Cabinet Minister accused of rape questioned by investigators


The Cabinet Minister accused of raping a young woman in her early 20s has been questioned by investigators, sources told Antigua News Room (ANR).

The Minister was questioned in the presence of his lawyer, and charges are yet to be laid.

ANR further understands that the Minister took part in the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

The woman was allegedly raped by the Minister in Willikies inside a pickup vehicle driven by the Minister.

For legal reasons, ANR cannot name the Minister at this time.

On Nov. 7 Prime Minister Gaston Browne said investigators would have brought the Minister in for questioning.

“The Minister had travelled to the United States, returned to the island last week and is in quarantine for 14 days. I was told, that law enforcement, that they have gotten on to the Minister and that they have set a date to interview him as soon as his quarantine finishes next week,” Prime Minister Browne said at the time.

He had also reiterated that his governance policy requires that the Minister be relieved of his position if charges are laid in the matter.

“In the event he is charged, he is duty bound to resign his ministerial position in order to fight his case and to prove his innocence. He has maintained that he is innocent but it’s not for me to determine his guilt or innocence,” Browne explained.

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    • I think the whole country has “an idea” of WHO this minister is. He better not get away with this one. Time for justice.

  1. The PM is right. It is NOT for him to determine guilt or innocence, however there are those who can, and we await their wise decision, followed by appropriate action. We await their determination. I am sure the PM will act accordingly. He is a man of principle, and has shown himself to be such over and over again.

    • @ ZACKIE
      I know you must be having a wonderful time of this moment. Believe you me…I believe that the POLICE will find NOTHING.

  2. #pickup edutainment #space jam… I know the bigger buttocks can bring a blackman down but never knew the little p holes are equally weaponized and as effective to do the same damage SMH? when do we draw the lines between what was consensual and an act of rape?

    • It’s not consensual when she says “NO” or “DON’T DO IT”. Simple as that. Rape is an act of violence, and, upon conviction, violence must be met with violence (years and years in Her Majesty’s guest house.) Casturation is a must. That dude, if guilty, will simply have to reap what he sows. Is that clear enough!!!

      • Kristi we really do not have the facts of this matter and will perhaps have to await a trial, but that is a big perhaps. However, you are absolutely correct in that even if it started out “consensual” as soon as the person says NO it immediately becomes “non-consensual” and therefore rape.

        • Hmmmm this is intersted coming from a lawyer. I hope you never have to defend a man accused of rape in court for the rest of your legal carrer. Or are you just making these comments because the accused man is on the ruling adminstration and we all know how much you are opposed to them.

  3. This sounds like a set up. If this is the Minister that I know I do not believe that He would have done something of this nature.Any women can accuse a man of raping Her for different reasons. Just hoping that the Police will do a thorough job and DO NOT cave in to public PRESSURE. Please DO NOT POLITICIZE this issue. Let’s wait and see.

    • You said don’t politicize this issue yet you believe the minister this is a set up. You believe that if this is the minister you know then you ‘do not believe he would have done something of this nature’.
      Wtf is going on here! You said let’s wIt and see but yet you are indirectly proclaiming him innocence.
      I to, know this minister and I can tell you, I hope he didn’t do it. I pray he didn’t but I’ll wait to see.
      I’m not going to judge as you have clearly done. After this has played out, you can reply to this post and I will put my info out there so you can see I’m not just posting.

  4. J.PIERRE:Would you be willing to put your neck onto a chopping block.For this person you are professing to know.What the heck would you know.What someone would do or not do.Speak for yourself and not for anyone else.There are many Wolves in Sheep’s clothing.They are all prim and proper looking in the daylight.However,when the nights come.The darkness exposes their nastiness.This matter must be treated like all other accusations of RAPE.Regardless of the perpetrator’s status.

  5. J. Pierre, you’re quite right. A woman who’s simply disappointed in a promise madeor was told there’s no hope for a serious relationship can bring such charges against someone. This is not to say she’s not credible, but these things unfortunately happens all the time, and then some time later recanted their statement before or after imprisonment.

  6. A Christan society. Married people. Yet out in a pick up allegedly having sex. Some of these comments are turning my stomach. How did the young woman get in a vehicle with a married government minister? Questions, questions. We hear stories of young women

  7. I hope this news is true.

    Let’s see where this goes from here.

    Don’t forget MP Elmo

    Don’t forget Nigel Christian’s murderers

    Don’t forget Nigel Christian’s co-woker

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