavering viruses are only entering or can only enter the body through the mouth and nose!?
        Did you ever put drops un your eyes and taste it at the back of your throat!? This is the area where samples were taken from when the Medium’s first declared the #PLANDEMIC.

      • @Witchhunt
        How exactly can you describe anything I wrote as ALARMIST????
        If anything, I was putting forth the idea that there is nothing to be alarmed about. If anything, YOUR boogieman portrayal of the situation IS ALARMIST (you are projecting your paranode fantasies upon others)

  2. So the government has decided corporate profits come before public health. We can all get sick and/or die, as long as their corporate masters can make a profit. Keep everything open, who cares how many die!

    It’s not that there are no at home test kits available, it’s that pharmacies on the island have been told they can’t sell them. This is because many in the medical profession are making a fortune by charging over $US100 per test, with kickbacks going to the government. In the US and other countries at home testing is common. More testing, quicker we isolate, reduce number of cases. But of course, profit is more important than public health.

    • Hush ya babminded rasshole. Ya know how much ppl suffer from this lockdown bullshit. Fu u bread done butter pan da two phucking side so u nah phucking k lowndown ma ass.

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