Cabinet gives nod for first fete on July 18

An event at ARG

CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet agreed that the first fete permitted to take place under very strict protocols is scheduled for July 18, 2021, at the Coolidge Cricket Grounds.

Thereafter, fetes or gatherings will be allowed; all fetes or gatherings will have a maximum of 300 adults, all fully vaccinated.

Following the first event, a full epidemiological study will be conducted in order to determine if anyone has become infected with Covid-19.

The Cabinet is aware that spikes in infections have occurred following mass gatherings, and will allow other mass- gathering events only if the first proves to be safe.

The events must end at 2:30 am and patrons are to keep their ticket stubs and wrist bands in order to demonstrate that they are coming from an authorized event, in the event they are stopped by law enforcement. They must arrive home before 3:00 am.

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  1. We are pretty safe right now under current orders. Whose dumb assed idea is this one?

  2. For the love of money and vulgarity, the people suffer.

    I listened to a few Caribbean leaders discussing the idea of giving special privileges to fully vaccinated persons to attend special functions such as this one. Prime minister Rowley of Trinidad & Tobago gave the most reasonable reflection. His government reasoned that the law enforcement officers have enough work to do already so why burden them more with trying to police events that are deemed to be for fully vaccinated persons only.

    Will the police be out stopping everyone on the streets after 11 pm of the night of the fete; to determine who, have permission to be out?
    How will they control not allowing no more than three hundred persons enter this fete? The promoters’ aim is to make as much money as possible….so obviously they will do whatever they can to beat the system. In the same way the party/fete lovers will try every means to beat the system.

    So, this is definitely a lost cause. It will only be confusion.
    The poor police officers. They are already demotivated and now you are making their situation even worse.

    We need policy makers who work in the interest of the people. The love of money and corruption will be your destruction.


  3. 1. Will this ‘test fete’ result in clear documented regulations for any future gathering/fete host to abide by? That CBH can inspect?

    2. Will the track & test results from ALL patrons, crews, beverage & food providers, promotion guys & girls, security, police, health officials, organizers, performers, car park attendants & VIP’s be made public before 31 July?
    Surely future fetes/gatherings may not be held until AFTER the 2-week health protocols, covid-19 test results & road safety analysis has happened and been made public – and the clear, written regulations for any host/fete organizer to adhere to.
    IF this commonsense approach is taken, it means no carnival fetes/gatherings this year as the regulations for organizers to abide by will not be communicated & gazetted before the August long weekend using the stated 2-week trace, test, analysis of data window.

    3. Minister Nicholas this morning saying he doesn’t believe there has been speeding & subsequent accidents close to evening curfew hours so believes there will be no problem in fete patrons driving legally in 30-minutes from end of fete to home.
    There HAVE been numerous accidents within the 30-minutes either side of the curfew times for the 18-months this country has been under SOE.

    He really thinks each vehicle will have a designated non-alcohol drinking, non- drugging driver???

    He really thinks people will leave fete early to allow time to use bathroom, get out of car park without getting stuck in long lines and drive home at 40mph or less?

    Maybe this is a ploy to increase fines through police ticketing so boosting treasury revenue.

    What pie-in-the-sky thinking!

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