Cabinet demands weekly meeting with APUA water manager, Lovell says Cabinet is trying to shift the blame for failure


REAL NEWS:  The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) continues to fall short in its water-distribution efforts, since it is supplying only about 80 percent of consumers’ daily demand.


This week, the Cabinet met again with officials from the Authority, including the general manager, water manager and the supervisor responsible for the valves that distribute water from the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants.


Reportedly, the Executive was informed that the drought is getting worse, while the demand for water has increased to more than eight million gallons daily, and APUA is currently producing 6.5 million gallons at this time.


However, the Authority is planning to increase its output by adding new membranes and new filters to Unit No. 8 at Crabbes Peninsular, the Notes say.


Reportedly, the output at that plant has increased to 3.7 million gallons a day; and, according to APUA, when the other unit comes on stream from June 15, Crabbes will produce four (4) million gallons daily.


Further, APUA says the “deficit is to be cured by bringing online the new Fort James Plant that will be producing 500,000 gallons in the first phase.”


Additionally, the Bethesda plant is expected to produce three (3) million gallons a day when it is constructed; and, by regular maintenance of the Barnacle Point and Camp Blizzard plants, more water will be produced to meet the public’s demand, the Authority assures.


Meanwhile, the Cabinet is applying pressure on the utility company in a bid to have the water challenges met before year-end.


According to this week’s Notes, the Executive has decided that – until there is sufficient water being produced – it will summon the water manager to its meeting every week.


However, Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), sees this decision by the Cabinet as an attempt to shift the blame, and he says it is disgraceful.


Lovell notes that the Gaston Browne Administration had promised to address the water situation in two weeks after it was elected. However, he says, it has failed the people by focusing its attention on other things and not this important commodity.



  1. Many Antiguans know this was always going to be a ‘blame-shifting’ excuse/exercise by the ABLP.

    At least this intervention by Harold Lovell gives me the opportunity to update my WATER SYSTEM DASHBOARD:

    Today, Tuesday 13th of June 2022, there is now just 109 days remaining until the installation of Antigua’s nationwide new water supply system, as promised by Gaston Browne and the ABLP.

    I have also noticed like Mr H Lovell, that the INCULPATION and blame game in the last few weeks has commenced by the government against APUA.

    However, people with sense can see the deflectionary tactics.


  2. This is how the Cabinet is supposed to function. Address the problem at the root. It doesn’t seem as if even the General Manager can handle his managers. When things go wrong, we always blame the government. Well, the government is doing something about it. This isn’t a blame game. It’s holding those hired and paid to do a job accountable for it. Which tells me the GM is not doing his job or the Cabinet wouldn’t have to do it for him. In the early days of the Gaston Browne Cabinet, they had it as a matter of policy to invite various department heads and statutory heads to Cabinet to give account for their department. They should start doing this again in order to get a grip of things before they get out of hand. Look how things are brewing at Social Security. You need to bring the entire management team to Cabinet to account for the problems they have the country in. The computer network has been down now for weeks. Leaving pensioners without money. Unheard of. When the top slack the middle and bottom will drop off. Lovell on the other hand never took the bull by the horn. He always throws someone under the bus. When the pension for the former GG was incorrectly calculated he put the blame on the Accountant General Dr. Gittens. When the scandal of the fences was revealed, he threw Winston Williams under the bus. When he was asked how he could sign such a bad loan agreement with Credit Swiss, again he throw the entire team of Finance and Legal under the bus. Nothing he ever took responsibility for. Not Gaston. He will tell you the box stops with him. I just wish he were tougher with them. Many giving him a six for a nine.

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