CABINET: EU and U.K. seem to have launched attack against OECS states which operate CIPs


CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet held extensive discussions on the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) and the attack on the program which the European Union and the U.K. seemed to have launched against the OECS states which operate CIPs. 

The EU has made a number of proposals (to the OECS countries operating CIP programs) that Antigua favors. For example, the EU proposes that the states return the minimum threshold to US$200,000. The minimum is now US$100,000.

Secondly, to change the minimum in real estate investment to US$400,000. Antigua and Barbuda’s real estate investment amount is US$400,000.

Several OECS/CIP states have expressed a lack of faith in any EU promise not to create barriers that would make their program less competitive.

The EU proposal also requires submission of the names of those seeking citizenship to their police agency.







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  1. Our Prime Minister has warned about the lowering of the fees from $200K to $100K being a race to the bottom. But Antigua had to follow as are applications had dropped tremendously. But as the Cabinet said they welcomed all the recommended changes from the EU because Antigua was always advocating for that. Now we need to do the same with our tourism product. Stop bringing the low end of tourist here that cannot even tip a waitress. All we hear for justification is that we need to fill the back of the plane. Well tell the airlines to change the type of planes they fly to the Caribbean. We cannot have the CEO and the janitor of the company vacationing in the same place.

    • @sidelines:He did now have to follow the pricing point offered by others.Those buying a Passport for $100k becomes a Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.What did they Invests? The CIP should be renamed as a Passport Selling Scheme for Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda.Some of those so called CIP Holders have never even visited Antigua and Barbuda.All of the Nations in this World must protect their borders at all costs.

  2. The the OECS countries operating CIP programs ignores corruption within Governments, and cling to outdated policies that forces them to resort to a race to the bottom with these CIP programs.
    Borrowing money and have nothing or little to show for it. The only thing that remains constant is incompetence and corruption.

    Classic example being the Saint John Port not covering its debt and might soon have to be handed over to the Chinese.

    One of the few games left are the CIPs which has not escaped the norm of incompetence and corruption.

    The EU is exasperated and considers these CIP programs to be an existential threat.

    The EU proposal also requires submission of the names of those seeking citizenship to their police agency.
    What’s wrong with that, when so many people of sordid backgrounds are now OECS CITIZENS; many of whom are seeking backdoor access to the EU.

    While OECS gripes about the EU and its requirements; there is nothing said by OECS about the current weakness if its criteria, its review and approval of citizenship to granted to fugitives.
    Stop! Crying in your spilled milk.

  3. @From The Sideline
    “Lessons to an Executive of a Major Financial Company”
    Bringing in the US Hillbillies and the UK Yorkshire Miners has always been the ABLP Tourism Business model.
    We lucked out to a limited degree when Paul Melon found the Mill Reef Club, the Kelly’s found Coco Point Lodge in Barbuda and Robin Leach promoted Jumby Bay on “Live Style of The Rich and Famous”
    Otherwise it’s just as you stated. Cruise passengers who don’t even buy a beer and hotel guest who can’t afford to tip.

    365 beaches don’t fly any longer. High End Tourism is dependent on the built environments.
    Gaston thinks it’s millionaire and billionaires staying for while within gated enclaves.
    Antigua and Barbuda infrastructure is mostly a worn out infrastructure left by the British.
    Anything infrastructure modernized on Antigua, and non in Barbuda we are up to our eye balls in debt, which we cannot service even with found revenues from CIP
    Antigua and Barbuda is awash in trash even on some of its the beaches.
    The central business districts look like shanty towns, while Gaston talks about gastrointestinal and high-end tourism.
    Gimme a break !!!

  4. It’s so so easy to fool people who just don’t know.

    Gastrointestinal Tourism Concept is a farce and pure buffoonery by Gaston.

    Paris is thought to be the leader in global Gastrointestinal tourism … it’s also a place where if an owner or business operator does not keep their building painted they get fined.
    Four star dinning establishments are not normally enconched hotels
    They are normally located on cute inviting side streets, sometimes alleys that are themselves a visual attraction.
    Take a look at the quality of Saint John’s is streets it’s building the infrastructure and how inviting it is to have a 4 or 5 course meal on its sidewalks …. Gastronomical Tourism coming soon.

  5. This had to happen bcos Gaston only see money … he doesn’t vet properly then when he’s caught he says oh there was no RED FLAGS ….by INTERPOL AND WHOMEVER He is single handedly ruining ALP…

    Then it’s always too late when he finds out bcos he would have already Tek his off the top and spend what was left

  6. No one has launched any attack on the OECS. Wouldn’t these countries be expected to take measures to safeguard their borders when the advertising campaign for CIP hinges on visa free access to their shores. At least Canada smelled the rat and safeguarded their borders from us. The CIP across the region is too lapsed. It’s very simple, communicate with the EU and UK and ban any country they have an issue with from attaining a passport through CIP. The citizens were not consulted about whether we wanted our travel privileges disrupted for money that we will never actually see the benefit of. Remember that.

  7. The CIP has always been a crooks ” get out jail free cars” why do you think Allan Sanford and the likes took advantage of it?
    Remember that the said Allan Sanford was chased out of Montserrat by the Scotland yard and came to Antigua and was given same haven to continue his pansy sceem, all the while he was being looked into by the FBI until they finally snatched his arse.

    Call this corrupt practice for what it is, a scam that was more than likely brought into idea by a crook that was running from the law back in the nineties when drug trafficking and monsters was the order or the day.
    The likes of Pablo Escobar who setup shop in the Bahamas got a free pass and corrupt the entire Caribbean.

    So if we as small nations wants to protect our boarders and keep our gullible citizens from these unscrupulous wicked people that just seek to hide from the FBI and the likes, we must get rid of the CIP program, we must.

    To come back to the moral state that we once was, it starts at our boarders.

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