Cabinet members strategising how to criminalise persons commenting on social media


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  1. chupz. we already have laws that protect against slander and bringing down of one’s character. That is where GASTON got the name KING SUE from since he is always threatening to sue people who try to lie on him or slander is name.

    • HIGH GRADE HERB the Cabinet really needs to be replaced and not rebuilt. We need to get rid of the termite infested Cabinet. The Defamation Law is on the books to deal with statements that are untruthful and defamatory. It was the ALP that passed that law in 2015 which abolished criminal defamation, so why the hell now they are talking about criminalizing speech? The termite infested Cabinet really do not know whether it is going or coming. It is totally confused.

      • Hope them cockroaches have a good hideout when things change and the people remember what was being said time is longer than twine and may justice come swiftly for the roaches.

  2. Cutie you need to deal first with the Top Dawg and his transvestite from the ghetto. Them a the nastiness on social media.

  3. And when Ministers of Government lie to the people, or slander others under the petticoat of “parliamentary immunity,” then what?
    Y’all go ahead taking away people’s rights. Nobody is more dangerous than the person who has nothing left to lose….

  4. How about everytime a politician lies, he will get 5 months in jail!! Simple as saying I will build 100 homes in 5 months you build 99 homes. Jail time!!

  5. Thin skin. The truth is powerful, empowering and most of all liberating.

    Antiguans and Barbudans. Dip you finger in the ink and vote. Dip you finger in the ink and vote. In order to get rid of the parasites that will the labor party into retirement. Dip you finger into the ink vote.

    When you show at pole. With voter ID card. Just dip your finger into the ink and vote. Remember all the promises and you home with empty pockets. Just dip you finger in the ink and vote.

    Where is all the investment promises. 2 billion up Guiana Island entrusted to the China man. Just dip finger in the ink and vote. The Hard Rock Cafe should be done by now but marl is all they can show for that. Dip you finger in the ink and vote.

    Sing with me. Dip your finger in the ink and vote. Dip your finger in the ink and vote.

    Here we are in the 21st century. Still have flush you toilet and wash you kin bucket water. Just send them no care bout Antigua home.

    They want control Barbuda by ramming PLH on the land. Are you just dip your finger and vote.

    Send all them labor relics into retirement. Investigate their administration of our lovely island. If you find evidence of corruption and malfeasance just lock them up seize there homes.

    Dip your finger in the ink and vote. Show them your voter card and you properly registered. Because your here to send them home.

    • Only WE can remove them with our vote…..lets hope we remember all this when election time comes

  6. Did dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston give this useless “AG” permission to speak? When Nigel Christian was abducted, kidnapped and murdered execution style for discovering the truth behind the “forged” signatures at the Port, useless AG Benjamin had nothing to say.

    When Mehul Choksi was abducted, kidnapped and human trafficked (HT) to Dominica, again useless “AG” Benjamin had nothing to say. And all his abductors including the European woman they hired are still walking around freely as they like while being guilty of kidnapping Choksi to Dominica. Even Skeritt of Dominica is guilty with all of that.

    Now dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston and his cesspool gang want to make free speech illegal because he like a damned spoiled brat that wants his way all the time. He and his cesspool gang can’t take the truth. Gaston and the gang can be above the law at any and all costs while knocking us down. He took away our right to move about freely. He trying to take away our rights to decide what we take in our bodies and now he trying to take our rights to freedom of speech. We will fight for our rights. I was born free and I will die free.

    If dictator Gaston and his cesspool gang can’t handle the heat, come out the kitchen. Never in the history of Antigua has there been such a level corruption until the current members of govt. Look all the lands they have stolen from the citizens, some of which they turned around and sold for hundreds of percent more profit. Gaston jr gets an education grant and becomes a millionaire right after he graduated and come back Antigua. Meanwhile those who are in a less fortunate financial situation can’t even get a grant to go study. Gaston competing with the local farmers with all the tax money. His company dredge up all the sand by Maiden Island (with the shit excuse their GPS was off) to go make a beach for Yida. Gaston claim all the land by point was donated to him but again he steal crown land. Gaston lie again saying he don’t own Point FM and don’t have shares in the station and look how today it’s referred to as his radio station. Gaston and his cesspool gang can chat as fee as they like and outright lie but they want to take away our freedom of speech.

    Gaston and the damned cesspool gang long forget all govts work for we the people. We don’t work for govt.

    ABLP Antigua Bullshit Lying Politicians. There are a few idiots on here not worth mentioning that live only to kiss Gaston’s ass and they are the minority. I will fight for my rights to live as a free person or will die fighting for my rights to live as a free person. No govt will ever make me their slave.

  7. There’s already a law. If you spreading propaganda, threats bullying yes I agree with these people including memebers of parliament should face charges but if people telling the truth and voicing their “opinion” on a matter of public importance them leave the people dem alone

  8. It is better to see what they are saying rather than it being said some place else where you cya see.

  9. Every time they go to parliament they reduce our sovereignty.

    They even told us what amount of air we can intake (masks) and when we can leave our homes.

    Why are people not realizing that their sovereignty is under attack…..

  10. When u get us to fraid u rass den u can come!!! U have contract with Mark Zuckerberg too. We can’t chat now? Cutie, u n u whole cabinet shove up i ass!!!

  11. Even Mark Zuckerberg was called to congress to answer about all the in-sighting posts that were allowed on Facebook. The result of which is that Facebook now is controlling more vigorously who and what is being posted on Facebook. And even the former President Trump has been denied posting on any of their platforms and Twitter.

  12. Orders from their Communist Chinese Controllers?
    Antiguans, Barbudans REDONDANS
    Be AWARE!

    Meet The Fukkers!

    Starring: The Parliament of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA!

    They’re(the ABLP Ruling Arm of Our Quasi Independent Government) is running #SCARED!
    Asot Michael is on the loose, and #LooseLips sinks ships.
    Therefore, they’re trying to plug every “loop hole” to STOP their shit from pilling all over the place, and causing all kinds of digrace.

  13. All I am saying is the Government and its party or members need to respect the rights of the people of this Country.And last speech is free.Where is our rights and freedom? This aint no slavery abolition.Rise up people and fight.Fight like the people of St.Vincent.

  14. Trump told his supporters to march to the Capitol and fight like hell fir their country. They did and are now facing the consequences of their actions. So you can go on and call on people to get up and fight. Why not lead from the front. The lady in St. Vincent is now facing the music all alone.

    • @From The Sidelines…how will the ‘Law,’ if and when it becomes such, prosecute someone who post #Online, and live outside the jurisdiction of the State(Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda)?
      The first thing is money to fund a d operate such an agency.
      They can’t even control, or at least according to various reports, the prostitution rings which controls minors(The #PedoGang), or this is by design?

      This “threat” looks more like it’s aimed at keeping people like Asot quiet. Oh how his dungeon must be loaded with ammunition to topple ABLP.

  15. Would you be going after Gaston Browne also. Is he exempt from what you people are planning to do. Have you been reading his posts on Facebook, Mr. Aircraft Carrier.

  16. I guess they are trying to follow Guyana where the government is using the so-called cyber laws to stymie any criticism of government ministers. The funny thing is that the current opposition introduced the law when they were in government but never used it and now the current government is trying to use it against them. I tell this labour government, if you don’t want criticism get out of government.

  17. FROM THE SIDELINE if and when such a law is passed only ANR who would have facilitated the publication of the untruthful and scandalous information. ANR will have to protect itself by insisting that commenters like you, JUST SAYING, PETE, CARSON B, FREDERIC, TENMAN and all the others who are hiding behind aliases put their correct name. Then we will separate the men from the little boys.

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