Cabinet Invites Opposition Leader to Collaborate on Water Crisis Solutions


CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet extends an invitation to attend its meeting to the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Jamale Pringle, and two of his parliamentary colleagues three Wednesdays from today, or on October 25th.

The Honourable member offered to join a bi-partisan group to address the challenge of providing potable water by APUA.

The Cabinet also encourages the Leader of the Opposition to submit questions to the Minister of APUA in Parliament and to the managers of the APUA Water Department.

The International Airport in Barbuda is almost ready to receive air traffic; test flights will likely land there early in November 2023.

The Minister of Works reported that work is continuing on the fence and roadways of the new Tomlinson’s Cemetery; the Ministry of Legal Affairs will draft some regulations governing its operation.

Headstones, for example, will be uniform and all graves will be surveyed and mapped like regular parcels of land.

The Cabinet applauded the bodybuilders who recently participated in competition in Europe and emerged winners: Ambassador Kimberly Percival, Ambassador Melissa Seaforth and Miss Michelle Seaforth.

The cultural ambassadors continue to shine and to bring attention to their country’s talented.





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  1. Pringle don’t be a fool..collaborate with these people and give them your ideas, really?

    Bwoi that’s not your job, it’s the government in power job to deliver on their promises when they were masquerading around as tooth fairy’s promising everything but the sun 🌅. Water 💦 in 14days 😆.

    Let them carry out their agenda and deliver on their promises.

    You would be a fool to “collaborate” instead of continuing to squeeze these frauds they call ALBP.

    • @ Islanman26: Don’t embarrass yourself and sound like a dunce. Antigua is for all of us…. Under the UPP administration the water could not be solved…. Under ABLP, the problem still has not been solved in spite of all those new infrastructures (RO plants) have been put in place. So, don’t you it would be the wisest thing for all heads to contend…? It will surely benefit all of us, including you and me at the end of the day.

      • @bluddy bloke.
        Though your sentiments seems to be noble, please take my argument into content when it comes to this ABLP. Collaboration on a whole is not a bad thing (especially with our current water issues, well noted) but you’re talking about this inept cheating government that talks a very big talk and do not deserve any collaboration from the opposition whom they have called dunce, uneducated, and some of the most demeaning names you can call why even collaborate when you they will not give you the credit.
        I think this is nothing more than a political roose by this ABLP, and from my track record dissecting the many bad moves and egregious acts of finances by this government, I’ve always been dead on and never wrong about my assessment or prediction about this current administration, never.
        I can read them like a book..a lot of talk and many deceptions, that’s their main tool of politics.

        So continue with your blind faith in these people, me, I’m at my wits end.



    WOW, JUST WOW!!!

    • D Gisel ISAAC be sure Pringle rehearse and understand the questions you are preparing for Him. We do not want Him to embarrass Himself as He accustomed doing in Parliament.

  3. I hope this meeting can be broadcast live. So that the country can hear and see the contributions these guys have to make, just like in Parliament.
    I say no more. I know what they are made off, and what can be expected from them. And I hope they bring the “Serpent” with them. Cause the last them he opened his mouth in Parliament the PM shut him down for making such foolish statement. “Start building where you are and when you come to the plot we will see”. Utter nonsense. Anyone that starts building clears the entire lot they have to build on. But that shows you how shallow his thinking is. I guess he thinks it’s like building with LEGO BLOCKS. What a fool.
    Thank God he spared us having these idiots run our country.


    • @From The Sideline aka Mr/Miss/Mrs./Trannie #Arrogant_Condescending!

      I am quite, that you’re aware of the fact, that the People/the Government has representatives from both the Ruling Arm in this case, the ABLP and the Opposition/Independents.

      These are the types of collaboration(s) which will take the Nation, of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA(I’m quite sure, you’ve now come to your senses regarding REDONDA, and its importance to not ONLY these new green deals, but to the AQUACULTURE/BLUE ECONOMY, hence, the reason why to folks like myself, Our Nation MUST now, be considered a TRI-ISLAND NATION, to control our Nautical Miles, and vital industries for the future); again, collaboration(s) of this nature are long overdue, to move the Nation to the #Next_Level and BEYOND, as it deals with such things as WATER, ELECTRICITY, HOUSING, INFRASTRUCTURE, and since, government is continuous it will also address such things as ACCOUNTABILITY, MALFEASANCE, INSIDER TRADING and most notoriously #CHECK_U_MINISTER.
      This is what a GOVERNMENT representing THE PEOPLE MUST BECOME.

      Now, that we’re speaking collaboration, and many of Us, unlike you apparently who are aware of the powers of such, I thought to myself, as a female preying mantis showed up and showed out, in my garden, laden with eggs looking for a place, to rest her head and follow nature’s natural course of prolonging her species, it dawned on me!

      This is it…

      Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA was the forerunner in the TOURISM INDUTSRY in the Caribbean, and the question which I put out, to the Universe was, why is it, that WE AS A NATION DO NOT OWN OUR, OWN HOTEL BRAND? Let me repeat without 🗣️🗣️🗣️📡shouting, the universe can still hear me, even if, in silence, but those WHO’RE of your ilk to whom one have to shout at, like a child, again, why is it that WE as a Nation which have being the forerunner in the Tourism Industry, in the Caribbean do not have OUR OWN HOTEL BRAND🇦🇬like a SANDALS, MARRIOT or even TRUMP, to be exported and emulated around the world?
      Think of what this does, not only for our EDUCATION system, but construction, agriculture/aquaculture etc.

      However, it is quite clear, as snow_in_salmon, and one reason is due to asinine thinking, again of your ilk who’re so called advisors to those who manages, the Peoples Affairs. It’s absolutely, positively #WHO’RE the idiots. Just take a look in the mirror.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat Bastard

      Vere Cornwall Edwards

    • @sideline: You know all things about others.Do you know anything of yourself? In my opinion you are an arse kisser of Gaston Browne.Serpent way more intelligent than you would ever be,fat boy.

