Cabinet meets with Antigua Hangers Inc

Thursday September 13, 2023, the Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda met with AHI (Antigua Hangars Inc.), a local family business owned by Makeda Mikael & Sons.
The discussions centered on the way forward regarding the restoration of the lands of VCBIA from private owners, Antigua Hangars Inc. and CalvinAir Helicopters, where AHI made representation to the Cabinet for their continued developments on leased lands, including Private Public Partnerships to include Government.
The Runway 10 Development plan includes assurances given by the Afreximbank, with the expertise of AriseIIP, referred to the country by the bank, that the Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) and other developments would be seriously considered for funding, expert advice and participation.
The plans are based on economic value to the people and government of Antigua & Barbuda and supplying the high revenue aviation services currently on demand in the Caribbean.
The Barbuda Aviation Support is planned for the plots overlooking the Barnacle area, and includes Hangarage and Support for the many jets which will serve the developments in Barbuda, while the sister island develops is own aviation support system which could take years.
The much touted MRO which the Government expects to establish is also part of the designated developments, which is a great revenue earner, and could hasten to serve the mid-Atlantic route and also establish after 9 years the Emirates Air Services Agreement.
The MRO could also be the single best investment for LIAT as an additional revenue earner.
AHI has also sought the support of the Cabinet in their proposing a large section of the development lands as an investment in the new LIAT, as part of a greater initiative in carving out a private sector investment package to encourage OECS private investment in LIAT.
The meeting was alert, and supported by a power point presentation that sought to map out the Aviation career of 33 years at VCBIA establishing a small aircraft hub through Ports Services Ltd.; FBO 2000 Antigua Ltd.; Bizjet-to-Yacht Antigua Inc.(Fuel); and now, Antigua Hangars Inc. (Lands/development).
The Prime Minister having recused himself from the meeting, it was capably concluded by Minister Steadroy Benjamin, AG.

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  1. Thursday September 13, 2023, the Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda met with AHI (Antigua Hangars Inc.)
    Can we at least get the date right before we go to publish something? Thusday is today and is September 14, 2023. Wednesday was September 13, 2023.

  2. Why did the Prime Minister recuse himself from the meeting? Even if he did such , he would have done so with instructions to achieve what he wants .

    • What ! No Brown Guy in the ring!? Lawd: It looks like there was no sugar and plums.
      A wha dem man a say? Recuse is a bad word fu he, when Tap-Dawg nar bark a when Em’Man a smell and a taste ‘d gravity of out tolerance. A coo dey!

  3. You really have that woman on your mind. Carefully my friend dem a de tings dat does drive man to kill themselves. It is suicide prevention month, Can I recommend you go check that Dr. lady. She sounds real caring, you sound like you need help. Unrequited love they say is the cause of a lot of suicides! Take care!

  4. Why did Gaston recuse himself? That only happens when there is a conflict of interest. What conflict is that? Does Gaston own lands inside the airport fences there as well? Or does he have an interest in a business there? We need to know because since he has become PM, he suddenly has land and business interests popping up everywhere!

      • Of course it is illegal and highly ethical. How can a PM compete with locals when he has access to privileged information. It is called insider trading.
        No where else in this world would this be allowed. A man that had zero, practically broke in opposition, writing bounced cheques morning, noon and night and now all of a sudden becoming rich on assuming the prime ministership.
        People nar dumb, so please don’t patronise us, a beg.

      • @From The Sideline it’s called Insider Trading. Please pay attention to what is happening to Joanne Walsh the suspend Chief Magistrate, former DPP Anthony Armstrong. The day the Office of The Ombudsman does its duty without fear or favor, many who are living off the government illegally will either commit suicide, run away from Antigua or end up in prison.

  5. I am no fan of Makeda. But I would prefer to see all those lands remaining in her control. Once she parts with those lands, they will end up in the hands of the Chinese and other foreign interests. Which means these lands will never revert to the state or its people..

    Makena hold unto them lands for as long as you can. What ever happens there must be some agreement that the lands are none transferable to any other interest either by lease or freehold.

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