Cabinet Mulls Residency Progamme To Allow Visitors To Work Remotely In Antigua For 2 Years Or More


A Residency Program is being considered by the Cabinet. It would allow those professionals who can work from home, known as knowledge workers, and high-net-worth individuals to decide to become resident on Antigua for up to 2 years in the first instance.

The remote workers’ residency program would add significantly to numbers of wealthy people who choose to spend considerable lengths of time in the beautiful setting of an Antiguan landscape while creating value for the Antigua and Barbuda economy. They would be subject to due diligence and Covid testing.

Meantine, the Minister of Health informed the Cabinet that only 4 persons are being treated for the Covid-19 disease; 14 persons have been recently re-tested and 6 have been declared free of the virus.

Since the opening of the borders on June 1, 2020, more than 4,000 visitors have landed at the V.C. Bird International Airport. Of that number, only 20 persons arriving on US carriers have been tested positive; that would translate into 0.002% of US arrivals have been infected persons. The decision to open is fully justified, the Cabinet determined. As more airlines begin bringing more tourists to Antigua, the steady trickle of jobs within the hotel sector will increase and those who were laid-off will find themselves back to work.




  1. Antigua can’t come up with an original idea? We just follow everybody blindly? What value they adding to the economy? Rent to already rich people and shopping in the supermarkets of already rich owners? How will they be taxed? How does the average Antiguan benefit? We need to trim the fat. All the wasteful spending the government does is the biggest threat to our economy.

    • When they shop, they pay 15% ABST on most of the products. That’s a direct income for the government.

      Furthermore, increased amount of shoppers and restaurant guest will require more staff in the store/restaurant. More Antiguans will get jobs.


    After cussing out Mia Mottley for disrespecting the PM we turn around and cog her homework?? Barbados have good internet, electric and running water that the people need to work we don’t have that here
    No creativity, no initiative, no ideas, none none none. Copycat party at it again cog chip from st kitty now cog residence program from Barbados

    • Before you come running off your mouth about Barbados have things better than Antigua you should do your research. The water situtation down there is much worst that in Antigua and they have it just as bad. In fact some of the ideas that was put up by Antigua in which you people oppose they have since use such as charging people to quarntine and charging for testing. In my opition you people just love to cry down your own country just for politics.

  3. The success of PM Mottley in promoting the Barbados WFH stamp and massive publicity she has garnered positively for Barbados in wall to wall UK, USA, EU & Canadian media outlets is the result of months of research, planning & organizing every aspect, including frequent airline services, education options for WFH families, reliable utlities & fiber optic internet, car rental, professional shared workspaces i.e. Regus, & other varied service provider partners, along with being ‘outside’ the usual Hurricane zone, all combine to make the Barbados option a viable initiative.

    Pleeze Mr. P.M. reel & come again with something fresh, well conceived, fully prepared, organized & realistically viable.

    This morning we are the laughing stock of the region based on your negative and/or critical public statements towards the Hon. Mia Mottley over the past 12+ months and now you trying to up their idea by making it a 2-year program! SMH

  4. Heh GET YOUR OWN IDEA u asked if they copied Barbados yep they just did. If I’m not mistaken Barbados did one year they’re offering two. Know what they say if you can’t beat them join them.. ha ha GUYS I LOVE MY COUNTRY JUST HAVING A LITTLE FUN . BLESSINGS to everyone one Love .

  5. How does 20 out of 4000 equate to 0.002%? If these are the statistics governing decision makers then we are doomed. (Its 0.5% of all arrivals, a higher percentage of those from the US).

    • And remember they did not test all these arrivals. We haven’t even tested 1500 people since this whole thing started in March. But dem tink ar we choopit.

    • Dadlian…The Antigua positive rate based on this article is 1/2 % as you stated. According to the CDC today, the US positive rate is currently over 8%.

  6. Ideas do not have to be original to be good. Many countries have become wealthy by copying others’ ideas, Japan and China for example and, to a large degree, the US.

    At present any person coming to Antigua & Barbuda is bringing money and we need to put incentives in place to encourage as many as possible to come. Normal tourism will be affected by Covid-19 so we need to think outside the box.

    Maybe ‘knowledge workers’ won’t be paying taxes but money spent in the community disseminates through the community far faster than if it is paid into government coffers by way of tax.

    We should welcome all initiatives which bring wealth to Antigua & Barbuda particularly in these challenging times. One thing that will need to be done is to extend the fibre optic internet service which is still lacking in many places.

  7. Antigua doesn’t have proper internet or running water but they want to run behind Barbados! Barbados infrastructure is 100% better and better operational than Antigua!

    • Barbados does not have better infrastructure than Antigua! In fact Barbados water woes are even worst than Antigua! Do your research!

  8. Barbados may have had the idea first, but we are expanding on it. Next we should offer residence to seniors who may wish to retire here. They would be required to be self-supporting with money from their retirement plans, pensions, savings etc. The would add to the economy greatly….build, rent or purchase new homes, shopping, taxis, etc. etc. They would need to be totally self supporting. This would not be citizenship, but residence. They will spend here what they earned elsewhere, and this will boost the economy. COME RETIRE IN PARADISE. They will spend, spend, spend and Antigua will welcome them all. Some countries who have done this have required the new senior residents to have an outside income of at least $2000 dollars monthly, none of which is to be earned in Antigua (for example), and yet it all contributes to the Antigua economy. This needs to be considered. It’s a win, win for everybody.

    • Erm you need to have proper and efficient health care and infrastructure to invite old people here. Roads, water, electricity wheelchair ramps, sidewalks and parks for them to sit and feed the pigeons.

      I would say like the other bloggers that you all running out of ideas if I could only find the ideas that you came up with to begin with. I just can’t.

  9. SMH! Another original idea being stolen. As if the sale of passports from St. Kitts wasn’t enough.

  10. Working remotely from home.Really,Max Worst.It is not a stupid idea.If you would have had those infrastructures built and be ready to facilitate such an idea.However,it is a dumb arse idea.Because in Antigua your internet systems do not have the capacity to carry the immediate work load.So how the heck are you going to carry all of those additional work from home persons you are inviting to the island.Antigua internet is so damn slow.I were downloading something in Antigua.I went and made my coffee,watched sports,made a local phone call and 20 minutes later nothing.I had to call someone at my home and ask them to email the documents to me.Have you guys ran out of ideas? Perhaps we need to inject some fresh blood into Antigua’s politics.With new ideas out of that proverbial political box.Young bloods,exciting minds,with exciting ideas and forward thinkers.Get rid of you old,old,backsides with dead brains cells.With not one ounce of imagination.

  11. Dadlian…The Antigua positive rate based on this article is 1/2 % as you stated. According to the CDC today, the US positive rate is currently over 8%.

  12. You know the first to come here are the CIP Citizens. As they are Antiguans and come and live here anytime they want. Therefore I will not be surprise to see them come “home”. The good thing if they do come home is that they are usually high net-worth individuals and would bring lots of spending here. They will need homes and cars and need food and other pleasures of life. At the same time they do not have to worry of being in a strange land. Because they are nationals of this country

  13. Doesn’t matter who’s idea it was. It will bring revenue to the island full stop… Barbados this Barbados that. Who cares ? we are in Antigua.

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