    • Who are the biggest idiots here? These bandits have stolen heavily from us. They have built all these RO Plants under the guise of rectifying the water issue but NERO had already informed us that the easiest way to siphon money is through construction. After construction of these numerous plants, the condition seems to be worsening.

  4. Shugy run go a Canada wid Antigua 🇦🇬 money 💰

    • … Where’s Gaston’s and the ABLP’S accountability and transparency for CIP, NAMCO and YIDA?

      You Gastonites are something else, 😁 you are either nuts, crazy or just plain daft!

  5. D Gisel ISAAC be sure Pringle rehearse and understand the questions you are preparing for Him. We do not want Him to embarrass Himself as He accustomed doing in Parliament.

  6. Shuggy new name is “PET PEEVE”. He doesn’t know what the term means and want to be in Parliament. 🙄🤔😳😐😝

    shuggy say “basketball is my PET PEEVE”

    clearly he is a bearded, chicken foot, Insane Mas Troupe Mascot in his front line costume, micro shorts and feathers.

    LEARN TO READ and stop depending on AZARA LAVIA to help you say “SUPERFICIAL”. Even Pringle was embarassed and laguhed at you!

  7. Stay far from Gaston. his bunch of renegades and minions.
    Let them be judged by themselves.
    Allow their dumb supporters to continue to suffer as they continue to support the self enriched who have been duped over and over again and again.
    It is just impossible for greedy and selfish people to lead a nation to prosperity.

  8. Pringle, you MUST show up and show out. Present your evidence ideas and solutions! This will be on the record, in both audio, video etc, therefore, how can your ideas and solutions be stolen? It would be like stealing something, that has being COPYRIGHTED etc., and such is not only theft, the perps will be PROSECUTED in a court of law, and lose outright. The would happen in the PEOPLES COURT(Judge Judy would approve), THE GENERAL ELECTIONS, Pringle you’ll be leaving a STAMP of APPROVAL, on your LEGACY.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  9. Pringle and UPP ought to tell Gaston call more bi election or a general election. Why would any administration of government hold cabinet the day after a bi election which it foresee a defeat. Not You Gaston NA NA

  10. Hmm, I thought the APUA already had a plan they are working on. There was an impressive tour and press conference shown on social media sites a couple of months ago. They said they needed one more plant for the East which will come on stream in a few months and then they will invest in upgrades to all the plants that will allow them to run when water is rough etc. I think they also plan on adding more storage systems around the place. Hopefully, they will also continue to upkeep and make use of the traditional ground water systems whenever there is enough rainfall. They also said they would upgrade the pipes and metering system. Sounds like a good plan to me from the technical personnel. Not sure what else the politicians need to discuss other than how to secure funding to make things happen as quickly as possible?

  11. The problems with delivering water to the affected communities seems to be an intractable, and has plagued both major political parties.
    There has not been much improvement to the water collection and distribution system left by The Colonialist government.
    Without an annually adjusted Ten Year Capital Budget; Antigua and Barbuda will continue to be a place with an aging infrastructure or No infrastructure in many areas.
    Neither side has demonstrated the ability to think of infrastructure development beyond it being a political issue. It should be planned and delivered like universal education. No differently the healthcare system should be a universal healthcare system.
    There is no Capital Improvement Plan or likewise Capital Budgets.
    What one here is an annual “budget speech”, and that’s all.
    Delivery of service is about this Minister and that Minister of politician getting potholes filled, repairing sidewalks or fencing playgrounds.
    No individual citizen can obtain or gain access to Public Works plans or budgets or spending. It is not available as public information.
    Were Samantha Marshall perceived failures really hers; or was she a victim of a system where she did not have the moxie to get the various Ministers to get things done in her Constituency? Or was her failure not dipping into her pocket to provide services that the Government should be providing.
    Portable water systems is not an individual favor that is granted to individuals who support the a political party or politicians.
    It’s easy to give out individual duty free concessions or scholarships bi- passing more deserving students. Water at the curb is regional and National.
    This is a no-win for the UPP.
    It’s not about collaboration. It’s about giving the ABLP the opportunity to say UPP are co-owners of the problem.
    Until Government services are planned and delivered equitably, and not being provided as political tools; basic services such as water supply will remain a major problem.
    Unless the UPP has the capacity to recognize it’s a political policy issue rather than a resource or operations issue not only will they become co-owners of the water supply problem; the so called collaboration will be forever like a political bolder hanging from their necks

  12. Pringle is not active in his community and is a waste of space in the political arena. You don’t care to fix the issues because water truck business is big big money now for both parties. All of you just talking and don’t really care to fix anything as long as your pockets full.

  13. The people of Antigua and Barbuda should by now have realized that running a country in this time and age is not something you leave to less educated people. It may have been so in the days of Papa Bird. Those days higher education was not available to many. And things were less sophisticated and computerized. Representation was more domestic and less international. These days our politicians have to constantly represent the country in international forums. And we just cannot risk embarrassment from anyone. Given the many errors we have seen these UPP candidates make it is frightening if these guys were to represent us internationally and cause us such embarrassment. Antigua and Barbuda would become the laughing stock of the Caribbean and perhaps the world. I love my country and when traveling I’m proud to say that I’m an Antiguan. Antigua me come from. And presently our Prime Minister has given more pride to the Nation and Country as he is held in high esteem in many international forums. He is often invited to be the featured speaker on Climate Change and Economics. I just cannot see any of the UPP candidates fill those shoes, except Mr. Bowen. But he has a baggage that people would not want to be associated with him on international stages

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