Cabinet is planning to continue school meals during the summer holiday

school meals Mary E. Piggott


Cabinet is planning to continue school meals during the summer holiday to the most vulnerable students whose needs have been assessed.

Upgrades and maintenance of school plants and furniture will take place during the summer as is customary, utilizing the Education Levy operated by the Board of Education.

Meantime, the country’s leader visited the Glanvilles Secondary School on Monday to assess the situation with the school’s administration; proposed upgrades will be undertaken during the summer months.

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    Imagine you can’t even give your child / children breast lunch dinner I…..MAGINE…FOOD NOW IS EXPENSIVE SO PPL NEED TO QUESTION THEMSELVES ESPECIALLY WOMEN CAN I AFFORD A CHILD…

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    • Dang. Who would be your Prime Minister if someone in this very position as a woman didn’t carry her child to term?

      Also, what of those who were managing, perhaps not greatly but still managing who are now dealing with skyrocketing food and gas prices? Have you offered help to any around you, if not money, then time?

      If your only “help” is to come and buse them and pickney done born…..seems pretty useless to me.

      Also. Why not flip the coin. Why are men ejaculating into the woman when they are aware of her circumstances?

      Always woman to blame jack.

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    • What a waste of money…. Hair and Nails whatever happen to natural looking women. And the Eyelashes look like they are wearing a creature. Just hideous. It’s obvious the women putting themselves before their own children Think twice and be wise before you bring more innocent children in the world

  3. Great idea Cabinet. Things are so hard in this country especially for the poor, single mothers and the vulnerable that any little thing helps. You have finally found a heart and conscience. When people were crying out for help after the impact of the pandemic started to be felt, you turned a deaf ear. I wonder if the phrase “better late than never” is applicable here.

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